Wealth And Happiness

By Julie James,2014-10-04 23:38
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Wealth And Happiness

    Wealth And Happiness

    Everyone wants to be wealth.In todays material

    society,money means success and capability.A lot of people try their best to make more money.With money, they can buy nice ,large apart,ents in nice neighborhood;With money,they do many things they want.And that seems to bring them all happiness.

    In my opinion,people cant do anything without

    money, but money doesnt mean everything.What money

    will bring you depends on your personal belief and your dream.If you are a kind man ,youwant to help the poor,money is good thing for you to do that.With money ,you can do many helpful and useful things for the people and the country.Also, it will bring you happiness.But if you just make money for you own neds,you will be never be satisfied or happy.

    In short,wealth is not the most important thing in the world.And we should have money spent for more people.And at the same time, it will be the source of happiness.

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