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    And here is a sneak of the novelties and curiosities showcased at Fragranze N.3.



    Timeless perfumes and fragrances, international names with the type of class only history can bestow. A

    highly refined choice of natural raw materials, pure artisan tradition in the decantation and processing, a

    persistently elegant composition that can include up to 80 difference essences. Preserved in precious bottles,

    which have become myths in their own right.

Accord Parfait. Here is a brand that embodies its purpose in its name, a quest for the perfect blend of

    fragrances. Accord Parfait creates each fragrance by blending only two notes, so that each remains absolute.

    The results are unusual fragrances without opening notes or final codas. They are true olfactory icons

    presented in the typical amber vials used by master perfumers in their laboratories.

Cavaparfums. Now it is wine, with its floral, fruity and woody bouquets that was the source of inspiration. In

    2003 Cavaparfums launched two Grands Crus Millésimés perfumes, a white for women and a red for men.

Clive Christian. The London designer, who in 1999 acquired the historic “Profumeria della Corona

    established in 1872 - has created a set of jewel-studded perfume bottles inspired by Elton John‟s “White Tie & Tiara Ball,” the London social event of the year. “White Tie” and “Tiara” contain “Clive Christian No1”, the

    world‟s most expensive fragrance for men and women. Each bottle is adorned with white pearls, rubies and

    sapphires, on an 18 carat gold chain with a single white diamond set into it.

Creed. A house with six generations of master perfumers behind it. The women‟s perfume “Springflower”

    created in 1996 by its current head, Oliver Creed, one of the world‟s finest “noses,” is an explosion of flowers,

    fruits and colors. In the full minimalist spirit of the „nineties it enchanted women with a witty and flirtatious

    shocking pink bottle.

D’Orsay. In the XIX century, Parisian Count, Alfred D‟Orsay, a sophisticated dandy and extrovert established

    Maison Parfums d’Orsay. Today the firm is celebrating the fragrance “Tilleul” in a collector‟s bottle

    designed by the artist Restrepo.

Eau d’Italie. Here is a new fragrance to celebrate the enchantment of the South created exclusively from

    the famous Positano tree Le Sirenuse. It‟s a sea breeze that gently blows through citrus orchards and

    Mediterranean maquis: magnolia, bergamot, budding currants, with a pinch of incense and a dash of musk

    it‟s like opening a window in Positano.

    Esteban. For 25 years in the south of France Esteban has been expressing his love for perfumes with collections that tell a story, recall a memory and arouse emotions. The new line, is inspired by the sea its

    colors and olfactory lure, and the fragrance is called “Bleu Haute Mer”.

Floris. The prestigious fragrance Floris (a London brand established in 1730) that has received 17 Royal

    Warrants from the House of Windsor through the centuries. “Floris Special 127” (orange and bergamot


fruits: green Sicilian mandarin oranges blend with grapefruit and lemon. “Fleur du Matin” is a perfumed

    journey, based on dew and flowering herbs during a morning stroll on the French island of Porquerolles.

Montale. Pierre Montale discovered “Les Aouds” and “Les Attars”, perfumed Arabian unguents obtained by

    extracting the oils of the Oud, a mysterious plant that emanates no odor whatsoever when it is healthy, but

    the dead trunks and branches produce an aromatic, brownish resin when attacked by certain molds. Using

    an ancient and secret method, and storing the oils in cellars, he transform them in rich and sophisticated

    fragrances, such as ”Oud Damascus” that combines the elegance of Arabian Aoud, Damascus rose

    enhanced with Oliban pearls.

Royall Lyme Bermuda Limited. Here is a fragrance that is constructed on an old Caribbean formula with a

    Bermuda lime base and over seventy secret ingredients. Royall colognes are sold in unique glass bottles

    each one is different from the other, and is handcrafted using clay moulds made over a century ago. Alain

    Delon and Sir Yehudi Menuhin are among Royall‟s most loyal fans.

Satellite Paris. When Sandrine Dulon, was a young ethnologist, she traveled the world with her friend

    Daniel Ouaki. Later they worked together to created the Satellite line of fine and costume jewelry which has

    become a cult collection in France. Now at Fragranze they are presenting “Padparadscha”, a fragrance

    inspired by their travels and research. The name is that of the fascinating gemstone the rare orange-pink

    colored sapphire.


    Cosmetic specialties for personal care and wellbeing: creams, oils and soaps for the face and body, anti-

    aging serums, shaving products: blending tradition and research; combining the healings properties of plants

    with medical-scientific knowledge.

Annemarie Börlind. Since 1959 this German firm has been making plant-based cosmetics. Following on the

    heels of a full product range for women, it now proudly presents the new “For Men” line: shaving cream, body lotions, gels and deodorants that are as refreshing and revitalizing as the natural ingredients from which they

    are made.

Cellex-C. This is the American cosmetics collection that has developed an anti-aging formula with L-

    Ascorbic acid, using lunar mapping techniques. This technology has made it possible to make a precise

    survey of skin topology to adapt the formula to every skin type.

    Couto. “Pasta Dentifricia Couto” toothpaste not only cleans teeth, it disinfects the mouth as well. Thanks to its antiseptic properties it fights mouth infections and inflammatory conditions and prevents cavities. In

    Portugal “Pasta Couto” has been a synonym for toothpaste ever since 1932 when Doctor Alberto Ferriera

    Couto patented the first formula.

    Erno Laszlo. Since 1927 Erno Laslo’s insight has been causing true revolutions in the world of cosmetics through synergies of chemical formulas and daily routine, customization and targeted responses. The

    Hungarian physician who invented the mythic brand developed his “pHormula No. 3-9 Health Dome” for a

very special client, Marilyn Monroe. The Hungarian-American wizard, known as Dr. Beauty, has created

    “Timeless,” one of the most sophisticated anti-aging serums suited to all skin types.

    D.R. Harris. And there are the colognes, talcs, soaps and shaving products from the old D.R. Harris chemists (St. James Street, London); their “Arlington” line is a classic among the most demanding gentlemen.

Luciano Conti. The product line with the signature of Luciano Conti, leading Milanese coiffeur, and

    renowned developer of the “Gommina Simmon‟s” gel, is entirely devoted to the health and care of hair. The

    “Conditioner” repairs damaged hair making it soft and manageable, and it is also the first “untangler” that

    needs no rinsing.

Valobra. The first Sapone Valobra was made in Genoa in 1903 and even today it is produced according to

    the rigorous dictates of traditions: carefully selected and pure raw materials, the method which is both unique and expensive of boiling in open cauldrons, and six months of aging before going on store shelves.

    The result is a soft, pure and delicate foam, with specific fragrances for each type of skin. The patented

    lettuces soap is the best seller of the entire product range.


    Essences for the home, air fresheners, ranging from sprays to diffusers to candles: for creating special

    atmospheres and perfuming ambients with elegant and original furnishing objects. Plus personal accessories.

Bond no. 9. Here is a totally New York-centric collection of fragrances and perfumed candles inspired by the

    Big Apple‟s neighborhoods and myriad identities. They are called “Eau de New York”, “Little Italy”, “Chelsea Flowers”, “New Harlem”, and, the newest addition “Chinatown”. “Hamptons” will make its première debut at


Casaroma. Here is the art of spreading fragrance through the home, and mainly the concept of perfume as a

    furnishing accessory. It brings the fragrances of the forest, garden and sea into the home and most private

    places. Room fragrances, fruits and flowers are contained in delightful fabric objets (bears, cats, sachets, bonbons) and clay accessories the incense burners are exclusive creations by the artist Sergio Carrera.

Tann Rokka. This is one of the most fashionable lifestyle stores in all London (in the Gypsy language the

    name means “familiar conversation”) and is renowned for its original and eclectic mix of different period

    styles from all over the world. At Fragranze they will feature a stupendous collection of perfumed candles

    inspired by the Orient and translated for Western tastes, and the new fragrance “Kisu,” inspired by Japanese

    ritual baths.

    thFlorence, 16 September 2005

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