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    Coach Melvin, and Yoga master Tina Mason recommend ginger to everyone for a healthy

    lifestyle. Coach Melvin uses GingerForce, from New Chapter’s line of nutrients. “It features the

    world's most potent full-spectrum ginger extract, at least 250 times the concentration of fresh


    Although well known as a pleasant tasting cooking spice, it is not so widely known that ginger

    has been used for thousands of years, worldwide, for its numerous potent healing benefits.

    Ginger is an especially wonderful ally because its healing benefits are particular to so many of

    our daily health concerns. Probably best known as a superb digestive aid and nausea reliever,

    ginger also helps heal ulcers, supports cardiovascular health, reduces pain and inflammation, and

    speeds recovery from colds and flu while reducing fevers. Additionally, the National Cancer

    Institute has recently identified ginger as one of the top ten foods offering the highest levels of anti-cancer activity. Most importantly, ginger accomplishes all these without the side effects

    associated with drugs. When Paul Schulick, master herbalist and founder/CEO of New Chapter,,

    began his review of ginger research, both its breadth and depth amazed him. Ginger’s benefits

    are so varied and valuable that Paul regards it as a true “superherb.” From this research, Paul's best-selling book Ginger: Common Spice and Wonder Drug was born and with it New Chapter's

    ginger products.

    New Chapter has a 74-acre organic ginger farm, Luna Nueva, that rests on the edge of the

    beautiful, pristine Children's Rain Forest in Costa Rica. Our farm radiates a lushness and

    vibrancy that reflects our commitment to environmental preservation. While establishing a farm

    of this kind was challenging, we felt it was essential to the quality of our products. Most

    commercial ginger is heavily fumigated, and we needed a consistent, superior-quality supply of

    organic ginger.

    Ginger’s numerous valuable health benefits:

    ? Supports healthy digestion, offering 180 times the protein digesting power of papaya

    ? Soothes digestion

    ? Contains at least 12 anti-aging constituents that inactivate free radicals

    ? Supports blood platelet health and cardiovascular function

    ? Enhances natural resistance for cold and flu

    ? Reduces inflammation

    ? Enhances natural resistance for cold and flu

    ? Twenty-two known constituents inhibit inflammatory 5-lipoxygenase, supports prostate


    ? May increase absorption and utilization of other nutrients and herbs by as much as 2 to

    2.5 times

    Truly a benchmark in the industry, our superlative certified organic softgels, ginger capsules,

    extracts and syrups are unequaled in their purity and potency.




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