software traceability with topic modeling

By Tommy Perry,2014-11-27 18:18
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software traceability with topic modeling

    1. The goal of software traceability is to discover relationships between these

    artifacts to facilitate the efficient retrieval of relevant information, which is

    necessary for many software engineering tasks.

    facilitate 使便利;使容易

    efficient 有效的;有能力的

    回;补偿 retrieval

    relevant 相关的

    2Prospective traceability allows for links to be captured in an online fashion, incrementally improving the systems traceability and allowing developers to

    immediately benefit from the trace links created.

    3. Another benefit of prospective traceability is the presence of addition captured information, such as the temporal sequence of user actions in the design environment, which can be used to automatically generate trace links to heterogeneous artifacts.

    Heterogeneous 庞杂的;异类的

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