whether it is right to expose private lives of famous people

By Eugene Cox,2014-10-14 21:09
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whether it is right to expose private lives of famous people

    As the improvement of peoples live,the ordinary peoples legal

    consciousness become stronger and stronger.Nowadays people attach greater importance to individual rights,expecially the private lives.Recently,some famous peoples private lives were exposed,which

    caused great repercussion.The question that whether it is right to expose private lives of famous people has been a hot topic.Some people think that it is right to expose private lives of famous people .They hold the opinoin that exposing famous persons’ private is a way to oversee their

    behaviers.As puclic persons, they should behave themslves,for they can influence the society so much..Of course,there also exists some different opinions.People who object to expose famous peoples private live

    appreciate that the privates of famous people are sold only for profit.

     Then comes the conflicts.It is right or wrong?Indor to study deeply,we make a questionair on the website which is specially designed for people to make a questionair. It shows that % think that it is wrong to expose the famous peoples private lives,which is the same as our point,and only % stand on the other side.

     Firstly, we believe that expose private lives of famous people will bring harmness to the person exposed.We all know that,in the information time,someone can be killed by the media or the public opinion. Everyone has its own life cycle. Being exposed,the persons daily live will be

    influented seriously. It will cause great unconvience to the person and

    there is no doubt that it will bring strong pressure to the person or even arise problems to the persons psychology.

     Secondly, it will bring harmness to the society.Take the sex picture scandal for example, at the moment it was exposed,it catched thousands of million of peoples eyes.Some even regarded the singer as

    idol.Actually, it brings great bad influences to the quality education of ordinary people,expecially for the teenagers. Nowadays,many parents find it is hard to educate their children.Actually,the media should publish more articles on academic instand of the article about the private lives of the famous people,which is aim to make the profit.

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