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    (Revised: 10/12/01)

    IMPORTANT At any time if you have a procedural question of ANY nature, call the Company at 1-800-487-1000. If you are new to the computer world, don‟t worry – you will find a qualified representative standing by to guide you step-by-step. Technical Support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The Order Line, Distributor Support, Business Support and Telecommunications Support is open during business hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (M-F), Mountain Time. Note: Technical Support personnel can also take NSE product orders (24 X 7).

    General Statement

Nu Skin Enterprises, Incorporated operates as an ever-expanding umbrella with three dynamic, cutting edge

    product and service divisions: NuSkin Personal Care, Pharmanex Nutritionals and Big Planet Technology.

    NSE stands out among even the leading Network Marketing companies with its visionary perspective. In 1984,

    before they had proven anything, NSE was told by industry specialists that they could not pay their leaders as

    much money as they proposed and still remain in business, but NSE proved them wrong. Later, when NSE was

    told that they could not pay their leaders through a “seamless” worldwide compensation plan and remain in

    business, NSE again proved them wrong. Today, NSE operates on a debt-free basis with more than $1 billion in

    annual sales worldwide. NSE is publicly traded on the NYSE with the symbol NUS and proudly displays its 5A1

    Dun & Bradstreet rating each year. Never before in the history of Network Marketing have so many distributors of

    a single company earned as much income as have the Distributors of NSE.

Each step of the way, as NSE introduced a new division, it positioned itself AND its Distributors in front of the

    most dynamic trends of our time. First came the Anti-Aging Revolution (Nu Skin Personal Care), then the

    Health/Wellness/Weight Loss Revolution (Pharmanex Nutritionals). Both remain healthy and dynamic industries

    in which NSE Distributors earn significant incomes, and with the announcement of each new division, the

    Distributors that positioned themselves early have done very well financially.

Today, it‟s the Technology Revolution (Big Planet Technology), with the greatest financial opportunity of all. The

    focus of the Sledge Organization and the intent of this manual is to help you to get positioned in front of the most

    explosive and lucrative trends of our times: The future of the Internet, E-Commerce, Wireless,

    Telecommunications, Power Technologies and Utilities Deregulation. In this day and age, people‟s lives will not work without these products and services, which by their very nature can be complicated and that‟s where Big

    Planet succeeds. We bring “high-touch” to “high-tech”, creating the best chance to reach out and touch so many

    people with so much opportunity.

As part of our duplication model, while it is incumbent on us to put Big Planet in the spotlight, we CANNOT afford

    to leave out the high volume and product benefits of Nu Skin and Pharmanex. At the end of the day, Network

    Marketing is “redirected spending”. We are paid on one thing: VOLUME. Because most of the Big Planet

    products and services are by their very nature low-margin products, it follows that you must have a lot of

    Distributors in your group to make serious money. The good news is that you will have LOTS of Distributors in

    your group, but it will take time. We have NEVER before seen any part of our business that attracted interest like

    the Big Planet opportunity EVER. Nevertheless, it is essential that you integrate Nu Skin and Pharmanex

    personally at enrollment and that you duplicate this process with each of your enrollments and so on. Simply put,

    your group will grow much slower if you do not, and MUCH faster if you do. By doing so, you will participate in

    two very lucrative revolutions: Anti-Aging and Health/Wellness/Weight Loss, which combined total more than



Having personally enrolled more than 200 Distributors into NSE and having assisted in the enrollment of

    hundreds of others, we are confident that getting started the way we demonstrate in this manual, specifically the

    enrollment process, will have a significant bearing on your success. You are beginning a business with unlimited

    income potential, but Network Marketing is not like any other business you have done before. There are certain

    tools you must have and without them you cannot learn the business. Even though your financial commitment is

    small, this is BIG business. Please take it seriously and be coachable from the beginning. YOUR DUPLICATION


    have contributed to the success of franchising over the years apply to Network Marketing, i.e., the cookie-cutter,

    step-buy-step process simple but effective. When you duplicate throughout your own Distributor organization

    what your Upline will teach you, you have the opportunity to build a significant income that can be yours for life.

    This is Network Marketing. Welcome. Now … Let‟s Get Started!


“Let’s Get Started”


    Seven Steps to Success

Step 1: Purchase Your e-Business Package

    ? The e-Business Essentials “Kit”

    ? From Your Sponsor

    ? From the Company

    Step 2: Complete Your Enrollment

    ? Distributor Agreement

    ? “Temporary” Set-Up

    ? Important Information

    Step 3: Host Your Business Center (Personal Web Site)

    ? Your Personal Portal

    ? Three Web Sites

    ? Sponsoring Bonuses

Step 4: Subscribe To Your “Recurring” Services

    ? The Privileged Member Program

    ? The Big Planet Services

    ? The Process

Step 5: Your ETO and LOI

    ? Your Executive Track Order

    ? The Duplication Model- See Addendum „A‟

    ? Your Letter Of Intent

    Step 6: Your Initial Training Session

    ? Time, Date, Location

    ? Your Assignment

    Step 7: Your Launch Meeting

    ? Inviting

    ? Presenting

    ? Be Prepared


“Let’s Get Started”

    Step 1: Purchase Your e-Business Package

    The duplication process begins with your purchase of an e-Business Package. We

    strongly recommend the e-Business Essentials Package (hereafter referred to as the

    Kit”) because it contains your Business Center (personal web site), plus an introduction to

    key products and services of the Big Planet, Nu Skin and Pharmanex divisions that have a

    tremendous value to you. The order code number for the Kit is #01100913. The “retail”

    value, if each item were purchased one at a time through NSE is $929.10. Your cost is only $398.00 (plus shipping and sales tax), which is a savings to you of $531.10 and the

    PSV or commissionable volume (explained later) is equal to 400.

    Purchase your Kit directly from your Sponsor. His or her actual cost, which becomes your price, is

    $398 (plus shipping charge and sales tax). Following this procedure allows your Sponsor to transfer to you at

    your enrollment the tools necessary for you to complete your initial training session. It also allows your Sponsor

    to recover 100% of his investment in the Kit which they kept on-hand for your benefit. In the event of long-

    distance enrollment where it may not be practical to purchase your Kit directly from your Sponsor you may

    purchase your Kit directly from the Company which is explained in Step 2.

If you must purchase from the Company:

     1. Arrange a 3-way call with your Sponsor to complete your registration and purchase your Kit. The following information will be required for you to complete your Distributor registration. ? Individual or Business Name

    ? Social Security Number or Federal ID Number (for 1099 Form)

     ? Mailing and Shipping Addresses

     ? Sponsor‟s ID Number and Telephone Numbers ? Credit Card(s) for your initial purchases and for your recurring services.

    2. Call 1-800-487-1000 and select the telephone prompt: “To Place An Order Or To Enroll A New Distributor”.

    The agent will ask you for certain information, all of which will be entered on your Distributor Agreement

    (when you receive it). Please refer to the sample Distributor Agreement in the Forms and Agreements

    section of the Manual. The agent will provide you with your Big ID# and your US ID# which you should write

    down and keep in a convenient place (see page 5). Your identification numbers will be the basis the agent will

    use to establish your distributorship. At this point, your account is set up on a “temporary” basis. You have

    30 days to provide the Company with the signed original portion of your Distributor Agreement, at which time

    your distributorship becomes permanent.

When providing the agent your enrollment information, inform the agent that you also wish to purchase your

    Kit. The agent, if you ask, may suggest various ways you can enroll. This is his job. Follow the steps exactly

    as taught here and instruct the agent accordingly. Your order will be as follows:

    $398.00 e-Business Essentials Kit

     12.00 Shipping Charge

     33.90 Sales Tax (Example: 8?% X $410.00 [$398.00 Kit + $12.00 Shipping Charge.])

    $443.90 Your Total Kit Cost

    Your Kit, that will include certain forms critical to your business, should arrive in 5-7 days usually less. Be sure that you complete your Distributor Agreement immediately upon receipt and mail the original to Big Planet right

    away. Remember … your account has only been set up temporarily. The Company must receive the signed original portion your Distributor Agreement within 30 days from the date your distributorship was set up in order

    for your account to become official and permanent. Should the Company not receive your Distributor Agreement within the required 30 days, all Distributors that have been enrolled in your group will go into an orphan account

    and no commissions will be paid to you until the Company receives the signed original copy.


“Let’s Get Started”

    Step 2: Complete Your Enrollment

With your Sponsor:

    If possible, we strongly recommend that your Sponsor and you complete the following procedure together with both of you on the telephone at the same time (speakerphone, 1. Complete your Distributor Agreement USA in its entirety. (Review the sample Distributor Agreement in the separate extensions, 3-way conference, etc.). This is an excellent way for your Sponsor to Forms & Agreements section of the Manual.) We offer the following tips: teach you the enrollment process. General Information: If married, we recommend that both husband and wife be listed. The name you enter

    as Applicant #1 becomes the primary Distributor and is the name “payable to” on your commission checks.

    If operating as a Partnership or Corporation, provide the information required and ignore the Personal

    Information area. Hardcopy documentation may be required to register as a Partnership or Corporation.

    Select the NSE division that at this point most holds your interest. We recommend Big Planet for the

    greatest amount of recognition during this early growth phase. (Regardless of your choice, you will be able

    and encouraged to participate in all NSE divisions.)

    Select Your Enrollment Option: Ignore this section if you purchased your Kit directly from your Sponsor.

    Payment Information: Ignore this section if you purchased your Kit directly from your Sponsor.

    Signature & Date: REQUIRED. If your spouse was listed as Applicant #2 above, he or she should also sign

    the Distributor Agreement before it is mailed to the company.

2. Call 1-800-487-1000 and select the telephone prompt: “To Place An Order Or To Enroll A New Distributor”.

    The agent will ask for certain information, which has already been entered on your Distributor Agreement,

    and will provide you with your Big ID# and your US ID# (write both numbers down and keep them a

    convenient place). Your identification numbers will be the basis by which the agent will establish your

    distributorship. At this point, your account is set up on a “temporary” basis, giving you 30 days to submit to

    the Company the signed original portion of your Distributor Agreement. When this has been done, your

    distributorship becomes official and permanent. Should the Company not receive your Distributor Agreement

    within the required 30 days, any distributors that have been enrolled into your group will be placed into an

    orphan account and no commissions will be paid to you until the Company receives the signed original copy.

    Important Information ………. For Your Records

My Big ID#:______________________________ My Sponsors ID#: _________________________________

My US ID#: ______________________________ My Sponsor: _____________________________________

My Username: ___________________________ My Sponsors Phone: ______________________________

My Password: ___________________________ My Upline Executive: ______________________________

     My Upline Executives Phone: _______________________

My Web Site: www. ________________________________

My eMail: ___________________________________________ @

    My Sponsor’s

My Upline Executive’s


“Let’s Get Started”

    Step 3: Host Your Business Center (Personal Web Site)

Your Business Center will serve two purposes by performing as a front door for your customers and prospective

    partners to retrieve information or make purchases, and as a back door for you to manage your business by

    accessing important records, forms and updates from the Company. The Owners Suite and Owners Services

    sections of this site are consistently expanded and upgraded by the Company including the “What‟s New” section.

    ? Go to Click on “My Office”. Before you can login, you must click where

    indicated to establish your Username and Password. Enter your Big ID#, that was given to you by

    the agent when you set up your temporary account.

    ? Enter your Username and Password. Click on “Submit”.

    ? Next page: Click on “Kit Tools”.

    ? Next page: Click on “Publish Kit”.

    ? Next page: Click on “Continue”.

    ? Next page: Enter the Serial Number and PIN ID that came with the Kit you purchased from your

    Sponsor, or that was provided by the agent when you purchased your Kit from the Company.

    ? Next page: Verify your web site name. Click on “Continue”.

     (It will be www. (username/site name you select)

    ? Next page: Verify the monthly charge ($24.95). Click “Agree” then click “Next”.

    ? Next page: Enter your credit card information and click “Continue”.

    ? Next page: You will be shown the link to your web site and your Business Center is hosted.

For the monthly cost of $24.95 to host your primary Business Center, you will get “THREE” separate websites –

    one for each NSE division (Big Planet, Nu Skin, Pharmanex). These are automatically published simultaneously

    and will appear as follows:

     www. (username/site name you select) .

     www. (username/site name you select) .

     www. (username/site name you select) .

NOTE: You can publish the Business Center for one of your Distributors provided you have the variable

    information called for above (Big ID#, Username, Password, Credit Card Information, etc).

    Important Bonuses:

     Each time you personally enroll a new Distributor that “hosts” a

     Business Center, you are paid an upfront $75 Sponsoring

     Bonus. While you are in the process of Executive qualification,

     the Company puts an additional $50 bonus, for each new

    Distributor you personally enroll with a hosted Business Center,

    into an escrow account that is paid to you when you complete your

    executive qualification.


“Let’s Get Started”

    Step 4: Subscribe To “Recurring” Products & Services

This business is simple to explain and understand. The three separate divisions sell products and services that

    are better than what people can by over-the-counter and our Company wants the world to know about them. This

    is why our Company is in business … period! As Distributors, we want to create a residual monthly income and

    achieve financial freedom. This is why WE are in business … period! By building an organization that “redirects”

    spending of the products and services of all three NSE divisions from the households of the Distributors and their

    customers, the Company gets what it wants and we Distributors get what we want. It‟s a win-win partnership.

    The Privileged Member Program

    The Privileged Member Program (PMP) functions as a loyalty program by offering credits (as a gift) from NSE and the program is essential to your success. A total of $21 monthly credits ($252 annually) can be earned from

    the three divisions and can be applied to future product purchases in any of the three divisions. Enrollment in the

    PMP can be done over the telephone. Although it is not necessary to complete and send in the Privileged

    Member Enrollment Form, we recommend you refer to the sample PMP form in the Forms and Agreements

    section of the Manual to help you to understand your enrollment in the program. Reviewing the form combined

    with the instructions here will serve as a guide as you enroll your new Distributors.

     Nu Skin Fountain Club: Refer to the Nu Skin and Pharmanex section

    of the Manual for a full explanation of your Fountain Club Membership,

    that is very important for two reasons. First, as a new Distributor, you will experience first hand the quality that NSE stands for through its ($35 Minimum commitment per month) products. Second, duplicating the use and sharing of these products will ($10 Credit per month to Distributors) contribute significantly to your group‟s volume. With Fountain Club, you commit to spend a minimum of $35 for Nu Skin products each month. When you do this

    each month, Nu Skin will gift your account with a $10 credit that you can use to purchase products, whenever you

    choose, but not before the following month, after you have met your minimum Fountain Club commitment. Refer to the Nu Skin and Pharmanex section of the manual for a full explanation of the Fountain Club program and

    specifically review the “Suggested Orders” section for recommendations regarding your monthly Fountain Club


    Pharmanex Automatic Delivery Program (ADP): Your subscription to ADP is very important, much like Fountain Club, because it allows you to

    experience the Company‟s commitment to excellence through the science

    behind the Pharmanex products. The health benefits that you and your group will enjoy are the most important benefit. In addition, the health and wellness industry is growing rapidly and Pharmanex “can” make up the ($25 Minimum commitment per month) biggest portion of your group‟s volume. ($4 Credit per month to Distributors)

    With ADP, like Fountain Club, when you commit to spend a minimum of $25 per month for Pharmanex products,

    Pharmanex will gift your account with a $4 credit that you can use to purchase products, whenever you choose,

    but not before the following month, after you have met your minimum ADP commitment. . Refer to the Nu Skin

    and Pharmanex section of the Manual for a full explanation of ADP and specifically review the “Suggested Orders” section for recommendations regarding your monthly ADP subscription.

     Big Planet: We recommend that you subscribe to the Big Planet services

    which create recurring volume and commissions and make it possible for you

    to experience and share their value as you build your network. By hosting

    your Business Center in Step-3 above, combined with your enrollment in the PMP, Big Planet will gift your account with a $7 credit that you can use to purchase products, whenever you choose, but not before the following month, after you have paid your hosting fee that month. All other Big Planet services are provided to simplify and enhance your business communication, growth (Web Hosting = $24.95 per month) and management. ($7 Credit per month to Distributors)


     “Let’s Get Started”

    The “Big Planet” Services

Detail on the Big Planet services can be found on-line in the Products and Services section of your Business

    Center. Listed below are the “recommended” services essential to building your business.

Internet Service: You will find the Big Planet ISP to be not only a wonderful service but also

    an indispensable tool in building your business. The agent will walk you through the process of subscribing to Big Planet‟s Internet Service with a monthly cost of only $19.95 for unlimited dial-up access and multiple e-mail accounts, or $24.95 for Access Pro.

    e-clips: This service allows you to send a flash-technology advertisement to anyone

    via email about any of the NSE divisions Big Planet, Nu Skin or Pharmanex. The library of available e-clips continues to grow as the business changes and expands.

    Simplify One Number: Simplify One allows you to combine up to 5 telephone numbers (home, office, cell, fax, etc.) into a single number and provides a system for managing

    incoming and outgoing calls, messages and information, even when traveling. You will find that this will “simplify” your business communications and will assist you in building your Big Planet business. You will be required to give your social security number to set up your username and password with the agent. Be sure to write them down in a convenient place.

    Long Distance: Big Planet Calling and Simplify Home allow you two options to control your

    monthly long-distance services with low-cost unlimited service from home for in-state and state-

    to-state calling. Both offer a travel card and an incoming toll-free number as well as the ability

    to view your account on-line for use tracking. Big Planet Pre-Paid Calling is available in all areas of the U.S. and offers a 5.9 cent per minute rate for outgoing long distance and for toll-free incoming calls or 7.9-cents per minute for travel. The monthly fee of $2.95 allows multiple lines, even from multiple residences.

    Simplify Home replaces competitors long-distance and messaging services. This system

    offers 4.9 cents per minute rate and includes the ability to retrieve and manage messages

    online if desired, or simply dial “00” for quick access with no passwords. With Simplify Home,

    you are limited to a single telephone line. There is a $6.95 monthly service charge and a one time set up fee of $5.95. You will be required to give your social security number.

    The Process

    New Account Information and Set-Up: If you have completed your Distributor enrollment as shown above, the

    Company will already have your account information in their systems. You will need your BIG ID# and your U.S.

    ID#. Upon completion of your enrollment in Fountain Club, ask the agent to transfer you to Pharmanex for your

    ADP subscription, and then to Big Planet to subscribe to your technology services recommended above A credit

    card is required for monthly fees of Internet Service, Web Hosting, Fountain Club and ADP orders, Simplify

    Accounts and any other services you have subscribed to.

    Call the Nu Skin, Pharmanex and Big Planet

    single number

    for EVERYTHING and follow the telephone prompts:



“Let’s Get Started”

    Step 5: Your Executive Track Order (ETO) & Letter Of Intent (LOI)

    If you are ready to take action and are serious about generating a “leveraged” income, your first goal is to

    become an Executive. This process involves no less than three months and to begin qualification, you must

    generate a minimum of 1,000 points and file your Letter Of Intent (LOI).

    We recommend the Executive Track Order (ETO) so you can be prepared to sponsor your first three new

    distributors and get them into action quickly by allowing them to purchase their Kit directly from you rather

    than waiting for their Kits to be shipped from the Company. This model is supported by all leaders throughout

    the company and it is the fastest approach to the Executive position when duplicated.

    Executive Track Order: By purchasing additional packages for resale, you are

    prepared to sponsor. The Executive Track recommends 3 “Kits” to be on-hand at all

    times and begins with the ETO order:

    Item # ___01100913___ Quantity __3__ Total: $1,194.00___

    (Refer to the Duplication Model below and Exhibit A.)

    Duplication Model

    (Recovery Of Your Investment)

    Purchase your Kit from your Sponsor $ 398

     Purchase Executive Track Order (3 Kits @ $398) 1,194

     Total investment in your business $1,592

     Personally enroll 3 new Distributors w/Kits (3 @ $398) [A] $1,194

     Sponsor Bonus from NSE (3 @ $75) [B] 225

     PMC Bonus (5 @ $20) [C] 100

     L1 Bonus ($1,194 X 6%) [D] 73

    Total sales & bonuses (1,592)

    Net investment ZERO

     [A] Each new Distributor you enroll reimburses you 100% for your cost in the Kit.

     [B] For each new Distributor you personally enroll with a Kit, the Company will pay you a one-time $75

     Sponsoring Bonus.

     [C] For each Customer you enroll in the Privileged Member Program with a minimum of 75 PV, the

     Company will pay you a $20 one-time Customer Bonus.

    [D] For each new Distributor that purchases an ETO (3 Kits) like you did, the Company pays you an

     Override Bonus of 6% X his/her 1,194 PSV. This minimal example assumes only ONE.

Submit your Letter Of Intent: The only requirement to file your LOI is to purchase AND host an e-

    Business Package, that will start the first of a 4-month track toward becoming an Executive. If you also generate

    more than 1,000 group points and/or place your Executive Track Order (ETO) in the first month, you can combine

    months one and two because you achieved the minimum of 1,000 GSV (ETO = 1,200 PSV). Review the sample

    LOI in the Forms and Agreements section of the manual. Complete and submit your LOI that you will find in the

    Kit you purchased. The Company MUST receive your LOI before they will recognize you as having begun

    Executive qualification. It is recommended that you both FAX and MAIL your LOI (as directed on the form) to be

    certain the Company has received it.

    You have now been properly enrolled and are on your way to becoming a Big Planet Executive. Network

    Marketing is one of the best-kept secrets in the business world and it is time for us to teach you how to build your

    organization. Network Marketing has become a very sophisticated business, and for that reason, you must

    LEARN how to become successful. You‟ve done well so far. Stay coachable and from this point forward, to achieve financial success at this business, follow the instructions of your Sponsor or upline Executive exactly,

    until you reach your goals. Unlike any other business, many people have a vested interest in your success. Use

    Them Wisely!


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