Time and Tide waits for no man

By Charlie Bailey,2014-05-16 20:59
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Time and Tide waits for no man

Time and Tide waits for no man

    They say dead and life are not in anyones hands’’, there are something

    that happen every time and with every man. The same is the case with time. In most of times we take it for granted that there is always plenty of time. Oue to perhaps we indulge in various activities, which is a

    wholesale waste of time.

    The clock is kicking all the time. The sound hands keep on kicking just like the busy ants. The ants are always keep them busy by hunting for food everywhere. Similarly the second hands keep on kicking to attain the short-term goal of making a minute with 60 kicks. After reaching a milestone of minutes, the second hands do not take a break, but start afresh to another circle of minute. They take it second by second and inadvertently reach a quarter of hour, and hour and a day. They always focus on small targets-that is a minute and the aim of bigger goals of the clock itself get fulfilled.

    Parallel to this, in our life do we never realizes that we have a lot to do. Between big tasks we have enough time to fit in a plethora of small tasks. When waiting for a train at the station you can read a magazine or rather chalk out your study timetable for the exams. Traveling in a bus too you have enough time to at least skim though the previous dairy notes. Be like the clock. Always keep ticking by involving yourself in various works and learn new knowledge. These small knowledge and experiences

may perhaps take your big goal some day. They say time and tide waits

for no man.

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