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     CALA Committee/Taskforce Report June 2009

    Name of the Committee: CALA Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake

     Disastrous Areas in China

Member Roster (Please list Chair as the first name):

    Sally C. Tseng (Chair), Maria Fung, Esther Lee, Ying Liu, Cathy Yang, Priscilla Yu, Liana Zhou

    ShaLi Zhang, CALA President, ex officio, Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director, ex officio, Shuyong Jiang, CALA Treasurer, ex officio

Is this an interim or annual report?

    _____ Interim report __X___ Annual report

    Goals of the CALA Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China

    1. to raise funds for the libraries’ victims, injured and those whose homes were destroyed by

    the May 2008 earthquakes task completed;

    2. to raise funds in support of rebuilding collections for libraries destroyed by the May

    2008 earthquakes task completed; and

    3. to provide Training Seminars on Preparation for Natural Disasters, Emergencies,

    Digitization and Preservation of Library Collections on going.

    List significant activities the committee has done since last report in January 2009:

A. Fundraising Efforts:

    We are pleased to report the total fund raised for the China Earthquake Relief Fund is:

    US$20,800.00. It is the largest fundraising efforts in CALA history. (Please see TF Jan.

    2008 report for a list of donors in CALA Newsletter, No. 100 (Spring 2009), p. 32))

    Donations received:

     by Checks: US$11,385.00

     via PayPal: US$ 9,415.00 (Need to deduct PayPal fees)

     Total: US$11,385.00 + US$9,415.00=US$20,800

     Actual Grand Total Received: US$20,800 -US$400.00 PayPal fees = US$20,400.00

    We would like to thank our donors for their generous donations. We have been working

    with the Library Society of China to distribute the above funds.

B. Distributions of Funds:

    1. CALA Donation (US$10,000.00) to LSC and Distributed to 32 Libraries Victims and

    Librarians Whose Homes Were Destroyed by the 2008 Earthquakes

    With the assistance of the Library Society of China (LSC) we had distributed the donated

    funds in the amount of US$10,000.00 to library earthquake victims, injured and librarians

    who lost their homes and personal properties during the 2008 massive earthquakes. In

    January 2009, Ms. Tang Gengsheng, LSC Secretary General and a few staff, flew to

    Sichuan Province to distribute earthquake donations including the US$10,000.00 CALA's

    donation to the library colleagues in the earthquake areas. LSC sent us lists of 32

    recipients in Sichuan who received CALA donated funds with signatures by the

     Please visit the following URL for the names of recipients: recipients.

     (see also Appendix 1: the condensed article published in Library Society of China

    Newsletter, 2009, no. 1, pp. 37-38)

The following is a summary of the distributions of the $10,000.00 to 32 Chinese Librarians

    and Library Workers Received CALA Donated Fund from the LSC Representatives:

Library Names/Numbers of librarians Amount Sub-Total

    Beichuan County Library Li Chun, Library Director ?20,463.16

     Seriously injured (US$3,000.00) = ?20,463.16

    Beichuan County Library Mrs.Wang Ming-wen. ?13,642,11

     (Mr. Wang died) (US$2,000.00) = ?13,642,11

    Beichuan County Library 4 libns & workers ? 1,137,00 ea = ? 4,548.00 Qingchuan County Library 9 libns & workers ? 1,137,00 ea = ?10,233.00 Wenchuan County Library 4 libns & workers ? 1,137,00 ea = ? 4,548.00 Aba Teachers’ College Lib. 13 libns & workers ? 1,137,00 ea = ?14,781.00

     (US$5,000.00) = ?34,110.00


     Grand Total: US$10,000.00 = ?68,215.27

     nd2. CALA 2 Donation (US$10,400.00) to LSC for Three Libraries Destroyed or

    Seriously Damaged by the Earthquakes

    1) We continue to work with the Library Society of China (LSC) in the distribution of ndthe 2 donation from the CALA Earthquake Fund. We are pleased to report that the

    LSC will assist in the process of distributing CALA’s 2nd donation in the amount of

    US$10,400.00 on CALA’s behalf and to identify three (3) libraries that have been

    rebuilt after the May 2008 massive earthquakes.

    2) Each of the three libraries will be able to use the CALA donated funds to purchase nd1,000 or more needed books for their library. We expect with the 2 donation the

    funds will purchase 6,000+ books for these three libraries. It is one of our goals and

    efforts to assist in rebuilding libraries in the earthquake disastrous areas in China.

    3. CALA/MLA Gift Bookplate

    Thanks to President ShaLi Zhang’s staff who has designed a Gift Bookplate with both

    Chinese and English names and Logos of the Chinese American Librarians Association

    (CALA) and the Medical Library Association (MLA). LSC has agreed to instruct the

    receiving libraries to add a CALA/MLA Gift Pookplate to each book indicating these are

    gift-books from both associations.

     nd4. CALA/LSC Agreement on CALA 2 Donated Funds for Gift Books for Three


    President Zhang and the Chair are working on an Agreement with the Library Society of ndChina who has agreed to assist CALA in the distribution of the CALA 2 donated funds

    to three Chinese libraries to help the newly-built libraries in these affected regions to

    purchase library materials. We anticipate the Agreement will be signed before July 12,

    2009. President Zhang will present a CALA check in the amount of US$10,400.00 to

    LSC during the CALA Awards Banquet on July 12, 2009 in Chicago. Director Kong

    Dechao of Henan Provincial Library, and Deputy Director Wang Jialing of Sichuan

    Provincial Library, will receive the CALA check on behalf of the Library Society of

    China (LSC).

    C. Book on China Earthquakes for Sale to Raise Fund for Rebuilding Library Collections

The Task Force received 30 copies of a book, entitled, 中国汶川抗震救灾纪实 = Reports of

    北京 : Beijing : the China Wenchuan Earthquakes Rescuing Efforts. 新华社总编室编.

    Xinhua Press, 2008. 345 pages. The cost is US$32.00 +US$3.00 = US$35.00 per copy. (see

    Appendix 2: Chinese and English Abstracts of : 中国汶川抗震救灾纪实 = Reports of the

    China Wenchuan Earthquakes Rescuing Efforts)

    This book is sent to us by Deputy Director Wang Jialing of the Sichuan Provincial Library. We highly recommend this book for your libraries. The proceeds of this book will be added to the

    CALA Earthquake Relief Fund as part of our fundraising efforts for libraries in the earthquake

    hard hit areas to rebuild their library collections. We’ll send you an Invoice if needed. A

    Receipt will be sent to you after we receive your check. Please send your check payable to:

    Chinese American Librarians Association and send your order to:

     Sally C. Tseng, Chair

     CALA Task Force on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China

     P.O. Box 4992, Irvine, CA 92616-4992


    D. Taskforce Members Speaking at Upcoming Conferences on Our Efforts in Rebuilding

    Libraries that were Affected by the 2008 Massive Earthquakes in China

    1. CALA Midwest Chapter 2009 Annual Program - Chicago Public Library - Chinatown

    Branch, on Saturday, July 11, 2009, 10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

     2353 S. Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616

    Liana Zhou, a Taskforce member will speak in the morning from 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

    at the CALA Midwest Chapter 2009 Annual Program in Chicago on the “CALA

    Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China: a

    Presentation of Activities and Efforts. The Presentation will include information of

    the Taskforce’s activities and accomplishments from June 2008 to July 2009.

    2. California Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference in Pasadena Convention

    Center, California on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009 (date and time to be confirmed by CLA)

    Sally C. Tseng, Chair of the Taskforce, will be one of the speakers at the 2009 CLA

    Annual Conference in the Program on the theme “From Prevention of Earthquake

    Damages to Preservation of Collections”. This Program is sponsored by the CALA

    Southern California Chapter and co-sponsored by the CLA Technical Services Interest

    Group and the CLA Chinese American Librarians Round Table.

    Sally Tseng will speak on the “Moving stories that touch our hearts from the

    earthquakes in China and the efforts and work of the Chinese American Librarians

    Association on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China”.

E. Acknowledgement

    We are very grateful to our CALA members and friends for their donations in support of

    these Earthquakes Relief Funds for China. We would like to thank our donors for their

    generous donation. Special thanks go to the Medical Library Association for their strong

    support. We would like to thank CALA President ShaLi Zhang, Executive Director Haipeng

    Li, and TF members for their support in helping the Task Force raise funds and their work.

    Special thanks go to the LSC leaders in assisting distributing CALA donations to 32

    librarians and three libraries affected by the earthquakes to rebuild their library collections

List Taskforce recommendations, if any, to the Board:

    1. CALA Treasurer’s Report

    The Taskforce recommends adding all the donor’s names and donations to the CALA

    Treasurer’s Report under the Category: Earthquake Funds.

    2. Provide Library Training Seminars on Natural Disasters as part of the CALA 21st

    Century Librarian Seminar Projects.

    The Taskforce recommends CALA to Provide Training Seminars on Preparation for

    Natural Disasters, Emergencies, Digitization and Preservation of Library Collections

    as part of the 21st Century Librarian Seminar Projects.

    Because we will send all the funds raised for the CALA Earthquake Funds to LSC to assist Chinese libraries, librarians and workers there are no funds remaining to conduct training workshops which is one of our Goals. We propose organizing seminars that will highlight information and knowledge and bring innovation and new skills that can be applied to Chinese academic, special, school or public libraries, archives and museums in cases of emergencies or natural disasters The Chair and some of our Taskforce members have done in-depth research on relevant information on earthquake and other natural disasters and their work on preparation, salvage, digitization and preservation of library materials. We also have identified some experts in natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and wildfires, floods, hurricanes, storms, and other natural disasters.

    This new Seminar theme will benefit administrators, librarians and staff in all types of libraries, archives and museums with methods and strategies that can be applied to safety preparedness and the reduction of damages and losses as well as digitization and preservation programs. The Taskforce and selected CALA members can conduct meaningful training Seminars for their Chinese library communities on this theme based on American experience.

    As we plan the Seminar, we know how important it is to have quality presenters that will inspire librarians. We need a seminar that will provide fresh, practical and timely ideas that are relevant to librarians’ work as well as to their personal lives. The Taskforce members and some CALA members with special expertise will deliver that and much more to CALA’s next Seminar!

    We hope to work with the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Projects on these Seminars.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sally C. Tseng, Chair, for the

    CALA Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in the Earthquake Disastrous Areas in China

Appendix 1: the condensed article published in the Library Society of China Newsletter, 2009,

    no. 1, pp. 37-38)

    中国图书馆学会工作通讯 2009 年第1 pp. 37-38

    Library Society of China Newsletter, 2009, no. 1, pp. 37-38


    中国图书馆学会赴成都发放赈灾捐款 (Condensed and retyped by Sally C. Tseng)

受中国图书馆学会和美国华人图书馆员协会委托, 中国图书馆学会秘书长汤更生及 工作



中图学会一行8日下午成都到达后, 在四川省图书馆学会和省馆的安排下, 立即召开了赈灾

    捐款发放工作会议, 商讨赈灾捐款的具体发放对象和发放方法。 会议由四川省馆副馆长

    王嘉陵主持, 省馆馆长李忠昊以及来自汶川、北川、青川、绵阳、广元、绵竹、 德阳、


    确定捐款发放方法和对象后, 中图学会和省学会工作人员编制了 ;美国华人图书馆员协会

    (CALA) 中国地震灾区图书馆重建工作组 赈灾捐款发放明细表 ;中国图书馆学会

    赈灾捐款发放明细表, 分理每一笔捐款, 装入信封并注明金额和姓名。。。。。。

此次赴灾区共捐款207,900.27, 其中, 包括美国华人图书馆员协会 (CALA) 中国地震灾

     图书馆重建工作组 委托分发的 10,000.00 美元 (折合人民币68,210.53)。。。。。

    (学会秘书处 陈光)

Appendix 2: Chinese and English Abstracts of:

中国汶川抗震救灾纪实 = Reports of the China Wenchuan Earthquakes Rescuing Efforts

摘要: 本书为新华社组织编写的抗震救灾纪实图书, 以时间顺序, 地震突如


    生奇迹不断 等八个章节, 共收录新华社记者现场采写、 拍摄的140多篇 新闻报道


    Abstract: This book with more than 80 photos records moving and inspiring moments of the May 12th, 2008 (time: 14:28) 8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks that struck extensive areas in China, covering many provinces. It records the effective, timely and persevering efforts and strengths by the Rescuing Teams from all over China and around the world. It expresses our deepest grief and support to the victims and survivals.

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