Cause of Coincidence

By Margaret Ramos,2014-05-16 20:03
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    Cause of Coincidence

No Coincidences, no stories, as the Chinese old saying goes. There

    sure are many coincidences occurring in the story about Andrew and his father Mr. Stewart, but an in-depth investigation into the story will reveal something more than about coincidence; something inevitable seems to lie behind the story the determination to realize

    a dream.

    Well, the story begins with Andrews money problem in entering a

    medical college, which starts off a train of reactions leading to a surprising yet satisfactory solution to the problem. In fact, if Andrews willingness to be a medical student had not been strong enough, if his father had not tried every effort to help realize his sons dream by doing extra business, no resulting coincidences

    would have happened. Similarly, if Mr. Stewarts father-in-law had

    not cherished the dream of sending one of his daughters or grandchildren to medical college, he would not have left a likely amount of money in the bank for educational purposes, and no

    coincidences would have resulted in the house where he used to live. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that it is their determination

    and willingness to fulfill their dreams that makes up the story.

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