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    Love and Money

    On Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

    When Wuthering Heights was first published, it was not very

    popular. People at that time could not understand such kind of love and few people could accept it, even the author’s sister, Charlotte, expressed her confusion about this novel. When I finished reading it for the first time, I also felt confused. But after reading it for another time, fresh ideas about the theme of the novel flashed through my mind.

    What is love? What’s the relationship between love and money?

    thThe story happened in the 19 century. Mr. Earnshaw, the owner of

    the Wuthering Height, once took an orphan boy whom he would raise with his children. The boy was Heathcliff. Mr. Earnshaw preferred the orphan to the other children, his son hindly and daughter Catherine. Because of the unfair treatment, Hindly hated Heathcliff very much. When Mr. Earnshaw died, hindly began to take revenge on Heathcliff. He arranged Heathcliff to do labor work and live in extremely poor conditions. Heathcliff knew his position in the family very well. Though angry and disappointment filled in his heart, he could do nothing but bear all the sufferings. However, what made him happy and relaxed was that he got on very well with Catherine. They loved each other deeply. Catherine was a beautiful but wild girl. Her elder brother hindly stoped her being together with Heathcliff, but she did not obey his command.

    One night Heathcliff and Catherine wandered to Thrush Grange, Catherine was bitten by a dog and she was forced to stay there five weeks. She was attracted by the civilization in Thrush Grange, which was new to her, because she was used to being wild. The owner of Thrush Grange, Edgar Linton and his sister, Isabelle Linton, were so polite, kind and friendly that Catherine liked that place. When she returned, she had become educated and fine, but her relationship with Heathcliff began to become complicated. She thought his clothes were dirty. Heathcliff thought she was not the Catherine he had known. Considering social status, she thought it was impossible to marry Heathcliff, though she still loved him. Because he had no money and no honorable social status. Finally, she chose Edgar Linton to be her husband, who she thought was handsome and wealthy. Her choice was a fatal attack to Heathcliff. He loved her heart and soul. He regarded her as his whole life. Three years later, when Catherine married Edgar, he returned with great fortune. His heart had broken into pieces. He began to take his revenge. He took advantage of Hindly’s weakness of gambling and induced him to lose all his possessions. Heathcliff became the owner of Wuthering Height. He made Isabelle Linton fall in love with him and be his wife. But after marriage he abused her because he does not love her at all. He married

    her only for the purpose of getting Thrush Grange. Catherine died after giving birth to a baby, called Young Catherine.

    Heathcliff became nearly mad after Catherine’s death. He was crazy and cruel. He took his revenge on next generation. He tortured his own son Linton to death. He tried every way to prevent the closeness between Young Catherine and Hindly’s son, Hareton. At last, he died with sorrow. And Young Catherine married Hareton and they lived a happy life.

    The hero of the novel is Heathcliff and the main story is his love with Catherine. I think there are two kinds of love in the world. One is shallow love. The love between Catherine and Edgar belongs to this. Catherine does not love Edgar. She just loves his money. When she makes the decision to marry him, from the bottom of her heart, she knows her love with Edgar is like a leaf changing with the season. When autumn comes, it will fade quickly. And the reason why Edgar chose Catherine is so simple that she is very beautiful. But what if he comes across a more beautiful young lady? Whether he will give up Catherine is a problem worth thinking seriously. The other kind is true love. The love between Catherine and Heathcliff is true. They have similar personalities and they understand each other very well. But in order to seek money, power and position, she gave up the true love. After marriage, she is depressed.

    Obviously, money can not buy everything, for example, love. But nowadays, the same tragedy is still being played. When a girl chooses her husband, she often lists a lot of requirements. The first is that boy must possess a house, a car and a high-paid job. If not, those unlucky boys will be passed without consideration. In many marriages love does not place first, with money or power instead of its rank. Of course, the result is predictable.

    So, as girls, we should take lessons from the story. True love is invaluable. Money can make love more beautiful, but money can not buy love. Even without money, the true love can make people feel warm and happy. But without love, we live only depend on money, our inner world will be dark and cold, and we will be sick in spirit.


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