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     Exercise P26----33

    I. Multiple choice.

    1. Does service begin with _______ c or ______ s?

    A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an D. a, a

    2. Id like you _______ in Switzerland with me. ______ you like to go?

    A. to go travelling; Would B. go travelling; Do C. to go travelling; Do D. going travelling; Do 3. John has got a lot of hobbies. He _______ reading, cooking, travelling and so on. A. would like B. like C. is like D. likes

    4. Look at that cloud. It _________ a sheep flying in the sky. Isnt that interesting?

    A. is like B. is likes C. would like D. likes

    5. Tom lives in ________ San Diego.

    A. north B. the north C. the north of D. the northern of

    6. My new car is the same as _______ , but its different from _______.

    A. Sam, Tony B. Sams, Tonys C. you, Tony D, your, Tonys

    7. There ______ a football game on TV this afternoon and Im going to ______ it.

    A. is going to have; watch B. is going to be; watch

    C. has; see D. is going to be; look at

    8. Look at that lady in pink. She _______ Miss Green, for Miss Green always wears pink clothes. A. must be B. can be C. may be D. cant be

    9. Jim Clark and Betty Clark ________ each other for 10 years ________ two children. A. are married; with B. married; have C. are married to; have D. are married to; with 10. ------- Can I help you?

     ------- Yes. Can I have ______ mushrooms please?

    A. much B. some C. any D. many

    II. Prepositions

    1. Those visitors ________ Japan enjoy the Eiffel Tower so much.

    2. Sandy hasnt got any pocket money any more. Therefore, he asks his mum _____ some. 3. Sue likes the red shoes very much. She goes to ask the shop assistant ______ the price. 4. Look at the photograph _______ the Eiffel Tower. This building is wonderful. 5. The teenager all study hard to prepare ________ their future life.

    III. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given.

    1. Mr. Black works in _______ London, but he doesnt live in the _______ of London. (centre)

    2. The girl _______ Catherine would like us _______ her Cathy. Its more lovely, isnt it? (call)

    3. Ive got a ______ license, but I wouldnt like _______ a car in the street, because I dont think

    I am a good _______. (drive)

    4. Lucy is a very good ________. She can design all kinds of toys. And her ________ is always

    kids favorite. (design)

    5. Look! These people are enjoying Rosies party. James ________ (hug) his sister. Alan ______

    (shake) hands with Maria.

    6. This dish _______ sushi is one of our specialties. And that dish _________ a pizza. Would

    you like them? (call)

    7. Every _______ (custom) enjoys the custom of the restaurant very much, because the ______

    here is good and each main course _______ with free French fries and fresh vegetables or

    mixed salad. (serve)

    8. European Union _______ 27countries. A lot of countries __________ in it, ________ Britain.


    9. Sandy! Mum would like us _______ (buy) two ________ (loaf) of bread for dinner. 10. Do you like ______? Id like _______ in the city center. Would you like to join me? (shop)

IV. Pattern shift.

    1. Maria is now studying Chinese as a student in Beijing University.

     Maria is a _______ _______ ________ in Beijing University.

    2. Peter and Helen are husband and wife. They have got two children.

     Peter and Helen are ________ ________ ________ ________ _________. 3. Your names are Liz and Lillie, _______ _______?

    4. Id like a bottle of olive oil.


    5. Hes got some interesting books. (negative)


    6. Learning English well is very important for me.

    = It __________________________________________________

    7. Id like to have a glass of apple juice.


    8. My mum would like me to help her clean the house.


    9. Id like some French fries. (interrogative)


    10. My mum likes going shopping at weekends.


    V. Error correction.

    1. All prices are include VAT.

    2. The waitress woulds like to provide good service for the customers. 3. The market sells beef, lamb, tomato, flour and so on.

    4. What does the dish called? Oh, its a taco.

    5. In this restaurant, all main courses are serve with fresh vegetables or mixed salad. 6. Would you like going shopping with me?

    7. Pay attention to your spelling. You should try to spell correctly English words. 8. Theres some oranges and lemonade in the fridge.

    9. Can I have 200 grams flour?

    10. There arent some vegetables in the supermarket now.

    VI. Texts

    1. Graziella is a S_________ girl. She lives in a host family called the Gays as a g_______. Mr.

    and Mrs Gay have two d__________. Their d__________ names are Hannah and Ella. 2. Cards are very useful and i______________ in our life. When you go shopping, you can pay

    by c________ card. When you want to borrow some books, you may use your l_________


    3. When you are suddenly ill, you can call an a________ to take you to hospital. If your house is

    on fire, you can ask for f_______ e________.

    4. Rosie usually k_______ a note of important numbers on her c_________, such as passport

    numbers, driving license numbers and b_________ account numbers.

    5. MAP is an advertising a__________. James Brady now works there. He meets Sandra Turner,

    the r_________, Julia Marsh, an a___________ m_________ and two v__________. They

    are Paul Cook, a d_________ and Susan Warren, the m____________ manager. 6. There are a lot of d_________ around the world, and they are d__________ in each country.

    People in the United States like hamburgers very much. The i__________ usually include

    bread, beef and v__________.

    7. In summer things go bad easily. We can put them in the fridge to keep them f__________. 8. If you dont want to cook at home, you can go to eat in a r_______________. To know what

    is served, you can read the m__________. It includes four parts. People usually begin with the

    s________. Then they have the m_______ c_______. And finally, they usually have some

    sweet food called d_________.


    VII. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words given.

     It, put, buy, go, not want, listen, rain, sit, not let, like

    Its time _______ home. Im on a bus on a ________day. While I ________ to the music in my seat, a woman with a dog gets on the bus. Its a big dog and _________ feet are very dirty. I

    _______ the dog _______ near me. But the woman says to the conductor, Oh, I _________ a

    ticket for my dog. Can he sit on the chair _________ the other people? The conductor looks at

    the dog and says, Yes, madam. But ________ your dog ________ his feet on the chair.

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