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    Topics for Oral Test

    1. A is writing a term paper on natural wonders (cave, desert, coastline, mountain range,

    waterfall volcano, cliff, hot springs, etc.). B, C, and D are three foreigners studying in

    Huaqiao University, and they are from different parts of the world. In order to get more

    information, A interviews the foreign students and asks questions about their countries, most

    importantly, about natural wonders in their countries.

    2. Students A, B, C, and D are planning to participate in social practice together during summer

    vacation. However, they have different opinions on where to go. Every student has his own

    choice and different reasons. Finally, an agreement is reached through a heated discussion. 3. Students A, B, and C are talking about their early experiences with the computer. D comes in

    and asks for help because his /or her computer crushed for some reason while s/he was writing

    an important paper. A, B, and C try to help him /or her out in different ways. The computer is

    fixed at last.

    4. A makes a phone call to his /or her dad /or mum, B, asking for money because s/he decided to

    buy a new laptop. But A doesnt know much about computers. His /or her classmate, C,

    volunteers to offer suggestions and goes to the IT mall with A. There they meet D, a very

    persuasive salesman. A believes what D says and buys a laptop in spite of Cs objection. After

    they get back, they find the laptop doesnt work. A tells his /or her dad /or mum, and B is very

    angry. In the end, B tells his/or her son how to get his /or her money back. 5. Student A decides to initiate a news agency and publish newspapers on the campus. The

    newspaper will basically be reporting latest news in the college and interviewing teachers and

    students. A then turns to students B, C, and D for help. They are interested in the idea and

    agree to help. In the end, the 4 students choose to take on their respective work as a journalist,

    a photographer, a cartoonist and a copyeditor, according to their different abilities. 6. A is the department manager of a TV station. S/he is now leaving the department to work in

    Beijing because s/he was promoted by head office. Before s/he leaves, s/he asks B, the HR

    manager, to choose a new manager from the department. C, a journalist, and D, a

    photographer, attend the interview, trying their best to fight for the spot. At last, A and B have

    a short discussion and make a final decision.

    7. 5 years after college graduation, classmates come back to their college from different places to

    have a class reunion. A, B, C and D sit at the same table, talking about their life and work

    experience after graduation. Interestingly, they find that their jobs are related to each other in

    some way.

    8. A is the owner of a company. One day, when A is working in the office, employees B, C, and

    D come in and tell A that they want a pay raise. The three employees have different strong

    reasons and they all believe that they deserve the pay raise. A is reluctant to meet their

    demands; however, he is afraid of losing good workers. Therefore, A decides to choose a best

    worker out of the three, and offers him the raise.

    9. Two students A and B have visited some famous businesspeople in Xiamen. The other two

    students C and D are very curious about their stories. They exchange conversations about how

    to become a successful businessperson.

    10. Millions of money has been invested in advertisements. 4 students, who plan to run business

    after graduation, have different opinions about whether ads are necessary or not. 11. 4 students are sharing their birthday wishes with each other. They exchange ideas on what

    they can do to make their wishes come true.

    12. The mayor A is interviewing citizens in his/her office. 3 citizens (B, C and D) complain about

    situations (e.g.: environmental issues, housing, traffic problem, etc.) in the city where they

    live. The mayor explains a plan to fix the problem.

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