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Engineering Manager Dec 2000 ? Aug 2004. GigaWaveTech (Pte) Ltd. (Singapore). Being headhunted from Denmark and brought to the newly founded and Hong Kong

Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863



    Senior management executive with 15 years+ active experience in R&D in relation to advanced

    technology, particularly telecommunication and wireless systems (GSM, GPRS, 3G, DECT,

    Bluetooth, NMT, CNETZ, R2000, Tetra etc.) Wide international experience including nearly 5

    years abroad, active participation in standardization work, working in multi-cultural enterprises

    and being a mentor for foreign and local engineers. Being an all-rounder in terms of in-depth

    knowledge of R&D, Quality Assurance as well as management, who has conceived several new

    concepts by combining creativity with experience.

    ? Telecommunications/wireless Research and Development (GSM, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth,

    DECT, NMT, R2000, CNETZ, Tetra etc.), 14 years

    ? Management (organizations, economy, people, projects, processes), 9 years

    ? Manufacturing engineering, 5 years

    ? IT networks (development), 1 year

    ? Engineering process improvement (ISO9000, 6-Sigma, CMM, CMMI and Agile

    methodologies such as Scrum), 6 years

    ? State of the art SW development tools and methodologies (Telelogic SDL, TTCN etc.),

    13 years


    ? Devising a unique system reducing the overall and average engineering lifecycle with

    40% over a period of 2 years

    ? Setting up several R&D teams from scratch and leading them to a stage of high maturity

    ? Chairing efforts in R&D process improvement and delivering customized integrated

    product development frameworks

    ? Identifying problems related to manufacturing configuration management in a large scale

    manufacturing line. Successively devising and implementing a concept which

    successfully eliminates all such problems

    ? Drastically improving quality and reducing development time, by achieving a large

    degree of synergy through team building exercises

    ? Defining several advanced wireless/telecom technology concepts (hardware as well as

    software) and bringing them to successful delivery

    ? Creating new telecommunication standards by representing Bosch Telecom and Siemens

    Mobile Phones in 3G standardization bodies

    ? Obtaining knowledge of a wide range of telecommunication and wireless standards (ETSI,

    3GPP, Bluetooth, IrDA, ITU-T, IEEE)

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Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863



Line Manager UI&Applications June 2006 present ndMotorola xProducts (the whole BenQ site at Aalborg was acquired by Motorola as of 2 of June


    ? Job content and scope as outlined below (@BenQ)

Line Manager UI&Applications Jan 2006 June 2006

    BenQ Denmark ApS (BenQ acquired the Mobile Division of Siemens October 2005). The

    organization was successively changed.

    ? Leading 26 people, being software development engineers and project leaders

    ? Establishing a new group from scratch (UI & Applications did not exist in Aalborg)

    ? Responsible for and adhering to the budget

    ? Working on the strategic level

    ? Allocating resources to new projects

    ? Defining the work processes (inclusive of Agile methods)

    ? Competence development

Line Manager Project Management Sept 2004 Jan 2006

    Siemens (Communication - Mobile Devices), Denmark. Hired to lead the project management office in Aalborg, Denmark.

    ? Leading 20 people (project managers either working on all features or a SW or HW

    subset as well as project assistants) in GSM/GPRS/UMTS projects (mobile devices)

    ? Responsible for proper project management on internal as well as ODM and OEM

    projects (large international profile)

    ? Full-scale multi-site development

    ? Responsible for and adhering to the budget

    ? Working on the strategic level

    ? Allocating resources to new projects

    ? Defining the work processes

    ? Competence development

Engineering Manager Dec 2000 Aug 2004

    GigaWaveTech (Pte) Ltd. (Singapore). Being headhunted from Denmark and brought to the

    newly founded and Hong Kong headquartered company GigaWaveTech, placed in Singapore.

    GigaWaveTech is a design house specializing in mainly Bluetooth solutions.

    ? Establishing an R&D unit from scratch (people, infrastructure etc.) and uniting people in

    a highly multicultural company (6 different nations)

    ? Defining concepts for various new technology platforms and successfully delivering 11


    ? Leading the efforts in developing our own Bluetooth Intellectual Properties, comprising

    own protocol stack, RF and baseband

Page: 2 Date: May 24, 2010

Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863


    ? Defining and implementing an integrated process development framework and

    engineering process

    ? Hands-on engineering experience with Bluetooth engineering, qualification and testing

    (so-called “Unplugged Fests”) as well as in-depth knowledge of the standards

    Technology and Competence Manager Jan 2000 Dec 2000 Siemens Mobile Phones (Denmark) / Bosch Telecom A/S (Denmark). Siemens Mobile Phones acquired Bosch Telecom May 2000.

    ? Leading an R&D unit (hardware and software)

    ? Helping in restructuring R&D (breaking up into smaller units)

    ? Handling internal contracts between the Technology and Competence unit and the project

    organization with good track record of meeting deadlines

    ? Creating new telecommunication standards on behalf of Siemens in a 3G standardization

    body (3GPP, T2, SWG2)

    ? Leading efforts in bringing emerging technologies into the product portfolio

    Principal SW engineer Jan 1998 Jan 2000 Bosch Telecom A/S (Denmark) was a GSM terminal and pager manufacturer.

    ? Going through 3 full development cycles of new projects (GSM phones)

    ? Mentor for new engineers and improving their integration with the organization

    ? Creating new telecommunication standards on behalf of Bosch Telecom in a 3G

    standardization body (3GPP, T2, SWG2)

    ? Specifying new successful concepts and platforms and leading them to successful


    Senior SW engineer Nov 1996 Jan 1998 Danphone A/S (Denmark) delivers solutions (digital switches, radios etc.) for various closed radio

    networks used on land, sea and in the air.

    ? After only 3 months, appointed to Project manager for a large scale project

    comprising a full analogue, radio network for the “Øresund” tunnels on the landside

    of Denmark (part of the link between Denmark and Sweden). Successfully completed

    the project

    ? As a sub-contractor working in an international project (led from Belgium)

    ? Successfully engineering and launching an ISO9001 compliant integrated product

    development framework, improving development time and quality

    ? Significant experience in managing sub-contractors

    SW engineer Oct 1994 Nov 1996 Dancall Telecom A/S (Denmark) was engineering and manufacturing GSM, NMT, R2000,

    CNETZ terminals as well as pagers and cordless phones (analogue systems plus DECT).

    Page: 3 Date: May 24, 2010

Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863


    ? Establishing a production engineering group from scratch (within R&D)

    ? Defining and implementing the concept comprising the test stations in a complete

    production, QA and service setup for a new series of products based on DECT

    (digital cordless phones)

    ? Engineering a capability analysis framework drastically improving the overall quality

    of the testers and improving the yield

    ? Contributed to process improvement (defining a new working model) improving the

    overall quality

    ? Successfully managed and adhered to budgets

SW supervisor Oct 1993 Oct 1994

    Monberg & Thorsen group (Denmark and Greenland). Being a subsidiary of Monberg & Thorsen,

    Denmark; Greenland Contractors maintains the activities at Thule Air Base, northern Greenland th on behalf of the US Air Force 12Space Warning Squadron.

    ? Supervising the IT infrastructure (engineering, maintenance, training)

    ? Lots of international experience (Americans, Greenlanders, Danes)

SW engineer Sep 1990 Aug 1993

    Dancall Radio A/S (Denmark) was a pioneer in developing and manufacturing mobile phone handsets (NMT450/900, R2000, CNETZ etc.) as well as pagers and analogue cordless phones.

    ? Engineering test software for a new series of mobile phones (analogue)

    Personal information

    ? Social and cheerful individual with a good sense of humor

    ? A good diplomat, able to work with all sorts of people

    ? Very high degree of professional and personal integrity

    ? Demonstrated leadership skills

    ? Facilitating, not dictating

    ? Committed / meeting deadlines

    ? Independent

    ? Ever evolving / improving

    ? Quite creative

    ? Multi-lingual (English, Danish, German and limited French, Thai and Chinese)

    ? Willing to travel and relocate

    ? National of Denmark

    ? Non smoker

I am a person with many hobbies, currently traveling, motorcycling, other cultures, sports

    (icehockey, skating, fitness, cycling), beer brewing and with a tendency to always get involved in

    organizations” (various social clubs). Last but not least, I also like to spend quality time with my family (wife Nuchjarin and 6 year old daughter Natalie).

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Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863



    ? Taking an MBA in Singapore (University of South Australia), but the education was

    put on hold due to the re-allocation following the job abroad.

    ? Diploma in specialized business studies, Aalborg Handelsskole, Denmark (several

    modules in management, latest module in year 2000). See also coursework section.

    ? Software engineer (Ballerup Tekniske Skole, Denmark and with significant time spent

    at Brüel & Kjær in Denmark and Canada), graduated 1990


    References available upon request.


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    UML for embedded real time systems (“Rhapsody”), Future Techno R&D 2002 Designs Singapore

    Practical Chinese I, Tropics Singapore Lang. 2002 Introduction to Specification Description Language (SDL), Future R&D 2001 Techno Designs Singapore

    The Technical Challenges of Bluetooth, APIS, Stockholm Sweden R&D 2000 Innovation, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark (diploma in specialized Mgmt. 2000 business studies)

    Meeting management, Gurre Gruppen Denmark Mgmt. 2000 Leadership I, Leif Berg Jensen Denmark Mgmt. 2000 Embedded Java, Aalborg University (AAU) Denmark R&D 1999 Creative problem solving, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark (diploma in Mgmt. 1999 specialized business studies)

    SW test (”The world of testing”) by Boris Beizer, Niveau Denmark R&D 1998 Organisation and strategy, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark (diploma in Mgmt. 1998

     1 Lang. Language course, Mgmt. Management course, R&D General R&D

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Brian Dahl

    Gustav Holms Vej 7, 9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark.

    Tel. (home): +45 98252584, Tel. (mobile): +45 30654863


    specialized business studies)

    Management course (11 sessions spread over 1 year), Jonathan A/S Mgmt. 1997 Denmark

    C++ Object oriented, DELTA, Denmark R&D 1997 Corporate organization, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark (diploma in Mgmt. 1997 specialized business studies)

    Management and collaboration, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark Mgmt. 1996 (diploma in specialized business studies)

    Business finance, Aalborg Handelsskole Denmark (diploma in Mgmt. 1996 specialized business studies)

    4 successive courses in German, AOF Aalborg Denmark (level 1-3) Lang. 1994


    1996 Basic C, DTI Denmark R&D 1995 SD-RT (structured design of real time systems), DTI Denmark R&D 1994 SA-RT (structured analysis of real time systems), DTI Denmark R&D 1994 Sequence of 8 courses in Unix, Oracle administration and R&D 1993 development, DDE, Herlev Denmark (3 weeks in total)

    NMT course (Nordic Mobile Telephone), Sønderborg Tekniske Skole R&D 1992 Denmark

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