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    ; Topic: Some people disapprove that college students make boy or

    girl friends on the campus, while others think it’s OK. What’s

    your opinion towards it?


    As to the campus love, it is natural for us, university students, to share the precious four years with our Mr. or Miss. Right. Campus life, for us, is a transition from a teenager to an adult. We should learn a lot of things, not only the knowledge, the working ability, but also the capability of dealing with the relationship between love and life. And now, as adults, we have fairly mature mind and clear judgment to organize and develop our love properly, and also keep it harmonious with our life. What’s more, the process of love can be the process of growing; we can become a real mature grown-up, through this kind of experience.


    Maybe campus love is really romantic, but I don’t think it can benefit college students. We are young people, who are beginners in everything, are not yet capable of love. To us, sometimes love is just an urge from curiosity; we can’t understand the truth of love, considering it as a romantic, pure and sweet thing. Actually, it is average and also filled with conflicts, responsibility and pressure. For example, when you two are together, you will take the responsibility to care about the other, to protect him/her from being hurt.

    What’s more, sometimes we can appreciate a person easily due to lack of experience. We can’t tell the differences between appreciating a person and loving a person, which is misleading. Besides, we should cherish this opportunity, which is not easily achieved to enrich our knowledge, widen our view and fulfill our dream. Actually, when we are sharing the love, we have to sacrifice our time and energy, even more valuable and stressful things.

    ; Small discussion

    1) What are your standards in choosing a life companion?

    2) What do you think is crucial for a happy marriage?

    ; Useful expressions for students to refer to:

    Standards in choosing a life companion

    a. Most men would like their spouses to be young and beautiful. Others

    consider inner beauty more important.

    b. When a woman chooses her spouse, she often puts emphasis on his



    c. I would marry someone who loves me and cares for me most/ who is


    kind-hearted/humorous, etc.

    A happy marriage

    d. Happiness in marriage does not depend on material wealth.

    e. Marriages based on mutual love create a happy and harmonious

    atmosphere in the family.

    f. Mutual respect and understanding between husband and wife contribute

    much to a happy marriage.

    g. Education is an important condition for a good marriage because a

    couple whose educational levels do not match may not have much in

    common /may have constant arguments over family issues, big or


    h. A marriage based on romantic love alone will not necessarily last long,

    for a sense of responsibility is also essential to a successful marriage.

i. True understanding and tolerance are also very important for a

successful marriage.

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