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     A Movie Review

    The movie “Wuthering Heights was adapted from the shared

    -name novel written by Emily Bronte’s.

    The main character Heath cliff was started by Laurence Olivier who became an international idol after the movie. He is

    an actor who many consider to be the greatest in the English-speaking world during the twentieth century. Though Sir

    Laurence Olivier was based mostly in England, he made a significant number of Hollywood films. He was nominated for Academy Awards as an actor, producer or director twelve times, winning twice, while also being honored with two special Oscars. In his long and versatile career, Olivier appeared in more than 120 stage roles, nearly 60 films and more than 15 television productions, such as The Prince, the Showgirl and Me and The Kid Stays in the Picture.

    The old black and white movie was a classic one, which tell a love and revenge story .An orphan Heath cliff was betrayed by his lover, who was the daughter of an old man adopted him. After several years, the pair struggle in love and resentment.

    What I impress I most was the young lady Catherine. Facing with money and brand ball, she made a wrong choice, which led the tragic. In my opinion, we should cherish our true love and

never quit it despite of difficulties.

    At last, to give those who have not watch the movie some advice, the one was really worth your time, perhaps the old was much better. Grip your chance, go and watch it.

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