Hospitality Services Finance

By Mario Evans,2014-05-16 14:24
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Hospitality Services Finance

    Hospitality Services Finance

Nature and description of standard services provided:

    The Management Accountant and Assistant Management Accountant will:

    ? Provide management accounting services for Hospitality Services. ? Supervise the accounting staff of HS Income and Expenditure sections and IT

    support staff.

    ? Provide accounting support in relation to new projects. ? Provide detailed analysis and support for budgets and the BMG reports. ? Authorise various expenditure invoices for payments. ? Authorise purchase orders as required.

    ? Authorise sales credit notes as required.

    ? Attend the various consultative groups as the HS financial representatives. ? Provide other ad hoc reports as required by University committees. ? Reconciliation of various HS accounts to ensure University financial

    accounting standards are met. ? Additional work regarding setting up of various Budgetary Control groups

    within HS.

    ? Working on “Hospitality Assured” (standard).

    ? Supervise Training of HS catering staff by nominated HS Finance staff in

    cashing up procedures.

    ? Monthly reconciliation of Car Parking.

Scale of Activity:

    ? Processing and authorising purchase invoice enquiries, including resolving

    queries (approximately 800-1,000 per month). ? Produce management accounts for 344 cost centres.

Key Contacts

    ? Management Accountant, Andrew George

     Tel: 3022 Email:

    ? Assistant Management Accountant, David Gaston

     Tel: 3067 Email:

    ? Income Office Supervisor, Christine Fewins

     Tel: 3145 Email:

Level of service:

    The HS Management Team will:

    ? Check that HS accounting staff are performing their duties correctly in

    accordance with the Finance Regulations. ? Ensure that University audit requirements are adhered to.

Key indicators:

     Key indicators for this activity are:

    ? Audit results

    ? Supplier/customer complaints

    ? Publication of the monthly accounts as per the agreed timetable. ? Monthly Management accounts produced in accordance with agreed time


    ? BMG reports supplied as per agreed dates.

    ? Ensuring no overdue debtors letters result in court actions. ? Ensuring that deliveries are not stopped as a result of non-payment of

    purchase invoices.

Performance Targets:

    ? Management accounts to be issued within ten working days of month end.

    ? Full audit assurance.

    ? Ensure all purchase invoices are processed within seven working days.

    ? All sales invoices produced within ten working days.

    ? Banking of cash from functions three working days.


    Complaints about any aspect of the service should be channelled through:

    ? HS Assistant Management Accountant.

    ? HS Management Accountant

    ? Director of Finance


    Dependencies (internal):

    To operate effectively in this service area, the HS Finance Team requires that:

    ? IT “downtime” is at an acceptable level across the year.

    ? IT support for the Kinetic and APTOS systems are appropriate and timely.

    ? Hospitality Services and other Professional Services staff to arrange regular

    deliveries of cash accompanied by accurate and correctly completed cash

    summary sheets (including correct coding).

    ? Hospitality Services and other Professional Services areas with credit card

    machines to poll the machine daily and supply required paperwork in a timely

    fashion (Cornwall House daily).

    ? Hospitality Services staff holding petty cash to make re-imbursement claims

    on a regular basis through the submission of a fully completed and authorised

    reimbursement claim form at least 3 working days before the cash is required;

    returning the petty cash book with the form, and ensuring that the petty cash

    expenditure is recorded in date order, correctly coded, and is legitimate within

    the University’s rules.

    ? That all purchase and sales invoices are raised on time to allow for inclusion

    in the management accounts.

    ? That all stock returns and transfers are made by the stated dates.

Dependencies (external):

    The service may be affected by:

    ? Suppliers are required to send invoices at the time of supply and not in a

    batch at month end.

Governing Strategies:

    ? University Finance Regulations/Handbook.

    ? UK law.

Monitoring & Review:

    The following are available:

    ? Report on monthly accounts delivery.

    ? Feed back from BMG meeting.

    ? Undertake an annual review of the service level statement and deliveries.

Aspirations for future developments

    To make wider use of the purchase ordering system

    Direct recharging of internal requisitions using Kinetic/Aptos

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