Unit 1

By Jane Wood,2014-07-01 02:57
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Unit 1

1 The Jonese in (prestigious/noteworthy)

    2 conditioning to (adaptability to) inconsequential (unimportant),has an important effect on (affects greatly)

    3 experiencing strain in his relationships (suffering from tension in his contacts)

    4 pick up the subtle clues (understand the indirect hints) intruded on (interfered with/disturbed)

    5 lacking rooms of their own since childhood (without rooms for themselves), developed the practice of (formed the habit) as a refuge from others (to stay away)

    1 joined(accompanied) by a chorus(many bells in unison) surrounding(neighboring)

    2 much restored (for the most part having been renovated) austere(stern-looking)

    3 as to war(as if engaged in a military operation)

    4 on sale or return (either by purchasing it or on the basis that items that are not sold may be given back;)

    relations (relatives)

    5 toil-worn hands(hands roughened from nmuch hard labor) fine (delicate)

    1 a gross assault (repulsively sickening on all sensory fronts)2 feel no qualms(are not hesitant/ shy) 3 what passes for(what is considered to be) 4 stretch(on a long ride)

    5 juice-head(alcoholic drink) face is slopped(thrown) over on the back of the bench. (cheeks reddened from)

    1 to school ourselves to observe(discipline ourselves to learn) within the strictest conventions( precisely in accordance with the established rules)

    2 a case(an example) departure from(a disregard of)

    3 recognize(understand/ accept) mutually exclusive(not at all related to each other) not normally collocable(not placed together in ordinary usage) junction(joining)

    4 enlightened(far-sighted) given up (done away with) spoil commercial (make business letters such a nuisance to read and write) a shapely (distinct)

    5 distant formality(old rigid rules) kept in the background(business contacts) as much as anything(not impotant) awafully (really wonderful) note(letter)

    1 rekindle a waning argument(continue an on-oing dispute that was becoming weaker and weaker) given over to (surrendering my self to)

    2 ominously glossy(inauspiciously calm) eerie absence of surf(mysterious / frightening lack of breaking


    3 surreal.(incredibly unusual / hard to believe / dream-like)

    4 weather (major changes in weather conditions)relentlessly(inexorably)numbingly bland.(mindlessly/ senselessly boring)

    5. how close to the edge we are.(that we may be destroyed at any moment

    1 manage to get (am able to) dissipated(free from worry and lavish of pleasure)

    2 staring me in the face(awaiting completion)little wonder(only natural)right(immediately)store up health and strength for(be strong enough to cope with)superhuman expenditure(incredible consumption) 3 lined up(neatly planned)bound(jump)good heavy(delicious,subatantial)good preparation for(essential advance intake to guarantee)

    4 epistolary fervor that amounts to a craving(eagerness to write letters is equal to a strong desire)

    slyly sneak(furtively pull)

    5 at this rate(if it goes on like this ) run out of things(have nothing) get at (work on / write / face)

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