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FM 1

    Money talk: finance and investment terms for busy people / Edna Carew 1999 ISBN 186508087X

    Brief definitions of the words used in finance and investment.

FM 2

    Ageing and money: Australia’s retirement revolution / Diana Olsberg 1997 ISBN1864480475

    Compulsory occupational superannuation is explained for employees in Australia

    (particularly women) and also for decision-makers in the superannuation funds, the

    investment and finance sectors, employers, trade unions and government departments.

FM 3

    Super simple superannuation / Barbara Smith and ED Koken / 1998

    ISBN 1875857664

    Basic information and superannuation issues for employees, employers, the self-

    employed, high income earners, couples and women and considerations when leaving a

    job and in retirement.

FM 4

    Building wealth in changing times / Jan Somers / 1994 ISBN 0646192000 Planning for a secure financial retirement is outlined by superannuation including a “do-

    it-yourself” super scheme and investing in property.

FM 5

    The woman’s money book / Vivienne James / 2000 New edition ISBN 1876026227 Australian women can take charge of their finances by understanding how budget and

    save, information on tax and superannuation, credit, investments, financial commitments

    in relationships, and planning for a secure future.

FM 6

    Your GST questions answered / Peter Switzer / 2nd edition ISBN 1740092449

    This book contains exactly what the title promises and more! This new edition is

    completely updated to include current GST information with added tips for small


FM 7

    The 9 steps to financial freedom: practical and spiritual steps so you can stop

    worrying / Suze Orman / Australian edition

    Managing money is much more than a matter of balancing cheque books or juggling

    credit cards bills. Many of us know what we ought to be doing with our money but don’t

    know where to start. The author shows you how to break through your financial

    anxieties and take power over your money.

FM 8

    Women and shares in Australia / how to start buying shares and secure your

    financial future / Robyn Murtagh / 2000 ISBN 1865033960 The aim of this easy-to-read book is to teach you about the fundamentals of investing,

    so you can take charge of your own financial future.

FM 9

    Don’t kiss your money goodbye: how to choose a financial adviser / Australian

    Securities Commission and Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd

    1997 Revised edition ISBN 0646111485

    The right financial advice can help you make more informed decisions about money.

FM 10

    Buying a car on your terms / Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Ltd

    rd1997 3 edition

FM 11

    An introduction to investment clubs / Jennie Gzik, Office of Women’s Policy [NT]

    1998 ISBN 0724545042

    Investment clubs share the risks and benefits of managing money.

FM 12

    Superannuation : what women need to know / Northern Territory Women’s Information Advisory Council / 1998

FM 13

    Easy steps to share investment / Australian Stock Exchange / 1996

    Covers the benefits of share investment, how the sharemarket works, investing and

    building a share portfolio.

FM 14

    Women as consumers / Northern Territory Attorney-General’s Department


    Covers consumer protection, credit and debts, buying a second-hand car, business

    contracts, shopping, lay-bys, unsolicited goods, door-to-door salesmen, pyramid selling,

    chain letters, property investment, renting, and contacts.

FM 15

    Checklist for starting a business / 1991 ISBN 0644133775

FM 16

    Checklist for obtaining finance

    Checklist of things to consider before signing a guarantee

    Checklist of things to consider before signing a contract

    A guide to financial language


FM 17

    Financial security: the guide to managing your money / Chris Rawlinson &

    John Legg / 1996 ISBN 0957804911

    Budgeting and managing money in simple language.

FM 18

    Love and loans: what every woman needs to know about relationship debt / NSW

    Department of Fair Trading / 2000

    Before going co-borrower or guarantor, women should be aware of the financial

    consequences in case the relationship breaks down.

FM 19

    Your consumer rights: from theory to practice / [ACT Government]


FM 20

    Report to the Minister under Section 75AZ of the Trade Practices Act 1974: 1 October to 31 December 2000 / 2001 ISBN 0642402868

    GST issues.

FM 21

    Your mortgage and how to pay it off in five years: by someone who did it in three

    / Anita Bell / 2001 Revised edition ISBN 1740510909

    Practical advice on how to save the deposit, how to secure the right loan, how to find the

    right house or flat at the right price, how to budget an how to pay off the loan in the

    quickest way.

FM 22

    Real estate mistakes: how to avoid them, how to save money and live happily

    ever after … / Neil Jenman / 2000 ISBN 0958651728 Divided into three parts: buying a home (money, purchasing, dealing with agents), selling a home (choosing an agent, negotiating, paying an agent, methods of sale

    (including auctions, multi-listing and private sales), presentation of your home, open

    inspections, advertising and marketing, and possible problems) and finally a discussion

    of ethics in real estate.

FM 23

    Redundancy and you / National Information Centre on Retirement Investments Inc (NICRI) / 1999

    Covers financial planning and choosing a financial planner, termination payments,

    accessing superannuation, rollovers, pensions and social security, and guarantees.

FM 24

    Financial freedom … starting now!: an action guide / Hans Jacobi

    2001 ISBN 1876818093

    Explains values, beliefs and behaviours which support wealth creation and tells how to

    take control of your finances, Contains exercises and action steps for changing your

    attitude to financial planning.

FM 25

    The money motivator / Paul Hanna / 1999 ISBN 0140281010 A little pocket book offering quick tips for success with personal finances.

FM 26

    Understanding Shares / Robyn Murtagh / ISBN 1 86503 570 x

    A woman’s guide to the Australian sharemarket including perils, ethical investing,

    investment clubs, how companies are run, how to get the best from your superannuation


FM 27

    Earning Money From Home / Derryn Heilbuth / 2001 ISBN 0947277870

    Ideas and advice on starting a home-based business, including real life case studies

    from all around Australia.

FM 28

    My Money, Myself / Anne Ingram & Peggy O’Donnell / 2002 ISBN 094727796x

    Hands on basic financial planning for women of all ages.

FM 29

    Buyer Beware / Terry Ryder / 2001 ISBN 1876627891 Beware the Auction system, marketing shams, timeshare industry, exaggerated

    investment returns, the dream of home ownership.

FM 30

    Your Mortgage. How to pay it off in Five Years / Anita Bell / 2000 / ISBN 1740510909

    In simple no-nonsense steps, Anita shows how to save the deposit, how to secure the

    right loan, how to find the right house or flat, how to get it at the right price and how to

    make it all yours.

FM 31

    Get That Home Deposit / Peter Cerexhe / 2003 ISBN 1865087424 Practical, sound advice on the tricks and traps encountered in raising a home deposit.

FM 32

    The Road To Wealth / Paul Clitheroe / 2001 / ISBN 0670875430 Paul Clitheroe shows you how to achieve the personal financial success that will allow

    you to look forward to economic security for the rest of your life

FM 33

    Surviving and Thriving / Care Inc Financial Counselling Service / 2000

    A resouce kit for people on low incomes within the ACT and surrounding districts.

FM 34

    Shares your questions answered / Peter Switzer / 2002 / 1 74009 238 4 A guide to understanding how to make your money work for you in the stock exchange.

    Plan you financial future.

FM 35

    Couple & Money / James Walker

2003 ISBN 0330364200

    An insight in how to approach money in a relationship.


    Superannuation Choice of funds It’s your money, it’s your choice/ Barbara

    Smith & Dr Ed Koken / 1999/ 1 87585796 6

    Written in simplistic words to better understand issues such as fund and investment options, retirement and all the implications. A book for employers and employees.


    Women Talking Money / Leslie Falkiner-Rose/ 2003/ 0 73140024 0 Over 100 women of all ages interviewed about their about fears, perceptions and

    managing money. The book talks about how to tackle financial issues and how to

    identify resources available to women.


    A Beginners Guide to Small Business in Australia / Lance Chambers/ 2002/

    0 70163726 9

    This book guides you through business plans, increasing profitability, financial

    management, accounting, staff training and many other facets of small business.


    Do it yourself Superannuation/ Austin Donnelly and Barbara Smith/ 2002/

    0 70163690 4

    A comprehensive and practical guide to setting up and managing your own personal

    superannuation fund. It explains legal and accounting requirements, investment options,

    how to set policy and strategies and the advantages and disadvantages.


    The Woman’s Money Book/ Vivienne James/ 2003/ 1 74114131 This book provides women with sensible advice on how to take charge of their finances.

    Advice ranges from stress-free ways to budgeting and saving, minimising debt,

    investments and planning for the future. The author Vivienne James is the Executive

    Vice President of BT Financial Group, with 20 years of experience.


    Do it Yourself Retirement Planning/ Barbara Smith and Dr Ed Koken/2003

    0 70163771 4

    A guide to creating your own wealth through careful retirement planning. The aim is to

    maximise your after tax income and increasing your net wealth. The book includes

    worksheets that will enable you to personalise your DIY retirement plan, as well as

    providing you with the knowledge to put it to practice.

     FM 42

    Raising Kids without breaking the bank/ Stella Tarakson

    2000 ISBN 1 74114 190 7

    Aims to provide ways to make financial aspects of parenthood easier without

    compromising the health and the happiness of the child.

FM 43

    The Girl’s Guide to Real Estate / Tess Brady & Donna Lee Brien

    2002 ISBN 1 86508 883 8

    A practical guide for women wanting to organise their financial future.

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