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    ?Cradle March 2005 Newsletter

     From concept to creation…

    The premier systems engineering environment

    3SL Newsletters

    These newsletters provide details of 3SL products and services, and information on

    general requirements management and systems engineering topics.

    This newsletter focuses on the new Cradle-5.1.3 release, and does not have any

    general requirements management or systems engineering content. We apologise

    for the lack of non-Cradle material in this particular newsletter.

     3SL Website In this issue: The 3SL website, with its product descriptions, topics, manuals, downloads, 1. 3SL Newsletters references and on-line support for Cradle is your main point of contact with 3SL. 2. 3SL Website Please bookmark the site and visit regularly. It now has a new look!

    3. Need Help? The easiest way to get the latest Cradle software is: download it!

    4. Old Versions of Visit and create your login account now! Windows and ? If you need help creating a login account, or want more information, click here Office ? To be nominated as a Cradle customer, create your account, then e-mail 3SL 5. Cradle-5.1.3 Support by clicking here, and be sure to tell us your login username 6. Cradle-5.1.3 ? To be nominated as a Cradle site representative, create your account, e-mail Features 3SL Support by clicking here, and be sure to tell us your login username 7. Cradle-5.1.2

    Features Need Help?

    8. Cradle on Linux If you have any problems with your Cradle system or evaluation we want to hear

    9. Cradle on Solaris from you! E-mail our support team by clicking here. 10 We can offer support direct to your desktop through a webinar; all you need is a PC

    10. Cradle on with a web browser and Internet access.

    Windows XP SP2 If you have a problem, we can display one of our Cradle systems directly onto your

    11. Cradle Installation desktop, or yours onto ours (if you allow it). You can then show us the problem by

    Accounts driving this Cradle system, and we’ll show you how to fix it!

    We can set up these webinars immediately, at any time, so please don’t struggle

    with a problem, get in touch with us and we can solve it together!

    Old Versions of UNIX, Windows and Office

    Further the last newsletter, 3SL announces that from the next major Cradle release,

    Cradle-5.2, support for the following operating systems and versions of Microsoft

    Office will be withdrawn:

    ? SunOS 4.1.4

    ? Windows 95, 98, ME

    ? Office 97

    ?This means that the operating systems and versions of Microsoft Office that will be

    supported by Cradle-5.2 and later versions are:

    ? HP HP-UX version 10.20 and later

    ? IBM AIX version 4.2 and version 5.1 and later

    ? Sun Solaris version 2.5.1 and later

    ? Any Linux with a version 2.4 or later kernel, including:

    ? Debian

    ? Fedora (RedHat) Core 1, 2 and 3

    ? RedHat Enterprise 3 and variants (such as Tao and WhiteHat)

    ? Windows NT4 SP3 or later, 2000, XP and 2003

    ? Office 2000, XP and 2003


    3SL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cradle-5.1.3, an update to

    Cradle-5.1 that we announced in December 2004.

    Initially the update was to address issues brought to our attention by customers. But

    as we had a range of enhancements completed for various parts of Cradle, notably

    the editing of eFFBDs, we have decided to make these changes available now and

    not keep them for the Cradle-5.2 major release.

    We hope that you agree with this decision!

    The changes are summarised below, grouped by Cradle module. As this is a point

    update to Cradle-5.1, it is effectively still part of the Cradle-5.1 release, and so there

    are only minor documentation revisions specific to this update.

    As File with pathnames or URLs of over 256 characters has been fixed 5. Queries returning results pre-sorted by Key or Group failed in searches of

    system notes or Implementation domain data definitions. This has been fixed. 6. The import code detects diagrams with symbols whose numbers have not been

    supplied, and now automatically sets numbers into such symbols Cradle-SYS (System Modelling) Changes

    This update provides significant improvements to the editing capabilities of the

    Cradle Diagram Editor (DGE), based on your requested changes: 1. Toolset now recognises JPEG images and ignores unsupported image types 2. Cutting and pasting eFFBD functions will now carry the I/O 3. eFFBD functions, PFD operations and control nodes can be reconnected into

    other timelines by moving them. As symbols are moved over timelines where

    they could be inserted, the timeline highlights. Releasing the mouse button

    disconnects the functions/operations/nodes from their current timeline and

    reconnects them into the new timeline, retaining links to all of their I/O. 4. Fixed error when attempting to move eFFBD or PFD timeline loop symbols 5. Adding new exit branches from eFFBD function/PFD operations or control

    nodes could cause these to overlay existing branches, this has been fixed 6. Inserting new branches from an eFFBD function or PFD operation could

    incorrectly reuse an existing J (join) node instead of creating a new J node 7. Selected symbols’ sequence numbers are now shown in the DGE status bar 8. Pressing the ESC (Escape) key will cancel any DGE operation 9. The cursor is now positioned at the bottom-right corner of rectangles marking

    move, paste or resize operations, instead of the bottom-left corner 10. Saving a diagram containing symbols that should be numbered but which had

    no numbers (due to the above import problem) could damage the names of

    definitions if the Name Synchronisation feature was enabled Cradle-WRK (WorkBench) Changes

    1. Extended the matrix generation facility to support matrices with specifications

    (such as functions, architecture components, activities) as rows and columns,

    and details of their interconnecting data I/Os in the matrix cells 2. Fixed problem replying to alerts where the Subject line could be incorrect 3. Fixed problem where deleting an alert did not select the next alert Cradle on Linux

    Cradle clients and servers are now supported on Linux. Cradle supports any type of

    Linux that uses an operating system kernel that is version 2.4 or later. Specifically, we support and know that Cradle will run on:

    ? Debian

    ? Fedora (RedHat) Core 1, 2 and 3

    ? RedHat Enterprise 3 and variants (such as Tao and WhiteHat) Cradle on Solaris 10

    We are pleased to confirm that Cradle-5, Cradle-5.1, Cradle-5.1.2 and the new Cradle-5.1.3 update are all known to operate successfully on Solaris 10. Cradle on Windows XP SP2

    We are pleased to confirm that Cradle-5, Cradle-5.1, Cradle-5.1.2 and the new Cradle-5.1.3 update are all known to operate successfully on Windows XP Service

    Pack 2. If you are planning to install Cradle onto Windows XP SP2, then our

    remarks about installation accounts in the next section are even more pertinent. Cradle Installation Accounts

    Some users have experienced difficulties installing Cradle onto their systems. In

    nearly all cases, these problems result from not using our recommended UNIX or

    Windows login account when installing.

    The login accounts that we recommend are sometimes held by a small group of IT

    personnel, who may be difficult to contact or who may work for a subcontractor so

    that their time is chargeable. In such cases, it is tempting to try an alternative login

    account to perform the installations.

    All that we can say in such situations is that:

    ? Not using a recommended login account to install is intrinsically risky. It may

    work, depending on how your organisation has configured the access rights of

    its machines, but it is much more likely to fail than it is to succeed. ? It takes longer, often much longer, to reverse an installation that has failed by

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