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How to make a Car Rental Reservation - Oregongov Home Page


AZUMANO TRAVEL 800-289-2959


Enterprise Reservations 800-261-7331

    Roadside Assistance 800-307-6666


    ? Enter your corporate account number

    ? And then your 3 digit pin

    ? Book online even faster with our Express Lane. Just enter your

    information once, and then you will be on the fast track to making


    ? Repeat renters? Just give them your phone number, and all your

    information will be pre-populated into the contract.

    ? Direct web-links from your intranet page are also available.

You will be asked the following:

    ? Do you have any Corporate Account Numbers*

    o 46OR002: * (State)

    o 46OR003: * (ORCPP) Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program

    o 46OR004: * (OUS) Oregon University System

    o 46OR005: * University of Oregon

    o 46OR006: * Oregon State University

    o 46OR007: * Portland State University

    o 46OR008: * Oregon Institute of Technology*

    o 46OR009: * OHSU*

* If your agency, university/college or department has a regular need and needs an

    individual account number, please contact Dani Kelley at (503) 612-8134. If you are unsure

    which number to use please use:

    ? Basic State Number 46OR002 *State*

    (If using this number you will have to have a credit card and valid driver’s license in the renters name)

Points to remember when renting:

? You will be given a Confirmation Number (either over the phone, fax or e-mail), please

    take this confirmation number with you to the Enterprise Counter.

? Decline Damage Waiver and Liability coverage since it is included in the State rate

    (Corporate Account Number must be on contract).

? Please walk around vehicle and check for unmarked scratches/ or marks and bring to

    counters attention before you depart.

? All accidents require a Police Report and communication back to Enterprise within 24

    hours of the accident; this complies with the terms of the rental agreement.

? To save employee time, Enterprise offers a Free Pick Up and Return Service. Should

    an employee need a car at the office or home, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will come pick

    them up and return them when they are done with the rental. They generally have an

    office only 10-15 minutes away from your office or home.

    Enterprise Rent a Car Program For use by all State of Oregon, Washington and Idaho Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Non-Profit

    Corporations, Participating Institutions of Higher Education (College & Universities, Community & Technical


    This is designated as MANDATORY use for all locations (with exception to State motor pools).

    DAILY RATES AT ALL ENTERPRISE LOCATIONS Effective 10/1/06- 7/31/08

    CAR CLASS Daily Hourly

    Rate Weekly Rate Rate

    Compact $29.00 $172.00 $8.00 Including Hybrid*

    Intermediate $30.00 $177.00 $8.00 Including Hybrid*

    Full Size $32.00 $193.00 $8.00

    SUV and Off Road $56.00 $327.00 $14.00

    12 Passenger Van $70.00 $413.00 $17.00

    Cargo Van $43.00 $252.00 $11.00

* When Available

Daily surcharges: States of Alaska and New York, $18.00 per day



    If the terms of the rental agreement are violated, LDW and Liability coverage will not apply. Must

    be booked at State rates, promotional rates do not apply.


    Age Drivers must have a valid Drivers License and Credit Card and be at least 18

    Requirements years of age at participating locations. 21 years of age required at other

    locations, see State website for additional details.

    Method of State issued corporate card, credit cards, personal credit cards, ghost accounts or Payment direct billing within Oregon and Washington are approved method of payments.

    You must be set up with an Enterprise account number for direct bill. Contact

    Dani Kelly at (503) 612-8134 to establish a direct bill account.

    Airport Concession Fees are a separate charge not covered under the Contract Concession Fees Agreement.

    Marketing Enterprise Offices throughout Oregon will be discussing the bid and distributing

     information to the State’s offices and agencies beginning in August ’04.

LDW Coverage and Liability

    Domestic U.S. (50 States) Includes LDW and Liability for all business rentals, at corporate

    rates charged, at all participating locations (for details, see

    State contract).

    All accidents require a police report and communication back to Accident Claims

    Enterprise within 24 hours of the accident; this complies with the

    terms of the rental agreement.

    One way rentals are available at participating locations and are One Way Program

    subject to approval of the locations involved.

    ONE WAY DROP FEE (7 Days advance reservations required)

    025 $0.00

    2650 $0.00 One Way Drop Fee is Actual

    51100 $0.00 Miles Driven

    101250 $0.50 per mile

    251 500 $0.50 per mile

    501-1000 $0.25 per mile

    1001 2000 $0.15 per mile

     No Additional Drop Fees Apply Between:

     ? Seattle and Olympia

    ? Portland and Eugene ? Seattle and Spokane

    ? Portland and Salem ? Spokane and Pullman

     ? Seattle and Port Angeles Oregon Customer Service Representatives: Alisha March (541) 758-6387

     Jim Arscott (541) 741-8125 Direct Billing Questions Stacie Carey (503) 612-8194


    Unlimited Mileage at all locations. Round Trip Rentals Unlimited Mileage


Fuel Charges The vehicle goes out with a full tank of gas. To avoid fuel

    charges from the rental location, travelers are urged to re-

    fuel (top off the tank) the rental vehicle prior to return.

Inclement Weather It is recommended that travelers reconsider traveling in

    inclement weather due to safety hazards. If you must use

    chains, and you do not know how to install them, please

    seek qualified assistance. Inappropriate application of

    chains can result in a safety hazard and financial liability

    issue to the State.

Reservations Require a 24-hour advance booking and 7 calendar days in

    advance for one way rentals and specialty vehicles. A

    confirmed reservation shall be guaranteed vehicle

    availability including no added cost if upgraded vehicle is

    provided due to confirmed class not being available.

    Applies at locations noted in (A) of the state contract.


    REPRESENTATIVE State Procurement Analyst State Procurement Officer

    OREGON Dept. of Administrative Services Dept. of General Administration

    Beth Wheeler Tim Hay OR Neva Peckham

    8:00 AM 5:30 PM 503 378 4650 360 902 7425



    Do not allow promotional rates to be accepted by a State traveler/rental.

    This deems the terms and conditions of the contract NULL & VOID. (For example, they will not have any insurance coverage)

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