Unit 1 Topic 1

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Unit 1 Topic 1



    Unit 1 Topic 1


    第一部分 第二部分 第三部分 总分 题号

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


    第一部分 听力 (20分?

    ?. 听句子(选择正确答语。每个句子读一遍。!5分,

    ( )1.A.Yes, I will. B.Yes, I am. C.Very good. ( )2.A.Thank you. B.Yes, I will. C.I must win. ( )3.A.He is good. B.He is friendly C.I think so. ( )4.A.You must come. B.What a shame! C.I hope you come.

    ( )5.A.Twice a week. B.For a long time. C.No, I don’t.

    ?. 听对话(选择正确图片。每组对话读两遍。!5分,

    ( )6.

( )7.

( )8.

( )9.

( )10.

?. 听对话(选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。!5分,

    ( )11.A.Class One. B.Class Two. C.Class Three. ( )12.A.A teacher. B.A doctor. C.A nurse. ( )13.A.Tom. B.Maria. C.Tom and Maria. ( )14.A.No, he doesn’t. B.Yes, he does.

    C.No, he doesn’t, but Wang Junfeng does.

    ( )15.A.Honey. B.Candy. C.Chocolate. 本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    ?. 听短文(选择正确答案。短文读两遍。!5分,

    ( )16.Amy is from _______.

     A.England B.America C.Canada

    ( )17.She likes _______. B.dancing C.sports

    ( )18.She likes playing _______. B.table tennis

    ( )19.Which sports does Amy prefer?

     A.Volleyball. B.Skiing. C.Swimming.

    ( )20.Amy thinks skiing _______. good for legs a good way to keep her getting up early

     C.can make her strong

    第二部分 基础知识运用?55分?

    ?. 单项选择。!10分,

    ( )1._______ do you prefer, walking or running?

     I like running better.

     A.What B.How C.When D.Which

    ( )2.Are you going to _______ our English club?

     Yes, I am.

     A.take part in B.join C.took part in D.joined ( )3.The foreigners arrived _______ Shanghai _______ night.; at; at; in; in

    ( )4. Xu Xia and her teammates are _______ the U.S.A. next week.

     A.leaving for B.leave for D.left

    ( )5.Mr. Xiang is the best teacher in our school. He is good _______ teaching.

     A.for C.with

    ( )6.I want to be a doctor when I _______.

     A.grow up about C.get up D.was born

    ( )7.I see Wei Han _______ English almost every morning.

     A.reads B.reading read

    ( )8.Which team are you going to play _______ the day after tomorrow?

     A team from No.7 Middle School. I hope we will win.

     A.about B.with C.for D.against

    ( )9.Sam spends two hours _______ his homework every day. do B.doing D.does

    ( )10.There _______ an English Party in our class next week. going to have going to be C.will have D.have

    ?. 情景交际。!5分,


    A.Yes, quite a lot.

    B.And yours?

    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    C.There is going to be a football game on CCTV5 this evening.

    D.I prefer skating.

    E.I like basketball best.

    Frank?Which do you prefer, swimming or skating?

    Sam? 11

    Frank?Me, too. Do you skate much?

    Sam? 12

    Frank?Whats your favorite sport?

    Sam?Football. What about you?

     13 Frank?

    Sam?Who is your favorite player?

    Frank?Yao Ming. 14


    Frank? 15 Dont miss it!

    Sam?Oh, I wont.

    ?. 完形填空。!10分,

    Swimming is very popular. People like 16 in summer because water makes people feel 17 . If you like swimming but swim in a wrong place, it may be 18 . These years, a lot of people 19 when they were 20 themselves in the water, and most of them were students.

    Some people are not 21 in swimming. They often think they swim so well that 22 will

    happen to them in the water. Summer is here again. If you 23 swimming this summer, don’t get into water when you are 24 . If there is a “No Swimming ”sign, still don’t get into water.

    If you remember these, swimming 25 safe. Swimming is good for your health. ( )16.A.boating B.running C.swimming D.skating ( ) C.cold D.warm

    ( )18.A.dangerous B.happy D.danger

    ( )19.A.dying B.died C.dead D.death

    ( )20.A.enjoying B.enjoyed C.helping D.helped ( )21.A.careless C.careful D.carefully ( )22.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something ( )23.A.will go B.go C.goes D.went

    ( )24.A.alone B.lonely D.danger

    ( ) C.will be D.will

    阅读理解。(30) ?.


    In almost every big university in the United States, football is a favorite sport. American

    football is not like soccer.

    Players sometimes kick() the ball, but they also throw() the ball and run with it. They try to take it to the other end of the field; they have four chances to move the ball ten yards(). They

    can carry it or throw it. If they move it to the end of the field, they receive six points. This is called

    a touch-down(持球触地).

    It’s difficult to move the ball. Eleven men on the team try to stop the man who has the ball. If

    the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the other team.

    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    Thousands of people come to watch. They all yell for their favorite team. They dance and

    jump while they yell. Each team plays ten or eleven games each season. The season begins in September and ends in November. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again on January the first. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on TV.

    ( )26.In America, football players can _______.

     A.only kick the ball B.only throw the ball

     C.only carry the ball D.kick, throw and carry the ball

    ( )27.There are _______ on each team.

     A.ten players B.eleven players

     C.twelve players D.thirteen players

    ( )28.If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team has to _______.

     A.go home B.carry the ball ten yards with it D.kick the ball to the other team

    ( )29.The best teams play again _______.

     A.on Christmas B.after the season ends

     C.on New Year’s Day D.on Sunday

    ( )30.The underlined word “yell” in the passage means “_______”.

     A.shout() loudly B.jump loudly D.sing


    2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA debut (初次亮相) on October 23~2002 and got 6

    points for the Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he scored 16 points in another game.

    Yao Ming, 22, has been a star in China for some time, but it is still under question as to whether he can play well in the NBA. Yao Ming said~“When you watch it on TV, it looks very

    easy. But when you are playing in the NBA , it is really difficult. He said that joining the

    Houston Rockets was a new start and a new challenge.I hope that through very hard work I can

    make everyone happy and help the Rockets win more games~”he said.

    Yao Ming can speak some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They don’t think there is a language problem. They say that Yao Ming is one of the best players in their team. They all like him.

    ( )31.On October 23, 2002, Yao Ming played his _______ game in the NBA.

     A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

    ( )32.Yao Ming scored _______ points in the first two games for the Houston Rockets.

     A.6 B.13 C.22 D.28

    ( )33.Yao Ming thinks that _______. is boring to play basketball B.playing in the NBA is not easy is difficult to watch NBA games on TV D.he is an NBA star

    ( )34.From the passage we can learn that _______.

     A.Yao Ming often watches TV B.Yao Ming will work hard for his team

     C.Yao Ming is a very strong player D.The Rockets has lost several games ( )35.What’s the passage?

     A.An ad B.A notice

     C.An instruction D.A news report

    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?




    Ai Fukuhara (福原爱)~the Japanese table tennis star, was born on Nov.11, 1988. She started

    playing ping-pong when she was three. At that time, she was too small. She couldnt see over the

    tabletop (桌面). She had to stand on boxes to play against adults (成人) in exhibition (展览)


    Now she is a very famous player. But she still works very hard and she practices for five

    hours a day during the week after morning school lessons and eight hours a day at the weekend.

    In May 2003, Fukuhara made the quarterfinals (四分之一决赛) of the World Championships.

    At the age of 15, she was the youngest player for Japan at the 2004 Olympic Games. She

    joined the Liaoning Club in 2005.I hope I can learn from my Chinese teammates and improve (改善) my preparation for the 2008 Olympics.said Ai Fukuhara.


    Name Ai Fukuhara Birthday Nov.11, 1988

    Nationality 36._______ Job ping-pong player

    joined 37.___________________ in 2003

    Career joined 38.___________________ in 2004

    joined 39. ___________________ in 2005

    Words or phrases to describe her 40. ___________________

    第三部分 写作 (25)



    1.Let’s c_______ Liu Xiang on.

    2.Work hard, and your f_______ is not a dream.

    3.Things are looking p_______ good.

    4.The Big Big World is a very p_______ song.

    5.My grandma is old. There is something wrong with her h_______.


    6.I _______ (grow) up in the countryside.

    7.Jane prefers _______ (cycle).

    8.Running can help you keep _______ (health).

    9.Xiao Ming broke the men 800-meter-race _______ (record) at the school sports meeting.

    10.Ann is going to go _______ (skate) with her classmates tomorrow. ?.综合填空。!5分,


    stay in, play against, with, and, bad, win, cheer up

    Receiver? Li Dong @


    Subject? Yao Ming arrived in Shanghai

    Dear Li Dong,

    How is everything these days? I miss you very much.

    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    I’m glad to tell you that Yao Ming arrived in Shanghai 11 his teammates

    yesterday. The Chinas National Team 12 the South Korea Team. I hope they will 13

    the match. Their fans are very excited. They sang and danced happily. It’s too 14 that

    they aren’t going to 15 Shanghai for long. They are leaving for Japan the day after


    Please write to me back soon!


    Wu Ming

    11.______ 12.______ 13.______ 14.______ 15.______

    书面表达。!10分, ?.



    Time Activity

    8: 30-9: 30 Wednesday morning

    4: 00-5: 30 Friday afternoon

    1: 00-2: 30 Saturday afternoon

    tomorrow morning

    _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    Unit 1 Topic 2


    第一部分 第二部分 第三部分 总分 题号

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 得分

    第一部分 听力 (20)


    ( )1.

( )2.

( )3.

( )4.

( )5.


    ( )6.A.Yes, you’d better not. B.No, you’d better not.

     C.No, you can’t smoke.

    ( )7.A.You can ask him. B.You’d better catch a bus.

     C.You are all right.

    ( )8.A.That’s right. B.That’s OK. Please take a seat.

     C.All right.

    ( )9.A.Yes, I’d like to. B.Really? C.No, thanks. ( )10.A.No problem. B.Not at all. C.That’s very kind of you. ?.听对话(选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。!5分,

    ( )11.A.Music. B.Art. C.Sports. ( )12.A.The girls. B.The boys. C.Class Three.

    ( )13.A.One. B.Two. C.Three. 本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    ( )14.A.He asks her to come earlier next time.

     B.He asks her to study hard.

    C.He asks her to go home earlier.

    ( )15.A.Playing basketball. B.Running.

     C.Going out for a walk.


    ( )16.Michael Jordan was born in Washington, DC. ( )17.Jordan could play basketball very well in his high school.

    ( )18.He played so well that people called him“Air Jordan”.

    ( )19.He became a basketball team member in the Houston Rockets.

    ( )20.Once he got 36 points in one game.

    第二部分 基础知识运用 (55)


    ( )1.—I’m sorry for _______ I said.

     It doesn’t matter. B.which C.what D.when

    ( )2.I’ll play baseball, because it can_______. build me up build up me C. build up me D. build me up

    ( )3.He was too _______ to cut himself with the knife.

     A.careful B.carefully C.careless

    ( )4.You play the piano too loudly. Would you please play it _______?

     I’m sorry.

     A.clearly B.silent C.quiet D.quietly

    ( )5.Would you mind _______ us in the game?

     Not at all.

     A.joining B.join C.join in D.joining in ( )6.Why were you late for the meeting this morning?

     I got up too late, so I _______ the first bus.

     A.caught B.missed C.took D.forgot

    ( )7.Thats very kind _______ you, but I think I can manage it myself. C.of D.from

    ( )8.You kept me _______ so long.

     Sorry. I’ll be ready soon.

     A.wait wait C.waited D.waiting

    ( )9.Im so sorry for losing your dictionary.


     A.Oh, it doesnt matter. B.Youre welcome.

     C.Thats OK. D.Thank you all the same.

    ( )10.Will you join us?


     A.No, I wont. B.Youre welcome. C.I hope not. D.Of course, I will.


    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?




    A?Its Sunday tomorrow. 11. ?

    B?Oh, I am going to watch a football match. Its between Korea and China.

    A?Wonderful! I really hope well win this time. 12. ?

    B?At 3 oclock in the afternoon. I have two tickets here. 13. ?

    A?Of course Id love to. But I cant. We will have a basketball match tomorrow afternoon.

    B?What a pity! 14. ?

    A?A team from No.2 Middle School.

    B?15. ?

    A?In our school.

    B?Good luck to you and your team then!

    A?Thank you. See you later.

    B?See you.


    The game of football began in England in the middle of the nineteenth century. But the

    Chinese played a game 16 football more than 2,000 years ago. In the 17 , it was not

    easy and dangerous. There was not a fixed (固定的) number of 18 and there were always a

    lot of fightings. In 1863 the Football Association (协会) was founded (成立) to bring 19 to

    the game. Since then, more and more people began to play football, making it the worlds

    most 20 sport. Its the strongest in Europe and 21 , but it is more popular in Africa

     22 and now women also play football.Womens football is one of the fastest 23 sports in the

    world. The World Cup is the 24 important prize () in international football. The match is held (被举行) every four years in 25 countries around the world. The first match was held in 1930 and the winner was Uruguay.

    ( ) B.for C.with

    ( )17.A.begin B.beginning C.begining D.begins

    ( )18.A.players B.balls C.women

    ( )19.A.people D.rules

    ( )20.A.difficult B.comfortable C.popular D.hopeful

    ( )21.A.England B.Germany C.South America D.Africa

    ( )22.A.either well C.also D.neither

    ( )23.A.relaxing B.moving C.running D.growing

    ( )24.A.very B.more C.most D.less

    ( )25.A.different B.important C.big D.a few



    Most people make their living:谋生;with their hands, but Bob makes his living with his feet.

    Bob’s story began in a small city in England. His parents were poor. Seven people lived in a

    small house. Bob had no place to play but on the street.

    Bobs father often played football. Little Bob wanted to play football, too. So his father made

    a soft (柔软的) ball for him to kick. It was a sock full of old cloth. He kicked it every day.

    At last Bob learned to kick a real football. And after a few years he could play football very


    本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?



    ( )26.People usually make their living _______. learning by themselves B.with their feet playing football D.with their hands

    ( )27.Which of the following is TRUE?

     A.Bob was born in a small village. B.Bob’s house was very big.

     C.There were eight people in the family. D.The little boy often played on the street.

    ( )28.Why did the father make a soft ball for his son?

     A.Because the family all liked football.

     B.Because Bob also liked to play football.

     C.Because they had lots of old cloth.

     D.Because he didn’t want to throw the sock away.

    ( )29.The word“kick”in the story means _______.

     A. B. C.射门 D.弹起

    ( )30.From the story we can see _______.

     A.Bob’s age’s about an American boy

     C.Bob’s mother’s name

     D.the boy became a good football player at last


    Yao Ming, the center of the Chinese National Men’s Basketball Team, served the Houston

    Rockets in 2002 in NBA.The 2.26m, 120kg center became the first player to come from a foreign


    Yao Ming was born in Shanghai in September, 1980. His mother was a center and captain (

    ) of the Chinese National Womens Team. His father played basketball, too.

    Yao Ming is widely known in China. He came to be a very important basketball player in

    CBA. Its short for China Basketball Association (联赛) . During the 2000-2001 season, he got 27.1 scores (得分) for the Shanghai Oriental (东方) Sharks in every match.

    Yao Ming joined the Houston Rockets in October, 2002. He said it was a new start in his

    basketball life. He would do his best to learn from the NBA and improve (提高) himself.

    Sport analyst (分析家) Bill Walton said~“Yao Ming has the potential (潜力), the capability (能力) of changing the future of basketball.

    ( )31.The Houston Rockets is the name of a _______ team.

     A.table tennis B.volleyball

    ( )32.Both Yao Ming’s father and mother were _______. players players

     C.the centers of the Chinese National Team

     D.the captains of the Chinese National Team

    ( )33.Yao Ming _______ in CBA during the 2000-2001 season.

     A.does well good C.was good D.did well

    ( )34.Yao Ming _______ the Houston Rockets in November, 2002.

     A.did his best to join B.was well-known in

     C.became a member (成员) of D.liked

     ( )35.Sport analyst Bill Walton thought Yao Ming was able to _______. 本资料由教育城编辑整理 更多资料?

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