Unit21 Lesson 2 brain power

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Unit21 Lesson 2 brain power

Unit21 Lesson 2 brain power


    1. The brain ______.

     A. looks like a potato.

     B. weigh 20; of the body.

     C. control all our movements.

    2. The different areas of the brain _____.

     A. are responsible for different function.

     B. have no connection.

     C. haven’t been mapped.

    3. It is ____ that listen and see what’s happening around us.

     A. ears and eyes. B. brain

     C. nervous system.

    Answers : C A B

    Unit 19 Language

    Lesson 2 The Varieties of English


    1. Experts recommend doing 2 hours of extra work once a week. F

    2. Listening to an English song several times can help you revise new vocabulary. T

    3. There is no point reading the news in English if you have already watched it in your own


    4. Watching your favorite DVD in English will improve your listening skills.T


    1.Listen to the dialogue and decide if these sentences true (T) or false (F) 1.Pam is American. ( )

    2.Robert comes from Australia. ( )

    3.The more different accents you hear the more confused you get.( )

    4.Richard has an Australian English accent.( ) 5.Pam and Robert say “classroom” the same way.( )

    Unit20 New frontier warming up


    1.Listen to four extracts twice and identify these different programmes.

    2. Listen to four extracts again and do the exercise 1. Why didn’t the shuttle take off ?

     A. Because of the bad weather.

     B. There was something wrong with solar panels .

     C. The shuttle suffered slight damage last week.

     2.Rosalind is a______

     A. a writer who writes science fiction

     B. A person searching human’s mood.

     C. An expert developing Emotional Computer. 3. The conversation will talk about _____.

     A. human genome

     B. medicine

     C. ethical issues in biotechnology

    4.Marie Curie achieved the following achievement except________.

     A. won two Nobel Prizes

     B. discovered radium and polonium

     C. correct the process of producing radioactivity for the first time

    Answers: A C C D

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