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Spot Training for English

    Spot Training for English

    Tour Guide

    Teacher : Qin meirong


Mawangdui Han tombs

Cultural relics

Well-preserved corpes

Yuelu Academy of classic learning

Magistrate of Tanzhou Prefecture

Emperor Zhenzong awarded the academy the marble tablet inscrbed with

    Yuelu Academy of his hand writing.

Huxiang School of learning and a Confucian School of Idealist Philosophy of

    the Song.----A Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and MIng


Yuelu Academy was designated as the provincial institution of higher


Fu and shou mean blessing and longevity.

The state of Chu abounds in talents and most of them gather here.

The tablet under the front eave is inscribed in golden clolor with the idiom

    seek the truth.


     “xue da xing tian”means the goal of study—regain nature.

Genuine Confucius doctrine

Loyalty,Filial,Piety,honest and Integrity.

马王堆有三座汉墓, 二号墓是长沙相侯利沧,一号墓是利仓之妻, 三号


     There are three Han tombs in Mawangdui Han tombs. Tomb No. 2 was

    Licang , chancellor to the prince of Changsha . His wife was in No. 1 and his

    son was in No.3.

     这具女尸头发大多没有脱落, 部分关节可以活动, 软组织还存有弹性。

     When it was found , this female corpse was kept very well. Most of hairs were

    kept at their original seats, part of the joints were movable and soft tissues

    were still elastic.

     墓中出土文物包括帛书, 帛画, 竹简, 漆器, 丝质品, 木俑, 陶器,

    农畜产品, 中草药等。 The cultural relics unearthed from the tombs, including books copied on silk,

    painting on silk, bamboo slip, lacquer ware, embroidery and silk fabrics,

    figures of wood and pottery, agricultural and livestock products, and

    traditional medicine herbs.

    A true soldier, what he should do, is to die fighting on the battle field for his

    country or go back home.

    Brave enough to face himself and perseverance when defeat; or humility or

    gentleness , he has a pure heart of a newborn baby.

To talk about the leading feature of Wulingyuan scenic spots.

     The most characteristic landform feature is the quartzes sandstone peak forest

    and vallyes . 3000 odd peaks and 800 limpid waters make Zhangjiajie as

    beautiful as Chinese paintings.

To list 10 places of interests in China.

     Beijing, suzhou, guilin, hangzhou, Anhui, Xian, Changjiang, Taiwan,


What is Xiang Embroidery taken as the basic picture?

     Chinese Painting.

In Mawangdui han tombs, Why has the female corpse been kept so well

    till now?

     Under the condition of deeply buried, wellsealed up, constant temperature,

    constant humidity, short of oxygen, no bacteria.

    To list 3 Great towers in the south of Yangtze River

     The Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Hubei

     Yueyang Tower in Yueyang city, Hunan

     Prince Teng Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi

    The Worlds Four Ancient Civilized Nations

     Ancient Egypt

     Ancient Babylon

     Ancient India

     Ancient China

The Four Books

     The Great Learning

     Doctrine of the Mean

     The Analects of Confucius

     The Mencius



     After seeing Five Sacred Mountains in China, others are nothing, but after

    seeing the scenery of Mount Huangshan , the Five are secondary.


     Even a thousand cups of wine with an intimate friend are little.


     A leader should plan and worry ahead of people, and enjoy the fruits after the



     China International Travel Service, Zhangjiajie Branch


    Chrysanthemum Stone

    The root of the Kudzu vine

    Tujia Bacon (cured) meat

    Tujia Embroidery

    Miaojia Silver Decorations

    Local guide/ national guide/ tour leader


    group/personal visa

When should the OK ticket confirm the flight seats?

     48 hours before the planned time.

    What preparatory jobs should a local guide do at the exit station?

Confirm the tickets; to help the needy guests to wrap the luggage; weigh

    the luggage; remind the guests of keeping the passports, shopping

    receipts( especially the cultural relics and valuable medicine herbs),

    exchange memo; to help the guests to pay off all the bills; to get to the

    airport ahead of 2 hours.

5) Which tourists are unnecessary to pay the airport construction fee?

All the out-bound tourists excluding :

     the international passengers who are mid-way transferring guests in

    some country, they dont come out of the security check hall.

     The children under 12 years old with the half price tickets.


     The mid-way transferring passengers by domestic flights, the interval time of

    the stopover is within 8 hours.

The passengers with the diplomatic passports by the international flights

    including by Hongkong or Macao

When seeing off the out-bound tourists, when can the local guide leave the


The local guide cant leave the airport until the out-bound tourists enter into

    the waiting room of the checking area.

The differences of the individual tour and group package tour:

The itinerary and arrangement of the trip; the means of paying; quotation;

    freedom limit; the number of the tourists.

the 4 types of the language of a tour guide:

Oral language; facial expressions; gesture language; uniform language.

Who take care of the passports of China outbound tourists at the moment

    of departure?

Tour leader

The Situations Discussion

1, One summer day, a local tour guide showed a group of American guests

    around ZhuoZhenyuan garden. On the tour, one of the guests got lost, one

    is summer sick, but the other guests would like to Lingering garden. As a

    local tour guide, What should you do ?

2, You are announcing something to the whole group, some of your guests

    make a bad noise, as a guide, what should you do ?

3, You are a national guide, you take a group of tourists to Su Zhou, but

    when you arrive in some airport in Suzhou, nobody meets you all. What

    should you do?

4, There is a popular saying among a group of foreign guests: It is the

    most unfortunate man who marries an American wife, who eats British

    food, who lives in the Japanese style house, who takes Chinese salary. You ,

    as a Chinese people, as a tour guide, How should you explain it to your

    foreign guests?

5 , You are the local guide of a tour group . After one days sightseeing ,

    some old people in the group feel tired. They want to go back to the hotel

    immediately so they can rest a little before dinner. There will be a concert

    in the evening that they would like to attend. But some people say they

    havent enough time to go shopping since they have been in China . They

    want to spend an hour or so in the friendship store. Why not visit another

    place of interest? Try to handle this situation.

6, In Shanghai. As we know, Shanghai is the “shopping paradise”. Often

    the foreign guests like to go shopping here, but today the guests are too

    tired to go shopping at night. The local guide didnt tell the guests the

    dinning place, which is very close to the shopping place in advance, and

    take the guests to some shopping center, but the guests are not willing to

    get off the travel bus. Now, as a national guide, What should you do?

    You are the local guide of a tour group. Your group is going to BeiJing today, you

have already checked out for the hotel. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you find

    out that the flight is cancelled because of bad weather in BeiJing . On hearing the

    news the group protest angrily. What should you do?

     Try to explain the whole situation and comfort them.

     Negotiate the person concerned to see whether it is possible for the

    group to make another flight on the same day to Beijing.

Inform your own travel service about the change and make sure that the travel

    service in Beijing knows about the change.



     A leader should plan and worry ahead of people, and enjoy the fruits after

    the people.

     Question: Is Arabic language one of the 6 working languages of the UN?

     Tongting is the water of ChinaYueyang is the tower of China

    To learn the advanced things from the western countries, and defeat and stop invasion

    from the western world and change the present situation and let China become

    stronger and stronger.

Emergency ability

1 Because of the objective reason, the tour group want to leave in advance, as a

    local guide, how to deal with it?

1,the local guide should as far as possible to save time, arrange the tour in the plan;

    2,report to the travel agency, contact with the hotel, return the room, dinner, bus and

    so on .3, as far as possible to inform the next station to change the receipt plan.

2 According to the receipt plan and reservation time, local guide cant receive the

    group, how to deal with it?

1,immediately contact with travel agency, and find out the reason; 2,contact with

    airport and ask if the group board; 3,if dont need much time , local guide can sty at the airport; 4,if postpone is too long, the local guide should rearrange receipt affairs

    according to the travel agency.

3 How to avoid leaving out the receipt?

    1,read the receipt plan, know the groups arrival date, time, receipt place, number of

    train and so on; 2,check the correct arrival time; 3,arrive the station half an hour in

    advance and wait for the coming of the group.

4 How to deal with the mistake in receipt?

    1,if the mistake is happened between two groups in the same agency, no longer

    exchange the groups unless the travel agency dont agree with it; 2,if mistake happens

    in another travel agency, the guide should immediately report to the ravel agency and

    try to as soon as possible exchange the groups and make apology to the tourist.

5 How to avoid delaying the airplane?

    1,the local guide with the national guide should fix the tickets in advance, check and

    confirm the date, time, number, destination and so on.; 2,before leaving, dont let the

    tourist go to the complex place and so on; 3,arrange abundant time g to the

    airport(station, harbor) and make sure that the group leaving location, help to carry

    out the check-in(train, ship)procedure, and leave on time.

6 How to deal with delaying the airplane (train, ship)?

    1,immediately report to the travel agency, ask for help; 2,as soon as possible contact

    with airport, and try to let the tourist leave with the recent airplane; 3,stabilize the

    tourists motion, and arrange dinner, dormitory, traffic and sight-seeing, make

    apology to the tourist; 4,as soon as possible inform the nest station in order to adjust

    the plan; 5, write an accident report and make clear the reason.

7 If the tourist lose the passport, how to deal with it ?

    1,based on the tourist application, the travel agency sign a proof to carry out a

    temporary passport; 2,tourist can take the proof, oneself photograph, arrive to the

    local public security official organization foreigner immigration administrative

    office ,and take another proof.; 3,take the pubic security official organizations proof

    and go t the country in chinas embassy to carry out the new passport; 4,get the new

    passport again to the public security official organization to carry out the visa


8 If the tourist lose something important, how to deal with it?

    1,confirm if it is really stolen and report to the travel agency, local public security

official organization, the travel agency insurance company that insure, help to seek

    and try to clear a criminal case; 2,if it cant be found out, let the public security official organization give a proof in order to return to country to check and ask the

    insurance to pay; 3,the local guide should comfort the owner and alleviate his

    displeasure motion.

9 How to avoid the tourist mislead?

    1,remind the tourist, for example, the name of the agency, number of bus, name of

    hotel, telephone number and so on; 2,report the arrangement, let the tourist know the

    itinerary, time, parking lot and assembly time; 3,the guide cant leave the group and

    often check the number of the tourist, dont let them leave far in free time; 4,the local guide, the national guide and the leader should often contact with each other and take

    care of the group.

10How to deal with the tourist walk to lose?

    1,generally, the national guide and the leader organize the member to look for, and the

    local guide lead the other member to continue the sight-seeing; 2,inform the local

    pubic security official organization to look for; 3,report to the ravel agency; 4,contact

    with the hotel, inquire if they have retuned to the hotel; 5,if dont find out, the team

    can return to the hotel, the local guide, the national guide and the leader leave two

    people to continue look for, after finding out can take the other bus to return to the

    hotel; 6,if the local guides mistake, make apology to the loser, if the tourists

    mistake, warn them to notice

11A foreign tourist has the heavy disease, how to do?

    1,the local guide should immediately inform the travel agency to send the person for

    help, and let the leader seek ones relatives to accompany to the hospital, and the local

    guide should continue tour with the others; 2,if need surgical operation, should be

    signed by the relatives or other officer; 3,if need stay in the hospital and cant return

    to the country with the group, the local guide should help to carry out the separation

    visa, traffic ticket and some relative procedure; 4,tell the patient pay the fee, the rest

    complex service will be returned to him(her); 5,some data about treatment and so on

    should be copied in order to store by the travel agency.

12How to deal with the traffic accident, when the tour group come back?

    1,immediately rescue the wounded member, the leader and the national guide take

    them to hospital; 2,call 110 and keep the scene intact; 3,prport to the travel agency, some relative administrations and insurance company; 4,stabilize the tourist mood and continue the sight-seeing; 5,it is best to give the signatures with the leader and write an accident report.

13How to deal with food poisoning?

    1,drink a lot water to accelerate to excrete, alleviate the poison and try to vomit;

    2,immediately send to hospital to rescue and invite doctor to write a proof;

    3,immediately report to the travel agency and check the duty to cause the food


    14A friend of the tourist ask to accompany with group, how to do? 1,respect the leader and the agencys opinion; 2,contact with ravel agency, if the

    leader and the agency approve, carry out the procedure and hand over the expenses;

    3,the diplomacy official or reporter cant accompany with unless the agency and

    relative administration agree with.

    15If the tourist ask you to remove something to his friend, how to do? 1,ask what in the wood box and open the wood box immediately, if valuable thing or

    the food should be refused and the tax product should be paid tax; 2,if it is general thing, should write a note if the people receive and the receiver should write a receipt to agency, sign and inform the client; 3,note and receipt should be given to the agency to store.

    16I f a tourist fall and make crus fracture, how to do? 1,first the guide should stanch the blood wrap and firm the joint; 2,send to the hospital on time, keep all the lists in order to ask for paying with insurance company; 3,inform the agency and write the accident report.

17For some objective reason, the airport cant take off, how to do?

    1,patiently explain to tourist because of the weather, everybody should comprehend,

    and the local guide should stabilize the tourists motion; 2,ask the second airplane

    departure time and arrange the baggage; 3,report to ravel agency and arrange the

    tourist food and dormitory problem, inform the breakfast of whole group tomorrow

morning and the departure time, assembly place; 4,ynform the next station to change

    the plan.

18How to avoid the car-sickness phenomenon?

    1,the local guide should know the car-sickness circumstance among the tourist, and

    remind their to have medicine, advice them to take a little meal; 2,look after them to

    as far as possible sit the forepart in bus and close the window, tight trousers belt,

    prevent the internal organs vibration, and increase the condition.

19How to deal with the public security accident?

    1,lock the door tightly, especially dont open the door in the evening; 2,the valuable

    goods should be consigned, dont put them in the room; 3,dont leave anything in the

    bus; 4,tell the driver to lock the door and windows after the tourist get off; 5,on the

    way, dont let unfamiliar people get on the bus; 6,the local guide must accompany with the group and prevent the public security accident.

20A foreigner want to buy curio and painting in the stall, how to do?

    1,tell him to buy in the appointed culture relic shop and the stall cant be reliable;

    2,remind him to keep the guarantee and the seal for check-in.

21A foreigner has to return the country, how to deal with it?

    1,after both travel agencies consultation, can satisfy his request; 2,help guest carry out

    the separation visa, rebook the ticket, but the tourist pay the money; 3,the rest

    complex service fee return or not.

22the tourist want to swim at the nearest beach, how to do?

    1,dont let them go to the natural beach; 2,the local guide can take them to the swimming poor and remind them to pay attention to safety.

    23Two hours before dinner, the tourist want to change the dinner, how to do? 1,according to conventionally if three hours in advance, the local guide should contact

    with the restaurant and satisfy them; 2,if the time is very short, the guide can refuse

    and explain; 3,if the tourist insist on changing dinner, the guide can tell them to pay

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