The contrasts of Montresor and Fortunato

By Shane Wagner,2014-06-18 13:03
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The contrasts of Montresor and Fortunato

    The contrasts of Montresor and Fortunato

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    Mortresor and Fortunado characterizes by Poe as a contrasting characters mainly by their different ways towards each other and their advance their habit in win, but in fact he plans to show some similarly deficient aspects in their personality. The similarity in their character is also simply by their names as synonyms in Italian: Mortresor means “fortune” while Fortunado “treasure”. Their deficient

    personality is stressed when the revenge Mortresor, who is already, prepared enough and ready to do it at any time, throws the hardly planed but totally deceived wrong-doer Fortunado into the humid and damp catacomb and blocks up its entrance with huge rocks.

    Edgar Allan Poe's intense use the symbolism and irony throughout to build the short story as an examinee worthy of analysis of "The Cask of Amontillado" that. The skillful use of these devices is utilized by the author to create this horrific and suspenseful short story. Irony and symbolism in "The Cask of Amontillado" greatly influence the result of Fortunato's well being

     "The Cask of Amontillado" should be regarded as a slice of a horror story, which revolves around the theme of revenge and pride". "Poe's story is a case of premeditated murder. The reader soon notice the fact that Montressor has a tendency to hate and magnify the terribly not a reliable narrator, and that he, as he refers to the thousand of injuries that he has suffered at the hands of Fortunato’s". The

    story relates a horrible revenge made even more horrible by the fact that the vengeance is being taken when no real offense had been given. Montressor is "one who will stop at nothing to get the revenge that he deems himself and his family worthy of, and another whose pride will ultimately be the catalyst for his death"

    “The Cask of Amontillado” best explains Poe’s literary theory on short story writing that literature creates beauty and shows intensity of emotion as he characterizes Montresor and Fortunato as striking contrasts. Poe characterizes them with using color imagery. Montresor covers a black silk mask on his face, on the contrary, Fortunato wears the motley-colored costume of the court fool, who gets verbatim and tragically deceives by Montresor's covered motives. “Irony is a manner

    of expression through which words or events convey a reality different from and even opposite to appearance or expectation". It is the use of such devices in this story provides it with humor and wit that makes the piece more interesting to read. The sustained irony is detected through style, tone, and the clear use of exaggeration of Montressor. From the very beginning, we notice the use of irony in the story. The very name Fortunato would clearly imply that this is a man of good fortune, when the actual case is that he is about to suffer a most untimely demise: the end of his own life. The setting in which the story takes place again shows an ironic element. It is during Venice's Carnival that the characters meet

    At the beginning of the story, Montresor’s self-introduction left readers an

    impression that he was a person with great patience as he had borne Fortunato’s insult many a time before. And his determination to revenge seemed only words without action. Yet, he turned out to be a artfulness, careful avenger, scheming secretly

    and waiting patiently for a best shot to act his revenge. As soon as the perfect moment came, he grasped it and smilingly begged for Fortunato’s favor while he covered his evil intention so well that Fortunato couldn’t help but fall

    into his trap. the irony of Fortunato's death sentences by The color schemes here represents .Through Fortunato’s acts, words, and thoughts ,we know He is voracious , he was tricked into the dull and dim cellar just because of a cask of Amontillado. This is also as a result of his bad habit of bibulosity . He becomes excited as soon as he hears about the wine.

    At the mean time, he was deceived by his enemy; his ignorance put him into death eventually.

    On hearing the affected flatter from Montresor, he cracks him self up and conceited. He was easily to be fooled by appearances and failed to watch out for others. He couldn’t endure that others were brilliant than himself.

    There comes an example, Montresor always motivated him with Lechers who was skilled in connoisseur in wine. The so-called bad guy, Fortunato, took such unusual pride in his knowledge of wine and his skill of wine judgment that he became insensitive, silly blind, and unable to find out Montresor’s sinister purpose

     He jumps into Montresor’s horrible trap under the impetus of vanity.

    He gradually approached his grave quite willingly and Montresor easily took his advantage. As a matter of fact, he was thoughtless and stupid so that he didn’t aware of the danger that was close to him.

    He held in contempt of Montresor and others.

    He didn’t aware of his silly until the death was coming. Until the end of the story, the truth was revealed.

    Montresor, the cruel avenger, killed Fortunato, the big fool, and buried him alive. We readers took aback, hard to believe Montresor’s cruelty. The emotional intensity was thus naturally achieved. Viewed from the appearance, Monstresor was a “kind” businessman that was well-educated. He enjoyed the glory and esteem in

    the city. But in reality, he was a vicious and terrible person.

    His inner feelings were so brutal that almost made people tremble. Behind his rich appearance was the sordid soul and contemptible personality. We couldn’t find any honorable merits deep inside his mind. On the opposite, his

    heart was chilly and dim.

    It was the vengeance that hove Montresor into the gulf wicked valley. Through such characterization Poe reveals his purpose of writing, there is evil in human nature, which is usually covered and ignored, and too much pride brings one his final destruction.

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