Guided Paragraph Writing Drill 1

By Rachel Cooper,2014-07-01 02:57
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Guided Paragraph Writing Drill 1

    Guided Paragraph Writing Drill 1

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1. With a view to taking advantages of such a digital revolution, we have

    recently launched “BBC On-Line”, which incorporates a 24-hour

    news service.

2. Although its sound quality is far from perfect, the Internet excels that

    of short-wave.

3. The appearance and dominance of the Internet has taken us

    broadcasters all by surprise.

    4. BBC World Service is the world’s biggest radio network.

5. To update our means of transmission, we have an ambitious plan for

    the brand new technology of Digital Internet Broadcasting by Satellite,

    due to start next year.

6. In short, Internet radio means not only competition but also great


7. The Internet has enabled any radio station anywhere to become an

    international broadcaster with only a minor investment.

8. and the users can hear our news programs in Mandarin, Arabic,

    Spanish and Russian.

9. It has 140 million listeners across the globe, broadcasting in 44

    languages, heard on short-wave, medium-wave, FM and satellite.

10. Therefore, the BBC is taking the Internet very seriously, for its a

    cheap way of getting a reasonable quality signal to places in the world

    that even our short-wave transmitters cant adequately reach.

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