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Name team

Name team

    Your specialty .team.value


Thank you for joining us here this afternoon. Im Guanlin Qi from butterfly team. Herere our

    group members : MISS KIM and MISS UN.Were here today to talk to you about the movie

    The Shawshank Redemption even youve never saw this movie. well discuss about freedom,hope,

    and life.

    OK, one question for you. What do you think of when you hear the word redemption? The word redemption in this movie means rebirth , and it encourages people to appreciate the beauty of life, to keep hope forever.

    One more question for you. Just imagine you are caught by police one day for some reason.all the evidence show that you have killed some one,but actually you are innocent,somebody else is responsible.finally,you are sent into prison for a sentence of several years.What will you do?No evidence can prove your innocence.All of you can think of this question,because it does happen in our real life.

    Now this happens to the hero in this movie. Lets see what the hero will do.

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    This is our hero ,Andy,a banker ,is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and her lover,and is sentenced to two consecutive lif sentences at Shawshank.

    This is Norton,the warden,a cruel man.

    Here is Red, he can get anything even in the jail ,Red is literally telling the story of andy throughout this film.

    And here is heywood.friend to andy and red.he changes significantly with inspiration(hope) from Andy.

    Tommy, Andy has a positive influence on Tommy,but most importantly ,Tommy;s brief part makes others and the audience realize something very important to the plot.

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