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1. Whats the present situation of juvenile delinquency in china?

    Answer: Crime is an inevitable social phenomenon. Anthropological experts have pointed out sharply: To a certain extent, that when a civilization tend to be higher, sociality deviant (crime) may be bigger. At present, crimes committed by teenagers

    emerge in an endless stream. The cause of the phenomenon, in my opinion, is a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Besides physiological and psychological characteristics (sexual precocity, psychological immaturity, impulsive, imitate others as hooligans, hunt for novelty) of teenagers aged between 14 and 25, the negative influence of the social environment on moral education can not be neglected. Juvenile delinquency is demonstrating five characteristics or feature in china.

    (1) A joint crime with gang nature is increasing. This is determined by their feature

    of small teen age, immature in thought, strong dependence for others. Timidity or

    fear impels them to raise many people in the process of commission of crime. (2) The nature of crime is more serious, and crime means are more brutal and cruel

    and often reckless.

    (3) Unexpected crimes occupy a certain proportion. The motive or purpose is simple,

    with a certain blindness.

    (4) Juvenile delinquency is developing toward adult, intelligent and younger age. In

    fact, many viruses "master" or designer is a teen.

    (5) From the view of education reform effect in juvenile delinquency, the

    second-crime rate is still high. One takes the behavior of ones company. The

    interaction between targets of crime in prison makes an all-round potential object

    of crime.

To a certain extent, that when a civilization tend to be higher, sociality deviant (crime) may be

    bigger. 从某种程度上说;当一个文明趋向于更高时;犯罪的可能性就越大。

    The feature or characteristics of the juvenile delinquency: (1) A joint crime, banded crime(gangster)

    (2) Serious crime

    (3) Intelligent and Younger

    The cause of the crime:

    (1) Bad education of family

    (2) The hysteresis of Legal moral education

    (3) Youth their own quality is not high; Their ability to resist is poor (4) Peer influence: membership, a sense of safety and security (5) A shift in the system of human values, to view violence as a desirable and even brave way of

    reestablishing justice

    (6) Single-parent family, the parents go out to work

    (7) The media, movie influence

    The solution to prevent it:

    (1) Strengthen family education, create a good atmosphere

    (2) Give full play to the educational function of schools, Strengthen the legal system education

    (3) Setting counseling agencies

    The current situation:

    (1) The characters of criminal are most pilferage.

    (2) Joint offence becomes more usual.

    (3) The means of the criminals are very cruel.

    (4) The age of the Juvenile suspects has the decreasing trend. (5) The identities of Juvenile suspects are most the students drop schooling.

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