Warm up

By Jeanette Robertson,2014-11-24 16:16
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Warm up

    Unit 4 Warm-up

    In this unit you will…

    Read about the internet and virtual reality.

    Listen to a phone conversation, radio programmes and a song. Practise telephoning and making suggestions.

    Write an email message and an internet page about your area. Learn how to make predictions about the future; Learn about conditionals.


    2004-The Day after Tomorrow is a movie about global warming and how it will

    destroy cities and change the world in the future. a movie about a boy who doesn’t know that he is really a robot.

    1866-From the Earth to the Moon is a book about people traveling to the moon.

    1977-2004-The movies that make up Star Wars are about wars in space. There are many amazing characters in these movies.

    1 Which of the films and books mentioned on this page have you seen or read? Which of the predictions in them:

    a) have already come true?

    b) do you think will come true in your lifetime?

    What other predictions do you know from science fiction books or films that have come true?

    2 Listen to four experts. Which predictions are they discussing? Use the Key Words to help you.


    1 making androids (artificial humans)

    2 flooding in different countries

    3 time travel

    4 a virus develops which we have no power to stop

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