Test L61-90 A4

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Test L61-90 A4

Unit Test 3 FOR 3L? (Lesson 61-90)

    ?. Put them in the correct place,将下列单词分类(.

    coat, sock, dress, meat, cheese, fork, knife, shirt, rice, flour, bird, bread, butter, tap, radio, bell, horse, lollipop,

    candle, newspaper, tea, coffee, pear, carrot, lemon, fire, sugar, lemonade, milk, water, jam, ink, chalk, honey, soup, tooth-paste

    可数: ____________________________________________________________________________________

     _________________________________________________________________________________ 不可数: ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

    ?. 单选题

    ( ) 1. It’s raining ___ your raincoat. A. Take on B .Put on C. Turn on D. Take off ( ) 2. I can see a girl ___the lake. A. stands B. standing C. are standing D. stand ( ) 3. Look, he is ___ a letter now. A. written B. writes C. writing D. write ( ) 4. There ___ milk or sugar in the cup. A. aren’t any B. are not some C. isn’t any D. is

    ( ) 5. There ___ a fork and many ___ on the desk. A. is, knifes B. is, knives C. are ,knifes D. are, knives ( ) 6. This is not ___ dictionary .It’s ___.

    A. your, Jane’s sister B. my, Jane’s sister’s C. her, Jane’s sister D. me, Jane sister’s

    ( ) 7. -___book is this? –It’s Mary’s. A. Whose B. Whom C. Who’s D. Who

    ( ) 8. The jeans are too long.-Try this ___on. A. one B. pair C. a D. an ( ) 9. ___ is my ruler? –It’s in your pencil case. A. Where B. What C. Whose D. Who

    ( ) 10. You’d better ___your coat. It’s cold here. A. take off B. put off C. put on D. take on

    ( ) 11. Listen ___the dialogue and choose the best answer. A. at B. on C. to D. in ( ) 12.-Can you type this letter?-______. A. No, I can’t B. Yes, I must C. Yes, my can D. No, I need.

    ( ) 13.-What are you doing now? -_______.

     A. I making a bookcase B. I am making a bookcase C. I am makeing a bookcase D. I makeing a book case ( ) 14. ______two new friends in our class. A. There is B. There are C. has D. have ( ) 15. How old is ___? A. she B. she’s C. her D. hers

    ( ) 16. Are you flying kites?-______. A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I are. D. Yes, I am. ( ) 17. How many ______can you see in the _____?

     A. pen, pencil-box B. rulers, pencil-box C. knifes, the pencil-box D. knives, the pencil-box ( ) 18. There are few ___ in the fridge. Let’s go and buy some beans and cabbages.

    A. vegetables B. fruit C. meat D. water

    ( ) 19. I’m thirsty.! I want to _____. A. food B. drink C. eat D. smell

    ( ) 20.-Are there any tall buildings in the village? -______.

     A. No, there aren’t . B. No, there isn’t. C. No, there are. D. Yes, there aren’t.

    ?.Choose to complete the dialogue,选择补全对话(.

    1. Jack: Hello. This is Jack. _______

    Child: Sure. Jack: What are you doing?

    Child: _______. Jack: _______

    Child: She’s cooking dinner. Jack: What is your father doing?

    Child: _______ Jack: _______

    Child: It’s watching the fish in the fishbowl. Jack: Thank you.

    Child: You’re welcome. Bye.

    A. I’m watching TV. B. What is your cat doing?

    C. He’s reading a newspaper. D. Can I ask you some questions?

    E. What is your mother doing?


    eat, old, very, years, happy, for, song,

    blow, cutting, play

    Jiamin: Hello, everyone. Today is my birthday. Children: _______ birthday, Jiamin.

    Xiaoling: How _______ are you today?

    Jiamin: Im ten _______old.

    Xiaoling: This birthday cake is _______ you. Jiamin: Thank you _______ much.

    Yongxian: _______ out the candles, Jiamin.

    Jiamin: All right. Now Im _______ cake. Come and _______ the cake, everyone. Xiaoling: Lets sing a birthday _______ to Jiamin.

    Yongxian: Lets _______ party games.

?. Fill in the blanks,填入所给单词的适当形式(.

    1. The boys can_______ (play) football. Look, they’re _____ (play) on the playground now. 2. I have a sister. _______ (she) name is Kate. 3. My mother _______ (sit) on a sofa now.

    4. Please give _______ (he) the book.

    5. Is there any _______ (water) in the bottle

?. 阅读并找出正确的选项

    1. A: HiWang Bing. Are you free today

    B: No. Im doing my homework.

    2. A: What do you need for your party, boys and girls? B: We need a vase and some flowers.

    3. A: Where are David and Mike

    B: They are in the playground. David is flying a kite. Mike is flying a model plane.

    4. A: Whats that under the table?

    B: Therere two lovely dogs.

    5. A: Can you swim, Helen

    B: No, I cant, but I can play the violin.

    ( ) 1. Wang Bing ___________.

    A. is sweeping the floor B. is doing housework at home C. is not free today

    ( ) 2. The children need _____________for their party.

    A. a tent and some flowers B. some candles and a vase C. some flowers and a vase

    ( ) 3. David is ____________- in the playground.

     A. riding a bike B. flying a kite C. flying a model plane

    ( ) 4. There are _____________ under the table.

    A. two dogs B. two toys C. two dolls ( ) 5. Helen _____________ .

    A. can swim B. can play the violin C. cant play the violin

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