TV advertising

By Timothy Mitchell,2014-06-16 22:30
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TV advertising

    TV advertising

    Good morning ladies and gentleman, Im very glad to stand here today to tell you something about TV

    advertising. Nowadays, more and more family has TV in their houses, which they usual spend much time to watch TV. Its give a chance for the TV advertising to develop. Especially, with the TV program become more popular in our daily life. TV advertising has affected our life here and there. What is TV advertising? How it affects our daily life? Why it has so much popular? Follow me, and I will tell you the answer.

    TV advertising is a form of advertising spread from television, often used to promote products, services, organizations, concept, and so on. Not only a sugar can produce TV advertising, but also a political can become an effective advertising. For example, in American TV advertising has been thought that the key to success in the election, if a candidate make a wonderful TV advertising you may be the next president, or else he will come to nothing. TV advertising has already related every aspect of our life.

    There are many advantages on TV advertising. Firstly, its aimed at general audience, large coverage and high

    popularizing rate. Television is a magical thing that every Chinese people who live in last century dream to own. People amazing that it is combine with image, sound and word to present people a good insight. The first television produced in our country is in 1958, which was made in Tianjin. Now, many years later, hardly all of Chinese family has television. The time we spend on watching TV are growing up. Its means that we pay more

    attention to the TV advertising, which is implanted between television programs. Secondly, it has high credibility;可信度;and easy to build a close relation with audience Most of people think that seeing and believing, they prefer to believe the thing they see on television every day, rather than to buy a product they did not hear before. Because the product they saw on television has impressed deeply in their mind, its difficult to let them trust new

    one. Thirdly, its the fastest and the most influence way to spread the information to people. Wherever you go, home, hotel, street, although in a bus, you will see all kinds of TV advertisings. Its close to ordinary peoples life,

    so people can accept the product quickly.

    Next, I will introduce you TV advertising from characteristics, pattern of manifestation (表现形式), type and

    forms of publication.

    I. Characteristics

     A. Exclusivity (独占性)

    The viewer usually cast away another thing and sit front of the television when they watch TV.

     B. Generalized;广泛性;

     Hardly all of family has television. After their dinner or have a walk they usually watch TV at home.

     C. Impressions;印象性;

     People often remember a product because of a picture or a sound, which they saw from TV advertising. II. Pattern of manifestation

     A. The story

     Through tell a story to express the relationship between product and customer to moving the customer.

     B. The time type

     Using documentary or narrate to show the relationship between social advantage and product.

     C. The confirm;印证式;

     Through famous people or general people to prove the product is useful, to achieve effective the audience. It needs a high skill when we make the TV advertising. Otherwise, the customer will doubt the product.

     D. The model

     Preparing or showing product to express the special advantage characteristic in the product.

     E. The humor

     Using humorous language to introduce the characteristic of product, so that make the audience accept the AD information in a happy atmosphere.

     F. The suspense

     Increase audiences attention and curiosity through set suspense.

    III. Type

     The type of TV advertising expresses the originality of advertising. When we choose a kind of type we should think about whether the type accord with the requirement of originality. Moreover, whether accord with the appeal point;诉求点; of TV AD. Whether benefit public product launch information. Whether accepted easily by audience.

     A. News (新闻报道型)

     This type of advertising use news reports to record the information of product by documentary method. (


     B. Questions (问答型)

    Through a person ask and another answer to plant the product information in the talking.

     C. Emotional life fragment

     Something general people talk about or evaluate facts in daily life, using TV technology to recreate the part of artistic process, then show on TV screen.

     D. Atmosphere

     This kind of AD is through a special place and a special to create an emotional atmosphere between people and living.

     E. Cartoon and Computer special effects

     Through cartoon and computer special effects to show the content, which entity cant or difficult to show.

    The vision may be more fun and the content can also be more creative space. As we know NAO BAIJING is a very famous product. Its cartoon TV advertising play an important role.

     IV Forms of publication

    A way that TV station offer the best time to the company to broadcast AD.

     A. The special broadcast (特约播映;

     The special broadcast is a way that TV station provides special broad time to customer. The time can be before or after TV program.

     B. Word advertising ;文字广告;


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