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I will mention things that your child is learning in math, language arts, science, social studies, health, and physical education.


    A New Beginning:

    My Message to All

    completed. I’ll also be Parents: sure to include

    student excerpts,

    student poems, or

    anything else you

     ***** might suggest to me!

     I hope you enjoy

     reading it as much as

    I enjoy writing it!


     …And You Can

    Quote Me on That! About this

     Newsletter Here’s a section of my newsletter that Each month I will be you can expect every sending home this month. I hope these newsletter with quotes get you important

    thinking and inspire information about

    you! I am always your child’s learning.

    open to your quotes, I will mention things

    so please do not that your child is

    hesitate to send your learning in math,

    favorite quotes my language arts, science,

    social studies, health, way! and physical

    education. I’ll mention special “Failure? I never projects that your encountered it. All child is working on or I’ve ever has successfully encountered were

    This website by the International Reading temporary Association offers a setbacks.” collection of online student Here’s Another One… Helpful material to support literacy -Dottie Walters learning in the K-12 Resources to get “Injustice anywhere classroom. These All of Us Started interactive tools can be used is a threat to justice to supplement a variety of on a Prosperous everywhere.” lessons. Some activities New Year: include: ABC Match, -Martin Luther

    Compare and Contrast King, Jr. Map, Fractured Fairy Tales, 1. California Content and Shape Poems. Standards Help Wanted!!! /ss This is a very important site that explains in detail the 4. 100 Best Books for Kids skills children will be able to perform by the end of 1999 List: each grade level. Find your http://www.teachersfirst.cochild's current grade and m/100books.cfm read the content standards 2007 List: for Math, Language Arts, http://www.teachersfirst.coSocial Studies, and Science m/getsource.cfm?id=8498 to discover what they will be learning and what skills Two invaluable book lists of they will be developing educators' Top 100 throughout the school year. Children's Books, with an "all ages" category, an "age 4-8" category, and a 2. Trelease On Reading "young adult" category. These books were selected www.trelease-on-by the National Education Association as great reading for children and A must-read for all parents! young people. This site includes informative excerpts from Jim Trelease's best-selling 5. Count Us In book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, in which he discusses the importance of default.htm reading aloud to children. He will inspire you to read This site is full of aloud to your child (or downloadable activities and children) every single day! games for early number development. 3. Read Write Think 6. Math Tools

     http://www2.boardman.K1 tes.htm

    Offers math discussions (i.e., Offers a plethora of links to "Ask Dr. Math") and math other educational sites help. Math Tools is a across the web. If you are community library of looking for great resources technology tools, lessons, on Math, Health, Music, activities, and support Language Arts, Internet materials for the teaching Project Ideas, Social and learning of math. Studies, Science,

     Technology, Games,

     Activities, or Homework 7. National Library of Helpers, come visit this Virtual Manipulatives website! vlibrary.html 10. Gamequarium

    This on-going NSF project from Utah State University has over 100 applets to Offers hundreds of fun and choose from (applets are exciting learning games and web-based tools and activities for elementary activities that children can school children in K-6. do online or off-line). You Learn specific language can choose from grades K-arts topics, as well as 12 for each content area: specific math concepts, number and operations, social studies, science, and algebra, geometry, much, much more. measurement, and data analysis and probability. ************************

     My Teaching

    8. NCTM Illuminations Philosophy and

    http://illuminations.nctm.orWhat You Can g

     Expect of Me: This website, provided by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,

    has interactive activities for

    teaching mathematics. The

    site lists 63 fun activities or

    applets by grade level and

    gives a short description of


9. Website for Teachers,

    Parents, and Kids

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