I vocabulary and structure

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I vocabulary and structure

    得分 评卷人 郑州交通职业学院 2006 1. When facing unexpected challenges, she (behavior)_________with great courage.

    2007 学年第 学期 2. The car crash wasnt an accident; it was a (deliberately)________attempt to kill him.

    3. As winter (approach) ___________, the weather became colder

    期末考试英语试卷 4. The toy with attractive pictures is (fancy) ___________ one Ive ever seen.

    考试科目:English 试卷类别: A 考试时间: 90 分钟5. Mr. Robinson is a very (experience) _________physics teacher.

     6. The first computer in human history was in fact a huge (calculate) ______. 7. To a newcomer, his achievement sounds (miracle) _________.

     8. He hesitated and seemed not to give us an (affirm) ________reply

    I II III IV V VI 题号 总分 9. Everything she does is only (motive) __________by a desire for fame and wealth.

     10. This kind of television program not only (entertainment) ____________but also teaches.


     * 本卷适用于06级大专所有专业 得分 评卷人

     得分 评卷人

    1. You cant get a clear reception, ______________________________________________. ( ) 1.You will solve this problem if you ________upon it.

    线 (因为你的收音机没调好) A concentrates B attend C refer D concentrate

    2. When we got there, we found _______________________________( 房间里挤满了陌生人). ( ) 2. His excellent performance __________the audiences imagination. 姓名 学号 3. Several investment banks closed down__________________________________(由于不能满A capturing B addict C captured D addicted 足客户的需求). ( ) 3. Land animals are believed to ___________ from sea animals. 姓名 学号

    4. In his opinion, the inflation ________________________________(与政府的经济政策无关) A. develop B. developing C. be developed D. have been developed

    5. The picture is so large _____________________________________( 他几乎占据了整面墙). ( ) 4. Our garden can be ________ from the next-door neighbors window. A. overlooks B. overlooked C. overlooking D. to overlook

     ( ) 5. Their ______shows that about 8% of the local residents have been struck by that

     得分 评分人 disease.

     A. survey B. surveys C. venture D. finance

    ( ) 6. He________ his own life to save the drowning child.

    A. venture B. ventures C. venturing D ventured

    ( ) 7. The sick child cant ________so rich a dinner. A. indigestible B. digestible C. digest D. digested

     Sometimes life is like a soap opera or a comedy show. But have you ever thought what it is ( ) 8. To a newcomer, his achievement sounds _______.

    like to act in a soap opera or a comedy show? The actors, in order to be funny, may put A. miracle B. miraculous C. miracles D. intense

    themselves in tragic moods and situations. They have to repeat it again and again until they get it ( ) 9. They _________ the number of tourists at one million.

    right. They get tired, bad tempered and fed up. It all seems to be too much. But then, later they A. estimates B. estimated C. have estimate D. are estimating

    can look at the show and laugh along with the audience. It might have been hard and tiring work ( ) 10. Its a brave act to _________ ones own business in an economic crisis.

    to do it at the time, but thats all in the past. Now they are the audience and they can laugh at it A. build B. built C. start up D. start

     专业 all.

     I wonder if it is possible that we get so involved in life that we forget to take a back seat as

    the audience and see the funny side. You might not be laughing now ,but if you stepped back and


     1 3

    saw yourself and others acting in this zany show, youd crack up ! Isnt it worth a try? Remember C. seldom travel by plane that this comedy business is serious stuff. D. use public transportation frequently Decide whether the following statements are true (T) and false (F). ( ) 3. Americans prefer their cars for the following reasons except that __________________

     A. buses, trains and planes are not comfortable ( ) 1.All soap operas are based on real life. B. traveling by car is inexpensive ( ) 2. According to the author, acting in a soap opera is quite an easy job. C. they have the spirit of independence. ( ) 3. Repetition often makes actors feel tired, bad tempered and fed up. D. they often move from place to place ( ) 4. Actors of the soap never see their own shows as the audience. ( ) 4. In the authors opinion, what really made cars popular in the United States is ( ) 5. Crack up in the passage means experience a great deal of amusement. that__________

     A. Americans like to schedule their own time

     B. the United States lacks public transportation

    C. Americans will not feel poor when they travel in their cars. Passage 2

     D. Americans can not move around without their own cars.

     Cars are an important part of life in the United States. Without a car most people feel that ( ) 5. A nation on wheels in the second paragraph means that ____________ they are poor, and even if a person is poor he doesnt feel really poor when he has a car. A. everyone in the United States owns a car

     Henry Ford was the man who first started making cars in large numbers. He probably B. the United States produces most of the cars in the world. didnt know how much the car was going to affect American culture. The car made the United C. cars play an important part in Americans life States a nation on wheels. And it helped make the United States what it is today. D. the United States depends on car industry for its development.

     There are three main reasons the car became so popular in the United States. First of all the country is a huge one and Americans like to move around in it. The car provides the most

    comfortable and cheapest form of transportation. With a car people can go to any place without

    得分 评卷人 spending a lot of money.

     The second reason cars are popular is the fact that the United States never really developed an

    efficient and inexpensive from of public transportation. Long distance trains have never been as common in the United States as they are in other parts of the world. Nowadays there is a good Dr. Heinrich recently completed a study 1) _______ the effects of television 2) ______ system of air-service provided by planes. But it is too expensive to be taken frequently. children. It is not about violence, but about how television gives children a false sense of reality.

     The third reason is the most important one, though. The American spirit of independence is Dr. Heinrich told me, The greatest danger of television is 3) ______ it presents a world to what really made cars popular. Americans dont like to wait for a bus, or a train or even a plane. children that 4) ______ exist, and leads them 5) ______ expect things that never happen. Here, They dont like to have to follow an exact schedule. A car gives them the freedom to schedule Id 6) ______ to give you one example. Have you ever seen a television show 7) _______ a their own time. And this is the freedom that Americans want most to have. person in a car doesnt immediately find a parking place on the very first try? There are two

     The gas shortage has caused a big problem for Americans. But the answer will not be a bigger parking spaces for him when he needs one. Children are 8) ______ led to believe that when they system of public transportation. The real solution will have to be a new kind of carone that grow up they will always be able to find a parking place available when and where they want it. does not use so much gas. You can imagine 9)______ bad they will feel when they discover that in real life they can drive

     around block for three hours and still cant find a place to 10)________ their car.

    ( ) 1. Which of the following statements is TRUE? ( ) 1. A. in B. on C. of D. over

    A. In the United States even the poor own cars. ( ) 2. A. behind B. be C. on D. of

    B. In the United States all the poor have now cars. ( ) 3. A. when B. where C. that D. which

    C. When an American owns a car, he will never be poor. ( ) 4. A. dont B. isnt C. doesnt D. werent

    D. An American will feel poor unless he has a car. ( ) 5. A. to B. toward C. do D. in ( ) 2. We can infer from this passage that Americans______________ ( ) 6. A. better B. like C. have D. want

    A. spend a lot of money traveling by car. ( ) 7. A. where B. which C. when D. what

    B. travel a lot in their cars. ( ) 8. A. been B. being C. be D. \

     2 3

    ( ) 9. A. how B. what C. that D. when

    ( ) 10. A. buy B. park C. stall D. image

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