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    Report of Levi’s used jean project donation

    To Levi’s and IDS

    Date: July, 2010

1. Overview

    Levi's ran a Special event in 15 cities in China in Feb. 2010. Over 200 shops gave a 200 RMB ($30.00 USD) discount if their customer brought in a used jean that they no longer wear that was in good condition. Levi's purchased ($ 8823 USD) worth of sports and education product for the students in schools through Beijing Hua Yu Education Foundation, Gesanghua, Western Education Organization, Sichuan Legal Aid Office for Migrant Workers, Liangshan Yi People Women and Children Aid Organization, Qinghai Minhe Disable Rehabilitation Centre in many poor rural areas in: Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan. Giving Hands had assisted them to find the Charities, volunteers, all the free warehouses and logistics for their donation.

    As a member of the Li & Fung Group, the IDS Group is a multinational provider of Integrated-Distribution Services specializing in Value-Chain Logistics. Headquartered in Hong Kong, IDS now operates over 90 distribution centers and a multitude of depots covering nearly 10 million square feet across Greater China, ASEAN, the US and UK, employing 7000 staff worldwide, with its 2007 revenue reaching US$ 1300 million.

    IDS provide strong support for logistics. They donated all of their logistics fees and their Shanghai Warehouse FREE OF CHARGE for the Levi's project valued at least RMB 36,558. They are a very special company.



2. Logistics Cost

    IDS undertook all the transportation to the places they could arrive, which cost them RMB 36,558. And Levis afford the transportation fee at RMB 4,059 to other rural areas in Sichuan, Gan Su and Yun Nan.

3. Volunteer for used jean sorting.

There are over 30,000 used jeans collected by Levis stores in 15 cities. A third was

    shipped to Chengdu and two thirds were gathered in Shanghai. There are over 40 volunteers involved in sorting out used jeans in IDS warehouse/hub.

    Volunteer in IDS Shanghai warehouse Volunteer in IDS Chengdu hub

4. feedback from charities and schools

    Sports goods and Stationery have been distributed to 20 schools in Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and Gansu; used jeans are distributed to over 12 schools and also 5 villages in poor areas. At least 80% receivers feed back to us. They send us thank

    you letters and receipts. Some sent us pictures if they could.

    Used jeans distribution to schools in Qinghai Used jeans distribution in Liang Shan



Rural schools in Sichuan



Donation to Qinghai by Ge Sang Hua



Thank you letter






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