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Math I Book ? Georgia High School Mathematics 1 by McDougal Littell and other supplements. Math I Support Books ? Georgia Mathematis 1 by Carnegie Learning:

     Course Syllabus for Mr. Martin Algebra, Geometry Phone: 770-254-2850 ext. 426 Mathematics 1 and Math 1 Support: and Statistics


    This is the first in the sequence of secondary mathematics courses designed to ensure that students are college

    and work ready. This course requires students to:

    ? Explore the characteristics of basic functions using tables, graphs, and simple algebraic techniques;

    ? Operate with radical, polynomial, and rational expressions;

    ? Solve a variety of equations, including quadratic equations with a leading coefficient of one, radical

    equations, and rational equations;

    ? Investigate properties of geometric figures in the coordinate plane;

    ? Use the language of mathematical argument and justification;

    ? Discover, prove, and apply properties of polygons;

    ? Utilize counting techniques and determine probability;

    ? Use summary statistics to compare samples to populations; and

    ? Explore the variability of data.

    COURSE UNITS (Not necessarily the order they will be taught)

    ? Unit 1 Function Families

    ? Unit 2 Algebra Investigations

    ? Unit 3 Geometry Gallery

    ? Unit 4 The Chance of Winning

    ? Unit 5 Algebraic Investigations

    ? Unit 6 Coordinate Geometry


    Students will be given an opportunity daily to participate in class activities to learn algebra, geometry, and

    statistics concepts by practice. It is the student’s responsibility to come to class prepared to learn and to be a positive addition to the classroom each day. We will learn by:

    ? Class lecture/discussion/demonstration

    ? Guided practice

    ? Question/answer

    ? Performance/learning tasks

    ? Math Journal/Reflection Time


    Grades will be calculated on a weighted system for assessment items that include (but are not limited to) class

    work, homework, journal entries, performance tasks/projects, quizzes, tests, and exams. As required by the state,

    the student score on the Mathematics 1 End-of-Course Test (EOCT) will represent 15% of the final course

    grade. Please mark your calendars now for this testing week (various subjects), as it will be a busy one!

    Each 9 weeks your grade will consist of:

    Math 1 - Tests 30% Math 1 Support - Skills Test 20%

    Daily Work 20% Daily Work 20%

     Quizzes 15% Quizzes 15%

     Tasks 15% Tasks 15%

     Exam 20% Final Project 10%


    Students will be responsible for all school rules in addition to the following:

    ? Students are considered tardy if they are not in their assigned seat when the bell rings. Please take

    notice of the school-wide tardy policy given to the students on the first day. It is strictly enforced!

    ? Students must bring textbook and all necessary items, including a calculator, to class daily.

    ? Students are responsible for turning in all assignments by the date they are due. Not doing so will

    negatively affect their grade.

    ? Students must respect all people in class and their surroundings.


    ? Math I Book Georgia High School Mathematics 1 by McDougal Littell and other supplements.

    ? Math I Support Books Georgia Mathematis 1 by Carnegie Learning: Assignments and Skills Practice

     Georgia Mathematis 1 by Carnegie Learning: Student Text

    ? Materials you need and are required to have

    o 1 to 2 inch binder

    o Notebook paper continuous supply

    o #2 pencils continuous supply

    o Graph paper

    o Colored pencils

    o Scientific calculator (The TI-30XIIS or similar model is preferred)**

    o Donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, typing paper, colored pencils, colored markers, and expo

    (dry erase) markers are always appreciated.

    **Your child may find it helpful to have a graphing calculator to use during all of his/her mathematics

     courses. I would recommend a TI-84 or TI-Inspire. Any of these calculators should

     take them through their high school and college level math and science courses. Unfortunately,

     however, they cannot be used on state testing and therefore are not required at this time, but could be

     a VERY useful tool!

    Additional Info for Students and Parents:

    ? To access your textbook online, go to and enter the activation code 2529577-10

    and follow directions to set up an account. There are many resources that go along with your textbook

    available on this site as well. (Note: When entering the activation code, the numbers before the dash go

    in the first box and the numbers after the dash go in the second box.) Please feel free to e-mail or call me

    with any questions or concerns you have or if you have trouble accessing the ClassZone website.

    ? Please review the cheating policy in the student handbook with your child. Cheating has not and will

    never be tolerated. Cheating will result in zeros, no exceptions.

    ? I am available every Monday after school for tutorial and test make ups, etc. Other times are available

    by appointment. Please have your child make an appointment if they would like to come. I will be as thflexible as I can with my time. Also, the 9 grade computer lab is open from 3:45-4:30 Monday through

    Thursday if a student would like to utilize that time for their own work or for extra help from the

    designated teacher assigned to that day. There will be a math teacher in the lab (typically on Tuesdays)

    at least once a week. In addition, there is a math club on campus that offers free peer tutoring nearly

    every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:30-4:15.

    ? Students are allowed one retake for any quiz or test on which they scored below a 70. They must

    complete one tutoring session with me to go over the original test or quiz before they will be allowed to

    retest on the material.

    ? Two way communications is vital in education. The teacher, together with the parents, makes a great

    support team for your student. Please do not hesitate to contact me if ever a concern should arise. In the

    same regards, I will contact you. It is usually best to reach me by e-mail as I have access to that

    throughout the day, but of course, the school number would work too!


    Student Information Sheet for Mr. Martin’s Math I / Math 1 Support Classes - Fall 2009

Student Name: _________________________________________________________________

     thPlease complete this sheet and have your child return it to me by August 14. Please give updated and

    accurate information, and write as legibly as possible.

    Address: ___________________________________________________________________

    Do you have Infinite Campus Parent Portal? Yes No

    Do you regularly check your email? Yes No

    Parent/Guardian #1: _____________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________

    E-Mail:_________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________

    Additional E-Mail:_______________________________ Work Phone: ____________________

    Parent/Guardian #2: _____________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________

    E-Mail:_________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________

    Additional E-Mail:_______________________________ Work Phone: ____________________

    **E-mail is the best, fastest, and most efficient way to communicate with me…so be on the lookout for e-

    mail updates and please feel free to e-mail me at anytime you need an update as well! **

    Please tell me anything that you feel I should be aware of concerning your child:



    Your students have seen the entire syllabus and it was discussed in class thoroughly, but due to paper

    shortages, we are asking parents to find the complete syllabus online. If you go to:, (underscore between my

    first and last name) you will find your child’s complete syllabus & calendar of tentative lessons online.

    Sign below to indicate that you and your child have read the complete syllabus and are aware that the

    return of this completed form is a homework grade.

    Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________ Date: _______________________

    If you would prefer a hard-copy or do not have internet access…please sign below so that I may make

    sure one is sent your way!

    Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________ Date: _______________________

    Weighted percentages for the class will consist of: ? Materials you need and are required to have Tests 30% o 1 to 2 inch binder Daily Work 20% o Notebook paper continuous supply Quizzes 15% o #2 pencils continuous supply Tasks 15% o Graph paper Exam 20% o Color pencils

     o Scientific calculator (The TI-30XIIS or My Contact Info: Shelton Martin similar model is preferred)**

    Phone: 770-254-2850 ext. 426 Donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, colored pencils,

    E-mail: printer paper &expo markers are always appreciated!

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