Unit3 a master of nonverbal humour

By Ruby Hicks,2014-12-01 16:58
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Unit3 a master of nonverbal humour

Reading for detail questions

    1.Why did people like the charater of the little tramp? 2.When was the movie “The Gold Rush” set in?

    3.What was Chaplin awarded in 1972?

    4.When and where did he die?

    Language points

    1. He made people laugh at a time when they felt

    feel more content with their depressed,so they could


    be / feel ~with ---- be satisfied with

    be ~ to do sth ---- be willing to do


    汉译英1. 姚明不满足于自己的成绩。


    his achievements.


    Many teenagers__________________________

    TV on weekends.

    2.Unfortunately his father died,leaving the family even worse


    badly off ?????well off

    in a poor condition; be short of???


    选择题;I went to his home and found his living condition was__________than mine.

    A. good off B. bad off

    C. worse off D. well off

    Fill in the blanks:

    Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor family in 1889,and his father died,______the family worse off. His charming character was ___________ .whose acting made everything _________ .He was a social _____, but he had ___________ to overcome difficulties. What he wore were _______ shoes, large trousers and a small round black hat.

     Charlie Chaplin wrote,______ the film The Gold Rush. He played a man with bad luck eating shoes with great _________ when he was hiding in a small hut. Discussion:

    What should we learn from Charlie Chaplin?


    Search the internet for some more funny stories about Charlie Chaplin, and you are expected to present them to your peers in the next class

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