unit4He said I was hard-working

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unit4He said I was hard-working

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    Unit 4 He said I was hardworking! 根据句意及首字母提示写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式。

    1. She said she was having a s_________ party for Lana. 2. Sally borrowed my jacket, but she didn’t r________ it to me.

    3. I think I’ll do b________ than last year.

    4. Don’t c______ others’ homework. You should do it yourself.

    5. Please give your r_______ card to your parents.


    be mad at be supposed to in good health pass... message do well in

    have a favor get over surprise party

     1. She said she was having a _____ _______ for Mary on Saturday evening.

     2. The old man _____ ______ ______ his son.

     3. By the way, ______ this _____ to others.

     4. We _____ ______ _____ finish the work this morning.

     5. I _____ ______ _______ maths than English.

     6. Grandpa was ill. We hope he is ____ _____ ______.

     7. I’m sure she would _____ _______ any difficulty.

     8. I _____ _______ ______ to ask you. Can I borrow your pen?


    ( )1. I ________ he ________ go there by himself.

    A. think; won’t B. don’t think; will

    C. don’t think; is D. think; isn’t going to

    ( )2. Lana said that she wasn't mad _________ Marcia anymore.

    A. to B. at C. for D. on ( )3. Do you think _________ an English film tomorrow night?

     A. is there B. there is going to be

    C. there is going to have D. will there be

    ( )4. You are _________ to return the book to the library in two weeks.

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    A. supposed B. wanted C. shouted D. thought ( )5. I am always _________ to speak in the front of the classroom.

    A. disappointing B. scared C. surprised D. nervous ( )6. Do you think it is difficult _________?

     A. study English well B. studies English well

     C. studying English well D. to study English well ( )7. She told us things there were ________ better than before.

     A. more B. much C. very D. nice

    ( )8. I don't think it's good to copy other's homework. You should _________ it.

    A. get over B. get on C. get up D. get off ( )9. Could you ________ me how to ________ it in Chinese?

     A. say; speak B. speak; say C. tell; say D. say; tell ( )10. What happened ________ “Young Lives” last night?

     A. on B. in C. to D. of

    ( )11. I finished my ________ exam last week.

    A. end of year B. end of year’s

    C. end-of year’s D. end-of-year

    ( )12. I’m at Mary’s house ________ a homework project.

     A. work on B. working on C. work D. working ( )13. TV and computers can _________ our eyes to the outside world.

    A. start with B. open up C. turn up D. take up ( )14. She will go to Marcia's house _________ Friday night.

    A. at B. in C. for D. on ( )15. I hope you are ______ good health.

    A. in B. on C. with D. for 同义句转换,

    1. Im good at speaking Japanese.

     I can ______ ______ ______ speaking Japanese.

    2. He is very well.

     He is ______ ______ _______.

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    3. Don’t be angry with your son. I think he can do better next time.

     Don’t ______ ______ ______ your son. I think he can do better next time.

    4. Lana said to us, “ I’m happy to see you again.”

     Lana ______ us _______ _______ happy to see _______ again. 5. “You are like big brothers or sisters to us.” they said to us.

     They said to us ______ ______ like big brothers or sisters to _______. 6. “Can I copy your homework?” he asked me.

     He asked me ______ ______ ______ copy ______ homework. 7. Mary asked Ann, “ Why are you so excited?”

     Mary asked Ann ______ ______ ______ so excited. 8. My sister said to me “I’m going to help you. ”;同义句?

     My sister _____ me that _______ _____ going to help ________. 9. He said I was hard-working. ;划线提问?

     What _____ _____ ______?


    Have you ever asked yourself why children go to school? You may 1 they go

    to learn languages, P.E., history, science and all other 2 . But why do they learn

    these things?

    We send our children to school to prepare them for the time 3 they will be big

    and will begin to work for 4 . Nearly everything they study at school has some practical use in their life. But is that the 5 reason why they go to school?

    There is more in education than just 6 facts. We go to school above all to learn how to learn, so that then we have left school we can 7 to learn. A man who

    really knows how to learn will always be successful, because whenever he has to do

    something new which he has never had to do 8 he will rapidly teach himself how to do it 9 the best way. The uneducated person, on the other hand, is 10 unable

    to do something new, or does it badly. The purpose of school, therefore, it not to teach

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    languages, math, geography, etc, but to teach pupils the way to learn.

    ( ) 1. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

    ( ) 2. A. matters B. subjects C. math D. physics

    ( ) 3. A. while B. when C. which D. where

    ( ) 4. A. oneself B. they C. them D. themselves

    ( ) 5. A. only B. nearly C . lone D. alone

    ( ) 6. A. study B. studied C. learning D. learn

    ( ) 7. A. make B. keep C. keep on D. go on

    ( ) 8. A. later B. ago C. then D. /

    ( ) 9. A. from B. in C. with D. on

    ( ) 10. A. either B. neither C. other D. nor 阅读理解,


    The sea looks very beautiful when the sun is shining on it. But people are afraid of it when there is a strong wind.

     The sea is very big. It covers ;覆盖?three quarters of the earth. The sea is also very deep ;深?in some places. There is one place in the sea. It is about 11 kilometers deep there. The highest mountain ;由?in the world is about 9 kilometers

    high. If we put the mountain into the sea at that place, there is about 2 kilometers of

    water above it.

     In most parts of the sea, there are a lot of fishes and small living ;有生命

    的?things. Lots of fishes eat them.

     The sea can be very cold. When people go down, the sea becomes colder and

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    colder. Only some men can go down into the deep sea. But in 1970, five women lived

    in the deep sea for fourteen days.

     1. Why are people afraid of the sea?

     A. Because the sea is very big.

     B. Because the sea is very deep.

     C. Because there is a strong wind sometimes.

     D. Because the sea will cover the land.

     2. Lots of fishes ______.

     A. don’t come out of the sea because it’s too hot

     B. can’t live in the deep sea

     C. have enough food because they are good at fishing

     D. can eat the small living things if they’re hungry

     3. In 1970, five women lived in the deep sea for 14 days. This showed ______.

     A. living in the deep sea was interesting

     B. the sea was not cold at all

     C. women could do things as men

     D. people wanted to know how cold it was

     4. Which of the following is NOT true?

     A. The sea sometimes is very beautiful.

     B. Only a quarter of the earth is land.

     C. There are a lot of fishes in the sea.

     D. If people go down into the sea, they will feel warmer and warmer.


    A city is a very big place. Sometimes its a lonely place, too. There are thousands of people in a city, but some of them dont have any friends.

    How about you? Do you have a lot of friends? If you don’ t, make friends today.

    If you do, make another friend today.

    Pick a stranger at your job or school. Walk up to him or her and say, “Hello. My

    name’ s....What’ s your name?” Start with a conversation(谈话).Smile, listen carefully, and show interest in your new friend’ s answers. Ask “Where are you from?” and “Do

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    you like this city?” That’ s a good way to start.


    1. A city is a very big and noisy and lonely place.

    2. Everyone in the city has many friends.

    3. The paragraph tells us not to make friends in a city.

    4. When you wanted to make friends with someone, please say at first, “What’ s

    your name? How old are you?”

    5. It’ s a good thing to make friends with others.



    Name: JackClass: Class 2, Grade 1

     Math: hard-working

     Spanish: good at speaking

     History: can do better

     Chinese: so-so

     Science: lazy student

     Geography: do well in writing

    Dear parents,

    I got my report card yesterday. I did OK in some subjects. My math teacher said ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yours Jack

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    . surprise return better copy report .

     1. surprise party 2. was mad at 3. pass, message 4. are supposed to

    5. do well in 6. in good health 7. get over 8. have a favor




    1. do well in 2. in good health mad at 4.told ..she was …us

    5. we were …them 6. if he could…my 7. why you were 8. told she was…me

    . 1-5 CBBDA 6-10 CDDBA


    (A) 1. C 2. D 3. C 4. D

    (B) 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.F 5.T

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