For more information about other Microsoft customer successes

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For more information about other Microsoft customer successes

     Accountant Uses Time-Saving Multiple Currency

    Financial Tool, Increases Revenue by 20 Percent

    “I use Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008

    to … track all aspects of my business in one

    integrated package. Now I create invoices in 10 GD Consulting

     1 minutes, not 3 hours…. It’s a tremendous value.” United States

     Financial services Gus Diaz, Owner, GD Consulting Accounting services

     Gus Diaz launched GD Consulting to offer data migration and Customer Profile

    In 2005, Gus Diaz began offering accounting services to clients in the United States and Latin accounting and data migration consulting America. Diaz needed a way to easily process multiple currency services to businesses in the United States

    and Latin America. GD Consulting is based transactions and track financial audit trails. He installed Microsoft? in Boca Raton, Florida.

     Office Accounting Professional 2008 and took advantage of the ? Microsoft? Office Professional 2007 Software and Services seamless integration with programs in the 2007 Microsoft Office ? Microsoft Office Accounting 2008

    ? Microsoft Office Excel? 2007 system to reduce the amount of time it took to create invoices from ? Microsoft Office Outlook? 2007 with 3 hours to 10 minutes. Business Contact Manager

    ? Microsoft Office Word 2007

    ? Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Business Needs might forget to include time or expenses in ? Windows? XP Professional Gus Diaz, Owner of GD Consulting, began my worksheet. I lost money on a couple of offering accounting, data migration, and projects because of this.” Hardware accounting systems implementation services in 2005. The company’s main clients include ? Toshiba Satellite A135 PC with 4GB RAM Diaz also used Office Excel to calculate small and midsize businesses in Latin foreign currency exchange rates as part of America and the United States. his invoicing process. “I was doing everything manually,” Diaz says. “I had over 300 When he started his business, Diaz used spreadsheets with different information for Microsoft? Office Excel? 2003 spreadsheet each month. When conversion rates or other

    software to track his time and the company’s information changed, I spent several hours

    financial data. “I used spreadsheets to updating my data. I needed an automated

    compile the information, and then I multicurrency solution, not only for my own For more information about other Microsoft calculated everything at the end of the business but to recommend to my Latin customer successes, please visit: project,” says Diaz. “It could take me up to American clients.” three hours to create one invoice, and I still

As an accountant, Diaz knew that this

    spreadsheet system was not the best way to GD Consulting also began recommending Diaz adds that training is minimal because manage the integrity of financial data and tax Office Accounting Professional 2008 to its the user interface is very similar to other information. “Like any small business owner, customers. “My clients are able to import Microsoft Office products. “It’s very easy to I need to maintain accurate audit trails,” says existing data from other software programs use,” he says, “but if you need training you Diaz, “and my international customers want a very quickly and easily,” Diaz explains. “They can browse through the Office Accounting program that helps them trace transactions use the multicurrency functionality of Office Resource Center. Everything you need is within the United States as well as outside the Accounting 2008 which really adds value for right there.” country.” GD Consulting began looking for a them.” Diaz adds that his clients with offices more centralized, audit-compliant solution. in Latin America and the United States are

     thrilled that Office Accounting Professional GD Consulting now manages all business 2008 includes a new Spanish language information from one centralized location. edition, so users can quickly switch back and “Office Accounting 2008 keeps track of all Solution forth between English and Spanish language my finances,” says Diaz. “I like that I can use GD Consulting started using an accounting settings. the reporting functions and the fixed asset software program but found that it lacked module to keep track of the equipment I use functionality to handle multiple currencies. for my business. At the end of the year I just Diaz then installed Microsoft Office Small Benefits print out a report and I’m done. Doing Business Accounting 2006. “I found GD Consulting is using Microsoft Office documentation for my taxes is a breeze.” tremendous value in Office Accounting 2006,” Accounting Professional 2008 to increase says Diaz, “so when I saw an opportunity to operational efficiency and generate more “For a small business owner, time is money,” test Office Accounting Professional 2008, income. The company reduced the amount says Diaz. “I need to be productive whether I was very excited.” of time it takes to create invoices from 3 I’m on the road or in my office.” Office hours to 10 minutes and increased revenue Accounting Professional 2008 integrates Diaz installed Microsoft Office Accounting by 20 percent. with Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Professional 2008 and the 2007 Microsoft and the Microsoft Office Outlook? 2007 Office system on his Toshiba Satellite A135 messaging and collaboration client with laptop computer. “It took about 45 minutes Diaz tells his clients, “Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager, to help Diaz to install,” Diaz says. “I made a backup and Accounting Professional 2008 is a provide exceptional service to his clients, imported my existing data from Office Small timesaving software. Using this product, you regardless of his physical location. Business Accounting 2006. It was very easy, will have more time to provide better service and I didn’t have any problems.” to your customers because you’ll be more “If you need an accounting program that can efficient. It’s easy to use and easy to help you track your business, your vendors, GD Consulting immediately began testing the navigate. and your finances in one integrated package, new functionality of Office Accounting Office Accounting Professional 2008 is the Professional 2008. “The features I love in “I use Microsoft Office Accounting software to use,” Diaz concludes. “If you Office Accounting 2008 include the Professional 2008 to create invoices, pay need to process online payments, you can dashboard tool, the Resource Center, the bills, and track all [financial] aspects of my use PayPal. If you need to run credit reports ability to perform multicurrency calculations, business in one integrated package,” Diaz or do credit monitoring, you can use the and the fixed asset module,” says Diaz. “All continues. “Now I create invoices in 10 integrated Equifax services. If you want to the tools that I need to run my business are minutes, not 3 hours. I don’t have to do sell your products through an online centralized in one place. I just glance at the everything manually anymore. I just click one marketplace like eBay, you can do that, too. dashboard, and I have all the information I button and my information automatically It’s all right there.” need.” exports to Office Excel or Office Word. The formatting is perfect—I don’t have to re-type

    anything. It’s a tremendous value.”

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