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    stHalloween is Wednesday, October 31 and it is also the end of the month with Arbonne. Since many of you will be busy with school parties and “Trick

    thor Treaters”, let’s make Monday the 30 our new deadline for the month so we can enjoy the time with our kids. Please make every effort to wrap up

    your month early!

    Since you will have lots of children knocking on your door, take advantage of

    the opportunity to reach the moms who will be checking over the candy bags

    later. Have fun and remember that Arbonne is the best treat! Here are

    some other Halloween inspired ideas that I came across in my files.

    Give them a coupon for a free trial of the RE9 Anti-aging system or a sample

    of other products. “Scared of those lines and wrinkles, Arbonne has a treat

    for you!”

    How about a masque sample with a note that says, ”The only masque you

    should be wearing this Halloween is Arbonne!” “This is no trick, Arbonne’s Swiss skincare has proven Anti-aging REsults! This coupon entitles you to $10 off any Arbonne order of $50 or more. It’s Halloween—You deserve a treat!”

    “The trick is Mother Nature. The treat is Arbonne!” “Fall into Arbonne and never look better!” “Say FaLaLaLaLa to fine lines with RE9!” (Holidays)

Other theme party ideas:

    SCARED YET? Fine lines, crow’s feet, blemishes,…you name it…you or

    someone you know has a cabinet drawer full of lotions, potions and creams

    that did NOT work!

    Now’s your time to BURY what did not work and get the results you desire-beautiful, smooth, softened, healthy skin!

    You are invited to the COSMETIC GRAVEYARD party. Learn the scary

    ingredients that cause MORE lines, wrinkles and blemishesthen the ones that DO NOT!

    Admission: An attitude for having fun! Bring at least one skincare products

    to bury! Be there or Be Scary!!!

    Another theme party title: “Wine, Witches and Aromassential Wishes” That’s just for Halloween, now think of some more ideas for the Holidays

    and let’s make it your best month ever!

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