By Jorge Simpson,2014-06-19 06:47
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    School life in China

    I am an American-Chinese exchange student. Right now I am studying in a Chinese school. I will live here for one year.

    School life in China is very different from the one in the USA. When I went to school for the first day, I attended a party that was held for me by the whole class. However they didn’t inform me of

    the party in advance. So I felt very excited that I made a speech for the class. I often earn a living by doing a part-time job. But in China students usually don’t do part-time job. In China,on average,there

    are six classes a day. When there is class, I always pay attention to the pronunciation, because most of the classes are taught in Chinese. That is a big challenge for me at first. But I soon get used to it with the help of my kindly classmates. There are many books in the library, and all the books are for free to read. I like reading books after class. Students in China work very hard. In order to achieve their goals, they always prepare for the next class and review the last class. However, there are some students who dropped out because of poverty. The other students always helped them. This is very different from that in the USA. I should learn from them.

    I am very lucky to be an exchange student. So I will try my best to study here.


    1. What are you?

    2. Where are you from?

    3. Where do you study?

    4. What happened on the first day?

    5. What did you do on the first day?

    6. What do you often do to earn a living? 7. What about Chinese students?

    8. How many classes are there on average a day? 9. What do you always do when there is class? 10. Which language are most classes taught in? 11. Why is it a challenging for me at first? 12. How can you get used to it?

    13. How is the book in the library?

    14. What will they do in order to achieve their goals? 15. What will the other do if there are students who dropped out?

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