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    May 16, 2008

The Board meeting of the FGFOA Board of Directors took place on Friday, May 16, 2008

    at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront.



    Mark Fostier, President, Orange County Comptroller’s Office

    Linda Davidson, President-elect, City of Boca Raton

    Rick Helms, Secretary/Treasurer, Highlands County BCC

    Mary Anderson-Pickle, Director, City of Palm Beach Gardens

    Bill Bogan, Jr., Director, City of Quincy

    Jim Dwyer, Director, Auditor General’s Office (retired) Christopher Lyons, Director, City of Sarasota

    Diane Reichard, Director, City of Temple Terrace


    Pam Childers, Director, City of Pensacola

    Francine Ramaglia, Director, Village of Wellington


    Cynthia Gardner, Conference Host

    Gary Perdew, Conference Program

     Mary Lou Pickles, Certification


    Jeannie Garner, Florida League of Cities

    Penny Mitchell, Florida League of Cities

    Barbara Solis, Florida League of Cities


    Jeff Smith, Indian River County Tax Collector


    At 1:15 p.m., President Fostier called the meeting of the FGFOA Board of Directors to

    order. A quorum of the Board was present.

    APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA The first order of business was approval of the agenda. President Fostier made two

    additions to the agenda. 1. C. Wavier of Conference Fee for Joe Strasser, Honorary

    Lifetime Member; 1. D. Dedication of the 2008 Annual Conference to Karen Myers,

    Conference Host Committee Chair. Ms. Davidson moved, seconded by Mr. Helms, to


    May 16, 2008

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approve the May 16, 2008 Board of Director’s meeting agenda as amended. Motion

    passed unanimously.


    The next order of business was consideration of the minutes for the meeting of the FGFOA

    Board of Directors on Friday, March 14, 2008 and April 29, 2008 (via Conference Call)

    Corrections were noted. Ms. Davidson, moved, seconded by Ms. Anderson-Pickle, to approve

    the March 14, 2008 and April 29, 2008 minutes as corrected. Motion passed unanimously.


    2008 FGFOA Lifetime Achievement Award Mr. Fostier reported that the Lifetime Achievement Award committee met via conference call on

    March 24, 2008. He noted the make up of the Committee and reviewed the members:

    Mark Fostier, Board member

    Diane Reichard, Board member

    Mickey Miller, Past President

    Jim Moye, Past President

    Lisa Rabon, City of Wilton Manors

He stated that he would like for the Board to support the committee’s recommendation, but at the

    same time, keeping the winner anonymous.

    Mr. Lyons, moved, seconded by Ms. Davidson, to approve the Committee’s

    recommendation anonymously. Motion passed unanimously.

2007-2008 Board / Committee Goals

    Mr. Fostier reported that the Board and Committee did an outstanding job of meeting and

    exceeding the goals set for this year.

    Joe Strasser Honorary Lifetime Member President Fostier requested a motion to approve waving the fee for the Tuesday Business and

    Tuesday Night Event for Honorary Lifetime Member Joe Strasser. Mr. Fostier explained the Mr.

    Strasser was retired and would not be attending the conference but he did coordinate the walking

    tour for the Conference Host Committee. Ms. Davidson moved, seconded by Mr. Lyons to approve waving the fees. Motion Passed unanimously.

Dedication of the 2008 Annual Conference to Karen Myers

    President Fostier requested a motion to approve the dedication of the 2008 Annual Conference to

    Karen Myers, deceased, Conference Host Chair. The Board agreed that Ms. Myers contributions

    to the FGFOA as Conference Host Chair and the Chapter President of the First Coast Chapter

    was certainly worthy of such an honor. Mr. Helms moved, seconded by Ms. Anderson-Pickle to approve the dedication of the 2008 Annual Conference to Karen Myers. Motion passed



    May 16, 2008

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    PRESIDENT-ELECT’S REPORT Chapter Liaison’s Report

    Ms. Davidson gave an updated of the 2008-2009 Chapter President’s Orientation on May 1,

    2008. Chapters continue to have a strong and active membership. Exceptional continuing

    education seminars are being provided locally through the Chapters.

    2008-2009 Committee Chair Appointments Ms. Davidson reviewed the Chair appointments for the next year.

    Career Development Charlotte Dunworth

    Certification Karen Simpson

    Conference Host To be determined

    Conference Program Mary Lou Pickles

    Legislative Kim Adams

    Member Services Gary Perdew

    SOGF Carol Himes-Hannigan

    Small Government Terry Sharp

    Technical Resources Marilyn Rosetti

Ms. Anderson-Pickle moved seconded by Mr. Helms, to approve the 2008-2009 Committee

    Chairs. Motion passed unanimously.


    Mr. Helms stated that the FGFOA 2007-2008 Annual Budget and 2008 Annual Conference

    Budget were provided for information only.

Financial Statements for the Quarter Ending March 31, 2008

    Mr. Helms reviewed the financial statements for the quarter ending March 31, 2008. The

    Statement of Financial Position showed total liabilities and unrestricted net assets of $568,354,

    total current liabilities of $301,278 and unrestricted net assets of $267,076. This was compared to

    March 31, 2007 unrestricted net assets of $300,395. The Statement of Activities showed total

    expenses of $64,908 and a decrease in unrestricted net assets of $19,722. Ms. Davidson moved,

    seconded by Mr. Lyons to approve FGFOA Financial Statements for the quarter ending

    March 31, 2008. Motion passed unanimously.

Investment Report

    The Investment Report indicated the Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund has a value of

    $202,023 as of March 17, 2008. The FGFOA owns three other CD’s as follows:

Date of Purchase Amount Date of Maturity Interest Rate Financial Institution


    May 16, 2008

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10/29/2007 $ 77,326 5/29/2008 5.00% Premier

    9/19/2007 $100,000 6/19/2008 5.30% Hancock

    01/28/2008 $ 75,000 01/29/2009 4.17% Peoples First

    MEETING PLANNERS REPORT Registration Report and Hotel Pickup Ms. Mitchell reviewed the current registration report. We have 840 registered attendees and 159

    attendees for the Pre-Conference Seminar. Ms. Solis reviewed the current Hyatt hotel room pick

    up. As of May 8, 2008 the room pick up was 85% which was in keeping with the contract.

2011 Boca Raton Contract

    Ms. Solis reported that when the Board approved the 2011 contract with the Boca Resort, she

    reported that the price of $189 included the resort fee and a 10% commission. Ms. Solis,

    reported that this was her mistake and in fact, the 10% commission is not included in that rate.

    The Board discussed and Ms. Reichard moved, seconded by Ms. Anderson-Pickle, to move forward with the Boca Raton Resort contract for 2011 even though the 10% commission is

    not included. Motion passed unanimously.

    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT Ms. Garner reported on the current membership: Active 2,376; Associate 344 for a total

    membership of 2,720. Ms. Garner reported the Administrator is working on the list serves, but

    the contracts are being reviewed by legal and IT. Ms. Garner requested a moderator be assigned

    to oversee the List Serve. Additionally, the Copyright for the CGFO exam is progressing and

    we should have our credentials soon.

    STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS Career Development Committee Mr. Dwyer reported that the Committee had a great year. The final seminar was on managing

    risk and was successful.

    Mr. Bogan moved, seconded by Ms. Reichard, to approve the Career Development

    Committee report. Motion passed unanimously.

Certification Committee

    Mary Lou Pickles, Chair presented the Certification Committee report. Ms. Pickles reported that

    the Committee is recommending building a library of reference materials to have available for

    only certification members and review class instructors to use. The cost for the purchase is

    approximately $1,000. Mr. Bogan moved, seconded by Mr. Lyons to approve the purchase of

    reference materials to be available for check out and return, to certification members only.

    Motion passed unanimously.

The Committee also recommends increasing the fee for the CGFO review courses from $40.00 to

    $45.00 for those who are not CGFO candidates. Mr. Lyons moved, seconded by Ms. Reichard

    to increase the fees for review courses from $40 to $45. Motion passed unanimously.


    May 16, 2008

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    The Committee recommended using a web-based (on-line) viewing medium rather than selling DVD’s. An Ad-hoc committee will be appointed to see if it could be CPE approved.

    Ms. Pickles lastly reported that the on-line CPE reporting is not complete. They are experiencing delays due to a misunderstanding regarding the reporting flexibility requirements and other IT priorities (conference). UPDATE WILL BE REPORTED ON THE CONFERENCE CALL.

    Ms. Davidson moved, seconded by Mr. Helms, to approve the Certification Committee Report including the purchase of reference materials and on-site review session fee increase and web-based concept for review sessions. Motion passed unanimously.

Conference Host Committee

    Cynthia Gardner, Chair presented the Conference Host Committee report. Most plans have been finalized.

    Mr. Bogan moved, seconded by Ms. Davidson, to accept the Host Committee report. Motion passed unanimously.

Conference Program Committee

    Mr. Perdew, Chair reported on the Conference Program and provided an updated list of sessions and speakers. Mr. Perdew reported that the Committee had a great year and thanked his committee members for their contributions.

    Ms. Anderson-Pickle moved, seconded by Ms. Davidson, to accept the Conference Program report. Motion passed unanimously.

Legislative Committee

    Ms. Ramaglia, Board liaison presented the Legislative Committee report.

    The Committee worked successfully with the lobbying teams from the Florida League of Cities and the Florida Association of Counties on several issues this Legislative Session, especially on the issue of budget transparency, which ultimately was not passed this year. Of the proposals contained in our Legislative Policy Statements, the committee saw some of the ideas make it into bills which were filed, yet none of the Statements ultimately made it into law. The committee was able to defeat some attempts that run counter to our positions, including the bed tax being paid on the discounted rate that Internet resellers charge, however, efforts to expand pension investment latitude was not able to move through the Legislature. The State Budget difficulties dominated the Session, and local government was certainly more of a target rather than a potential beneficiary of most legislative proposals put forward that would have an effect upon us. While the TABOR legislation failed to win approval in both the Legislature and the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission, there are still groups out there such as the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) that are working on petition drives to place proposed amendments on the ballot that will limit governments’ flexibility in dealing with raising revenues and changing the revenue mix.


    May 16, 2008

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The committee will continue with efforts to raise the FGFOA profile in Tallahassee and be seen

    as a resource during the legislative process.

    Ms. Reichard moved, seconded by Ms. Anderson-Pickle, to accept the Legislative report.

    Motion passed unanimously.

    Member Services Committee Mr. Bogan presented the Member Services committee report. He reported that the committee has

    discussed and updated the Member Services manual. In addition, they have added about 14

    financial policies to the FGFOA website.

    Ms. Reichard moved, seconded by Ms. Davidson, to approve the Member Services Report.

    Motion passed unanimously.

School of Governmental Finance Committee

    The School of Governmental Finance report was deferred to Wednesday, May 21, 2008 board


    Small Government Committee Mr. Smith, Board Liaison, presented the Small Government Committee report.

    In January, an e-mail was drafted and sent out to non-member small governments by the Outreach

    sub-committee chaired by Terry Sharp. The e-mail provided a description of all of the benefits

    and resources that are available through the Florida Government Finance Officers Association.

In March, a Needs Assessment Survey was sent out to members in order to determine how the

    Association can better serve its members. A very good percentage of responses was received

    which should assist future Boards with strategic planning and goal setting relative to small


In April, four additional sections pertaining to Accounting, Annual Financial Reporting, Annual

    Financial Audit and Budgeting were completed for the Small Government Financial Resources

    Manual under the guidance of sub-chairperson Elly Gumera. The sections provide a general

    overview of the subject matter with specific references to authoritative literature and are available

    on the FGFOA website. Ms. Mary Anderson-Pickle moved, seconded by Ms. Davidson, to accept the Small Government Committee Report. Motion passed unanimously.

    Technical Resources Committee Jeff Smith, Board Liaison, presented the Technical Resources Committee Report.

    The committee is currently working on responses to two GASB Exposure Drafts. The first is a

    proposed statement on “Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions” with

    a comment deadline of June 30, 2008. The second is a concept statement related to “Service

    Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting” with a comment deadline of July 3, 2008. The

    committee will continue to monitor GASB for any further Exposure Drafts. The committee has

    also provided comments to drafts of the “Uniform Accounting System Manual”, “Florida Single

    Audit Act Questions and Answers” and on TRIM Compliance Forms.


    May 16, 2008

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With the Fund Balance exposure draft being out there for comments an article appeared from

    GASB on “GASB Proposal Seeks to Improve Clarity, Consistency of Fund Balance Information”

    by GASB Research Manager Dean Mead and Assistant Project Manager Jordan Betz. The

    committee is also trying to get a short article on GASB 46 “Net Assets Restricted by Enabling

    Legislation” which is referenced in the Fund Balance exposure draft and also requires a Note

    Disclosure that was effective for FY 2006 which the committee wants to make sure our members

    are aware of.

    The committee will continue to monitor the Discussion Board and respond to inquiries. The new

    List Serve is completed. Ms. Davidson moved, seconded by Mr. Bogan to accept the

    Technical Resources Report and approve the four List Serves through L-Soft. Motion

    passed unanimously.

    Other Business

    NEXT MEETING The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Wednesday at 7:15 a.m at the Hyatt Regency

    Jacksonville Riverfront.

    ADJOURNMENT There being no further business, President Fostier adjourned the meeting of the FGFOA Board of

    Directors at 4:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannie Garner

    Executive Director, FGFOA


___________________________ _____________________________

    Mark A. Fostier, President R.G. (Rick) Helms, Secretary/Treasurer

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