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    Title I Needs Assessment



     Needs Assessment

    Jackson Road Elementary School School Name

    February 27, 2009 Date

    SWPC #’s 1, 2 and 10 as referenced in section 7 of the Title I Handbook and JRE SIP #’s

    1 and 2 SWPC#

    Provide ongoing data analysis and professional learning for quality instruction and a collaborative network of school wide support. Identified Need

    Reading and Math focus for achievement (See list for data support under the third Data & Source Upon Which the Identified Need is

    heading on the needs assessment below.) Based

    Initiative/Use of Title I Funds to Address the

    Fund 400 dollars were spent on STEEP for achievement focus with interventions to meet Identified Need

    the students need and to help fund the after school tutorial program.

    Rigor and Relevance Framework by Center for Leadership in Ed. Citations for Scientifically Based Research for use

    Differentiated Classroom by Carol Ann Tomlinson of Title I Funded Activities

    Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe

    The Kids Left Behind (Catching up the Underachieving Children of Poverty) by Barr and Parrett

    What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action by Marzano

    At Risk Students Reaching and Teaching Them by Sagor and Cox (This is the one Col.

    Jones gave us and did the PowerPoint presentation on)

    The evaluation measures vary between diagnostic assessments which are formative in Initiative Evaluation Method(s)

    nature and state testing which is summative. (See last column on Initiative Evaluation



    Title I Needs Assessment

    2008-2009 SCHOOL: Jackson Road Elementary School


     SWPC# Identified Need Data & Source Upon Initiative/Use of Citations for Scientifically Initiative Evaluation

    Which the Identified Funds to Address the Based Research Method(s)

    Need is Based Identified Need Supporting Funded


     SWPC# STAR, HMA, CRCT, Professional Learning Understanding by Design, Lesson plans, Utilize all

    1, 2 and ITBS, Writing Rigor and Relevance performance tasks, available test data

    10 and standards based to plan for

    JRE SIP instruction instruction




     HMA, CRCT, ITBS, School and District What Works in Schools HMA, STAR, STEEP, Improve reading

    GKAP, STEEP Mountain Language, decoding and

    Saxon fluency through

    the use of phonics


     STAR, HMA, CRCT School and District Differentiated Classroom HMA, ITBS, CRCT, Use Guided

    Reading Center, Reading

    Imagination Station materials,

    textbooks, Project

    Insight, AR,

    technology and

    the media center

    to maximize

    instruction to

    meet individual



    Title I Needs Assessment


     CRCT, ITBS, writing RESA, Title I What Works in Schools, Performance tasks, Implementation

    test, GKAP Understanding by Design standards based report of Standards

    card, GTOI Based Education

    with use of

    rubrics, word

    walls, EQ, UBD,

    and graphic


     Lesson plans RESA School and Understanding by Design, Lesson plans, units Write UBD Units

    District What Works in Schools

     Grades 3-5 writing School Professional 6 + 1 Writing Traits, Rigor Writing assessment Implement

    assessment, observations Learning, RESA and Relevance Writing Plan


     HMA, STAR, CRCT, School and RESA Differentiated Classroom Portfolios Implement

    ITBS Guided Reading


     STEEP, HMA, CRCT, District, RESA, Title I What Works in Schools, At-Mountain Language, Integrate

    ITBS, GKAP, STAR Risk Students Portfolios vocabulary skills

    tests across curriculum

     HMA, CRCT, Star tests District, PTO Differentiated Classroom STAR tests, media Continue Reading

    center circulation Renaissance


     STEEP District At-Risk Students Imagination Station Utilize

    reporting, STEEP Imagination

    Station in grades


     Used as a strategy for School Utilize the Power

    writing Writing Method

    in grades K-2


    Title I Needs Assessment


     ITBS, CRCT, GKAP, Title I At Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, ITBS, GKAP, Utilize

    Standards Based Report Left Behind STEEP, writing test, Instructional

    Card, Kindergarten observations Coach


     All data District At-Risk Students, The Kids STEEP, CRCT, ITBS, Monitor impact of

    Left Behind GKAP SST

     Incentive program Book It Reading



     ITBS, CRCT District Understanding by Design Standards Based Participate in

    Report Card, pilot and

    checklists, midterm continued use of

    progress reports Standards based

    report card for

    grades K, 1, 2 and


     STEEP, CRCT, ITBS, Title I At-Risk Students, What CRCT, ITBS, STEEP EIP reading

    GKAP Works in Schools sessions for

    students below

    grade level

     Benchmark, CRCT Title IIA rolled over as At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, ITBS, STEEP, After school

    Fund 400, 20 Day Left Behind Pretest, Post test tutorial


     IEP, CRCT, ITBS Special Education Differentiated Classroom, IEP Co-teaching

    At-Risk Students Model

     Lesson plans RESA, system and Understanding by Design, Lesson plans, units, Use of Best

    school professional What Works in Schools standards based report practices

    learning card Look Fors:




    Title I Needs Assessment


    E.Q.’s, DI,

    Standards linked

    to instruction,





     Writing assessment, RESA, School 6+1 Writing Traits, What Writing assessment, Utilize the 6+1

    observation Professional Learning Rigor and Relevance portfolios Writing Traits as

    it closely

    resembles the new

    state writing


     New teachers/staff System and School What Works in Schools Participation, Teacher Mentors/

    evaluations Buddies

     GSCS in Time:

    New Mentoring


     Classroom resource State Differentiated Classroom Participation, drive United Streaming

    instruction Computer


     CRCT, IEP, ITBS School Using Rigor and Relevance IEP Mountain


     CRCT, IEP, ITBS Special Education Using Rigor and Relevance IEP Spire (K-2) and

    Language (3-5)

    used with Special



     CRCT, IEP, ITBS Special Education Using Rigor and Relevance IEP Assistive


    Colored Overlays,


    Title I Needs Assessment


    and Data

    Collection for

    Sped and some

    general ed.


     All data State, District and At-Risk Students, The Kids STEEP, CRCT, ITBS, RTI and Pyramid

    School Left Behind IEP, Point Team of Interventions

    Meetings (Tier 1-4)

     Instruction/curriculum, District, RESA Using Rigor and Relevance, GTOI GAPSS Study

    CRCT, walk throughs Keys to Learning

     CRCT, ITBS District Differentiated Classroom, CRCT, STEEP Technology

    Demonstration Understanding by Design


     SWPC# CRCT, ITBS, STEEP RESA, PLU At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, ITBS, STEEP RESA reading

    1, 2 and Left Behind focus with Robyn

    10 and Dykes for all

     JRE SIP students with a

    # 2 Math focus on



    students (GR and


     Instruction/curriculum, District, RESA Differentiated Classroom, GTOI, walk throughs, GAPSS Analysis

    walk throughs, CRCT Rigor and Relevance Keys to Learning, process with focus

    Action Plans on differentiated

    instruction and



    Title I Needs Assessment


     STEEP, EIP, CRCT, State, District At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, ITBS, STAR K-5 students will

    ITBS Left Behind Math, STEEP receive EIP


     Benchmark testing, Title IIA (Fund 400), At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, Pre and Post After school

    CRCT, STEEP, STAR 20 day extended Left Behind tests, CRCT, ITBS, Tutorial (Math

    Math STEEP focus)

     STAR Math, STEEP District Differentiated Classroom STAR Math, CRCT, Accelerated Math

    STEEP participation

     CRCT, ITBS, STEEP School Differentiated Classroom, CRCT, ITBS, STEEP, Teachers will

    Rigor and Relevance Math dailies, utilize daily

    Framework Performance Tasks problem solving

    skills K-5.

     System initiative School Differentiated Classroom Participation in Challenge 24 daily

    competition, CRCT, drill and practice

    ITBS in grades 3-5

     CRCT, ITBS School Rigor and Relevance OAS, mock CRCT, Administer

    Links to Learning CRCT

    benchmarks for

    grades 1-5.

     GKAP, CRCT, STEEP School At-Risk Students, What GKAP/GKIDS, OAS, Calendar Math

    Works in Schools CRCT, Links to usage in grades k-

    Learning 2

     STEEP, Links to School At-Risk Students, What Math websites, CRCT, Mountain Math 2-

    Learning, STAR Math Works in Schools ITBS, OAS, Links to 5 grade and

    Learning Drops in the

    Bucket used

    grades 3-5

     STAR Math, CRCT, School Understanding by Design, Lesson plans, walk Based Education

    GKAP, ITBS What Works in Schools throughs with use of

    rubrics, word


    Title I Needs Assessment


    walls, EQ, UBD,

    and graphic


     Assessments and District and School Understanding by Design Report card and Participate in

    progress monitoring, checklists, midterm pilot and

    standards, checklists progress reports continued use of

    Standards based

    report card for

    grades K, 1, 2,

    and 3

     CRCT, STAR Math, RESA, system, PLU Differentiated Classroom Use of manipulatives, Utilize

    math journals, technology use, manipulatives as, part of DI math

    performance tasks lessons

     CRCT, ITBS, Thinkgate System Rigor and Relevance Benchmark testing, Benchmark rdthThinkgate testing 3 and 5

    (Assessment For


     IEP, CRCT, ITBS, Special Ed Differentiated Classroom, IEP Co-teaching

    STEEP At-Risk Students Model

     CRCT, STAR Math, Supplies? $200 At-Risk Students, The Kids Performance tasks, Analyze data in

    report cards Left Behind drive instruction common planning

    for focused


     Lesson plans RESA, system Understanding by Design, Lesson plans, Use of Best

    What Works in Schools Standards based report practices

    card, walk throughs, Look Fors:

    units Commentary,


    E.Q.’s, DI,

    Standards linked


    Title I Needs Assessment


    to instruction,





     Lesson plans RESA, system Understanding by Design, Walk throughs, units, K-5

    What Works in Schools lesson plans, standards Implementation

    based report card of GPS

    Curriculum Maps

    and unit plans

     STAR Math, System Differentiated Classroom CRCT, STEEP, New SRA Math Series


     IEP, CRCT, ITBS, Special Ed, School Differentiated Classroom, IEP Touch Math with

    STEEP At-Risk Students EIP and Special


     All data System, RESA, School At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, STEEP, IEP, RTI and Pyramid

    Professional Learning Left Behind Point team meetings of Interventions

    support (Tier 1-4)

     CRCT, ITBS Title IIA, GLRS Differentiated Classroom, STEEP, CRCT STEEP

    At-Risk Students (Math Fluency

    and computation

    and problem


     STEEP, CRCT, ITBS RESA, School At-Risk Students, The Kids CRCT, ITBS, STEEP RESA Math

    Professional Learning Left Behind consultant (M.E.

    Mendenhall) will




    opportunities for


    Title I Needs Assessment


    staff in the

    subgroup focus of

    math: Numbers

    and operations



    and facilitate a

    Math GAPSS

    study for our


     Instruction/curriculum, System, School, RESA Differentiated Classroom, Action plans, GTOI, GAPSS Study

    CRCT, walk throughs Rigor and Relevance, Keys walk throughs

    to Learning

     CRCT, ITBS System Differentiated Classroom, CRCT, STEEP Technology

    Understanding by Design Demonstration


     Best Practices, CRCT, School Differentiated Classroom, Growth and School-wide Math

    STEEP, Accelerated Rigor and Relevance, Keys progression to next Dailies

    Math to Learning math dailies set, CRCT

     Keys to Learning, action System and School Differentiated Classroom, Lesson plans, walk GAPSS Analysis

    plans Rigor and Relevance throughs, action plans process with focus

    on differentiated

    instruction and



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