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By Alma Clark,2014-06-18 12:02
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online learning

    Online Learning

    Online learning becomes increasingly popular, and the opinions vary from person to person. Some people who support it believe that it is convenient and efficient both to the teachers and students. However, I don’t agree with that statement.

    I have ever had the experience of taking online courses in every subject for a whole term. I felt very dull because I sat in front of computer every night. Online courses are not useless, just can not catch my attention. It can be imagined that the result is not so satisfying.

    First, online courses are lack of interaction. Learning is a process of communication. The teachers on the computer system may not know the students’ shortage, so they can not modify their ways of teaching to suit the special requirements of each student.

    Second, the teachers can not reply in time. Although the students ask questions in their forums and the teachers respond to them in a timely manner, it may not be as convenient or clear as consulting the teachers in class.

    Third, every student can not participate, even they listen to the class and surf on the Internet at the same time. In other words, they play all the time when they could have been studying.

    In school, the teachers will tell them “ Don’t play and pay attention to the blackboard.” Whereas, with online learning, there is no supervision. Students must manage to learn on their own time and control their attention.

    Therefore, on account of lacking of interaction, later respond to the problems and participation of few students, students cannot control themselves with online learning, meanwhile, the teachers repeat what the teaching plans write more possibly than in class. By contrast, the participation and enthusiasm of students arise easier in traditional education. Consequently, I’m

    not favor of online education.


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