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    Green Audit Summary Report

    Manufacturer: JiangXi Quality Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Address: Taihe Industrial Area, Taihe, JiAn City, JiangXi Province, China Representative: 喻忠明

    Site(s) audited: Date(s) of audit(s): 2009.09.10 Audit Team Additional team Leader: member(s): This report is confidential and distribution is limited to the THOMSON and its manufacturer representative.

1. Audit objectives

    To assess the performance of Green Product quality control system established at factory according to the audit requirements from THOMSON.

2. Scope of Audit

    Product Type:

3. Conclusion

     Acceptable (audit result is acceptable, but manufacturer shall implement improvement action according to the

    comments stated in this report)

     Unsatisfactory (manufacturer shall implement corrective action and re-audit is necessary)

4. General Information

    Factory Contact Information:

    Factory Representative: 喻忠明

    Telephone Number: 0796-5376968

    Fax Number: 0796-5376036

    E-Mail Address: quality-yzm

Factory Profile:


    1st Floor (Ground) - nd2 Floor - rd3 Floor - th4 Floor -

    Number of Employees:

Main Subcontractors:

    Main subcontractor includes :


    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY Page No. 1 of 7 21430240

    File 3

Organisation Chart:

Remark for completion of audit report

    - “Yes” – Compliance is demonstrated.

    - “No” – Need improvement actions. Audit findings shall be written in “Other Comment or Area for Improvement” - ” – Critical question, compliance shall be demonstrated

    - If any question that is not applicable, justification shall be provided below the question.

    - “Note” – If “Note” is found under the question, auditor shall briefly describe the system status.

4. Product Design

Is an updated “THOMSON Material Control & RoHS Procedure” available on site?


     ? Yes No ? Regardless of the ownership of the design, is a completed set of THOMSON product technical information available on site? Notes: ?Yes No NA Were BoMs updated to distinct inclusion of Thomson‟s green requirements? Notes: ?Yes No Availability of disassemble drawings / guides for the Thomson products? NA Notes: ? Yes No Recycleability and recoverability estimates calculated for Thomson products? NA Notes: ?Yes No Recycle marks and information available on Thomson parts in accordance to ISO 11469 and ISO NA 1043? Notes:

     Yes No


     Is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of each chemical available? Notes: ?Yes No

     Ingredients in MSDS are clearly identified without any unspecified items such as “additives‟,

     „stabilizers‟, etc.?

     ?Yes No

     Is a RoHS Testing Certificate available of each critical component and material? Notes: ? Yes No .

    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY

    Page No. 2 of 7 21430240

    File 3

Were plastic content information supplied as per specification of ISO 1043?


     Is a 94/62/EC Testing Certificate of packaging materials available? Yes No (All copies of Certificates shall be verify and attached with this report if require) ? NA Notes: Are the “Restricted/Prohibited Substances Declaration” and the form “Restricted/ prohibited Yes No Substance(s)” completed and returned to THOMSON? (? Copies attached with this report and ?NA the Excel Spread Sheet if require) Notes: ? Yes No NA

     Is a “Green” Supplier List established and implemented? Notes: Yes ? No If there is no RoHS Testing Certificate of any critical component or material related to the production process. Please list them below:NA Product Type: Model Number:

     (Critical Components)

    Product Type: Model Number:

    Component, Material, SubstanceModel Name of Supplier

    (Critical Components)

Other Comment or Area For Improvement

5. New Material and Supplier Evaluation

    ?Yes No Are new component / material evaluation mechanism established and implemented against

     the RoHS restricted items? Please describe the evaluation mechanism and criteria



    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY

    Page No. 3 of 7 21430240

    File 3

     Are new supplier evaluation mechanism established and implemented against the RoHS

    restricted items? Please describe the evaluation mechanism and criteria ? Yes No Notes:

     Are responsibility and authority of components, materials/substances and suppliers ? Yes No evaluation established and implemented? Notes:

    ?Yes No Are evaluation results recorded? Sample of evaluation record format shall be attached with this report


Other Comment or Area For Improvement

6. Receiving Inspection

     Have components, production materials and substances been evaluated before purchasing? Notes: ?Yes No

     Are RoHS-relevant inspection criteria available for incoming inspections? Notes:

     ?Yes No

     Have the suppliers clearly identified the incoming components, production material and substances? Were supply test certificates checked on incoming inspection and IQC surveillance ? Yes No samples taken and sent for analysis? (Please describe, e.g. part number, model number, clear label on outer/inner packing etc.) Notes:

     Are inspection statues identified with evidence of IQC responses on non-complying and/or ?Yes No doubtful parts? Notes: Are failed components / materials segregated and identified?

    ?Yes No Notes:

Are inspection records available for inspection? ?Yes No Notes:

    Other Comment or Area For Improvement


    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY Page No. 4 of 7 21430240

    File 3

7. Process Control

Warehouse Control

Are components, materials, substance segregated and identified?

    Notes: ?Yes No Are components, materials / substances, which are returned from production line, clearly segregated and identified? Notes:

    ?Yes No Is system established for correctly releasing of materials to production line according to the product design? (E.g. Material release according to B.O.M, please describe) Notes: ? Yes No Is inventory record clear for material tracing? Notes: Production Workshop ? Yes No Are components, materials and substances which are temporarily stored in the production line segregated and identified? Notes: ? Yes No Are excess components, materials and substances identified and segregated? Notes:

     ? Yes No Are green and non-green parts and products clearly identified and traceable on the production floor? Notes: ?Yes No

    Are procedures established and implemented for proper cleaning conducted through non- green-green change over activities? Notes: ? Yes No NA

     Acts of potential cross-contamination were not observed on the production floor? Examples of such acts include: mixed use of green and non-green tooling, mixed storage of green and non-green parts and / or consumables, mixed use of scrap plastics, potential draw ? Yes No back of lead-containing dust to the non-lead lines through the venting system, etc. Notes: .

    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY Page No. 5 of 7 21430240

    File 3

    Green productions were segregated from non-green production to avoid potential contaminations? Notes: Yes ? No If manufacturer do reliability test? (Optional) Notes: Yes No Have procedures been established and implemented for IPQC to ensure all parts / components used for green products are correct? Notes: ? Yes No Have procedures been established and implemented for in-process environmental checks to prevent cross-contamination? Notes: ?Yes No Have procedures been established and implemented for FQC or QA to ensure green products are properly identified and traceable with proper parts? Notes: ? Yes No

Other Comment or Area For Improvement

8. Green System Maintenance

     Green Training

    Is RoHS-awareness training provided to relevant employees? Notes: ? Yes No

     Are training records available for inspection if needed? Notes: ? Yes No Internal Audit Is documented procedure available? Notes: ?Yes No Is Internal Audit conducted periodically? .

    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY

    Page No. 6 of 7 21430240

    File 3


     ?Yes No Does the Internal Audit cover WEEE / RoHS-related issues? Notes: ?Yes No Is Internal Audit results recorded and reviewed by management? Notes: ? Yes No Are corrective and preventive actions taken, if necessary? Notes:

    ? Yes No

    Other Comment or Area For Improvement:



    Document ID: Revision No.6 GSMP AUDIT SUMMARY

    Page No. 7 of 7 21430240

    File 3

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