the last man in the mars

By Dan Austin,2014-06-16 14:37
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the last man in the mars

    It's wrong that mars has no life.He is the last one.This is a handsome boy with big eyes and short hair.He always wears a shirt just like a boy lives on the earth.But he has been living for 200 years.His families and the other person lived on this star had dead because of the pestilence. The mars people lived in deep underground.There is a tomb raider underworld in the mars.It's a beautiful and technological country. Everything for making a living like food;drinks;clothes and so many

    buildings are concluded.He control all the country because he is the only survivor.So he need not to do anything.If he is hungry or thirsty;he will

    go to a supermarket to find something to eat or drink.

    The person lived in the mars made all the food and drinks by clouds.So they collected all the clouds around the mars to make all kinds of food and dinks.But the cloud to the mars is just like a protective umbrella;it's

    easy to be illness without the protective umbrella.He is a lazy guy.What he like most is sleeping.He had slept for several days when the disease came.So he hid the disaster.This is the reason why all the person dead except him.

    When he woke up;there was no other person the whole world;he just

    saw so many coffins.Every one has a coffin when he was born in the mars.And he will lie in his own coffin when he realize he would die.So all the people lied in their own coffin when they realized they would die. He never worry about how to make a living because he has

    everything.His eating;clothing or playing everything is for free.But he don't like the life like this.He is too lonely.He is so sad.And now he is also ill not because of the pestilence but for his unhappiness.He know he will die not long after.He also has a coffin.He miss his family so much.And then;he lie in his coffin.

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