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DACE Administrator Security HandbookThe purpose of this Reference Guide is to provide information for Local Districts and Schools regarding emergency

School Operations



     Los Angeles Unified School District NOVEMBER 2006 | Vol. 2, #5 | Send This to a Friend | 2006-07 Planning Calendar David Brewer, III Superintendent CAMPUS SAFETY These are date are approximate please look for updated communication with actual due dates. Santiago Jackson DACE Administrator Security Handbook Assistant Superintendent July 2006 -Vendor Service Contract Agreements Please review this booklet for general guidelines for campus Dominick Cistone security. Here is an excerpt from the guide: August 2006 Administrator -Vendor Service Contract Agreements Responsibilities of the School Principal Nancy Woodrum October 2006 ? The school principal is responsible for the proper Administrator 1 - Safe School Plan -Volume 2 functioning of the school and has the primary Administrator Certification Form responsibility for the supervision of all personnel - Fire Drill (Fall Semester) Links & Downloads assigned to the school location, including the Security Officer and School Safety Officer. November 2006 ? The principal may delegate the immediate 11-Fall Alternative Emergency Exercise- BUL 2047.0 Responding to Shelter in Place Drill & Radio Test supervision of the security personnel to another Hate Motivated Incidents administrator. The principal, or the principal's and Crimes January 2007 designee, is expected to: Student Body Finance Report ? Develop specific written responsibilities, which REF 1314 - Emergency define the expected conduct of the officer on the February 2007 Drills and Procedures school site. Site Lease Agreements Due Fire Drill (Spring Semester) ? Develop a "routine sheet" for security personnel Contacts and substitutes detailing generally when and where March 2007 they are expected to be. Safe School PlanVolume 1 (include community For Assistance with ? Designate an office staff member to monitor the meeting verification and sign in sheets) Operations/Facilities issues two-way radio. Conduct daily radio check LAUSD ―Live Violence Free‖ Day please contact: procedure. Deadline for ordering 2007 Diplomas for ? Confer with the security personnel and his/her June 2007 delivery. Nancy Woodrum supervising officer to review the class description to Tel 213-241-3153 April 2007 ensure that the officer is thoroughly aware of SEI Form 700 Filing Deadline FAX 213-241-6836 his/her District and school site responsibilities. ―SHAKE‖ Earthquake Exercise ? Meet with the security personnel as often as Student Body Finance Report necessary to ensure that each is aware of current Custodial Allotment Survey Bill Van De Water happenings. Administrator Certification Form Tel 213-241-3830 ? Meet as often as necessary with the security FAX 213-241-8417 May 2007 personnel and the supervising officer to discuss the -Summer Org Chart school site security operation and the performance -Community Classroom Confirmation to Moving Forward of the security personnel. DACE Facilities Created by - Request for Branch Location Forms Due Nancy Woodrum It includes the following topics: Important Phone Numbers, Responsibilities of the School Principal, School Safety, Editing/Layout by - June 2007 Officer Duties, Security Officer Duties, Frequently Asked Ryan Whetstone Fall Org Chart Supervision of Instruction Training Questions, Tips: Security "Dos and Don'ts", Sample Night Verification Officer Routine, Sign-in/Activity Log, and Questions Asked School Inventory When Reporting a Crime. If you do not have a booklet copy _________________________________ you man download a text version from the DACE website, ACCREDITATION Administrators, Operation section, Documents and links. Click here to download a PDF Version. administrators/accreditation/


     Please visit the WASC Website MEM-2689.1-Uniform LA School Police Adult Division Sign-in Complaint Procedures Activity Log (UCP) 2006-2007 Sergeant Rory C. Seldon has provided us with a and review the current The Los Angeles Unified School sign-in/activity report form, to be completed newsletter District has the primary daily, by the police officers working at your site. responsibility to insure The file is on the DACE website at: WASC Words 2006 compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, In particular, please and shall investigate complaints note the article alleging failure to comply with Click here to download the log. submitted by applicable state and federal laws Dr. Marilyn George and regulations and/or alleging entitled: “WASC discrimination. REF 1314 Emergency Drills and Accreditation: An Procedures Ongoing Uniform Complaint Procedures Comprehensive (UCP) 2006-2007 The purpose of this Reference Guide is to provide School Improvement information for Local Districts and Schools regarding Process. It provides emergency drills and procedures. This Reference a comprehensive ___________________________ Guide replaces Office of the Superintendent Bulletin summary of the N-25 on the same subject, dated December 16, 2002. accreditation process Business Tools for Schools Information regarding drill documentation has been (it is located in “about (BTS) Training updated to reflect the current law. WASC Accreditation). ADMINISTRATORS HAVE YOU 2006-07 Upcoming BEGUN YOUR BTS TRAINING?? Click here for Emergency Drills and Procedures Accreditations Belmont CAS To access your My Change and El Camino CAS Training Guide click Reseda CAS CAS / Skills BUL 2047.0 Responding to Hate Motivated d/changeguide/. Center Incidents and Crimes Enter your e-mail address including the domain name (e.g. 3 year Visit This bulletin updates District policy and procedures for or Harbor OC the documentation and reporting of hate-motivated and click on Submit. North Valley OC incidents and crimes. Westchester CAS Who can you contact? Westside CAS Click Here for BUL 2047.0 ??For training scheduling _________________ information, contact Maria Guzman at LAUSD Police ? For general project information: Department E-mail the BTS Project at Adult School/SSO REF-1300.2-Fall 2006 Alternate or visit the BTS Newsletter Emergency Exercise Website: Please review the ___________________________ latest edition on the Has you campus completed the Fall 2006 Emergency DACE Website Exercise? It is to be conducted any day during the Do you recognize these folks? week of November 13 - 17, 2006. Please ensure your CLICK HERE campus is in compliance. Fall 2006 Alternate Emergency Exercise (38.48 KB approx.) Attachment A - Sample Letter - pdf Attachment B - Evaluation Form - pdf

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