Test L101-110

By Michelle Black,2014-06-16 14:36
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Test L101-110

    武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson101-110 Catherine 15807148642

    TEST LESSON 101-110 一、根据句意及首字母填入适当的词

    1. Sandy is careless, he often makes m .

    2. There are four s in a year.

    3. S is the ninth month of the year. 4. We have a long s holiday in July and August. 5. E or W , home is best.

    6. Father and mother always watch t at night. 7. We have l at midday.

    8. December is the t month of the year. 9. There are twelve m in a year.


    1. Mother (do) the housework every morning. 2. Sue (wash) her face every day. 3. The (Clark) always get up early. 4. It is (cloud) today.

    5. The wind often (blow) in autumn. 6. It is (sun) today.

    7. I like winter (good)

    8. Billy is not naughty. He is well (behave)

    9. You are not careful. You are (care)

    10. There (be) lots of work to do.

    武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson101-110 Catherine 15807148642 三、选词填空

    1. China is (in, to, on) the east of the world. 2. America is (in, to, on) the west of China. 3. Don’t laugh (in, on, at ) Billy.

    4. We have breakfast (in, on, at ) the morning. 5. The children have lunch (in, on, at ) midday. 6. We have a winter holiday (in, on, at ) January and February.

    7. (in, on, at ) winter, the weather is very cold.

    8. We get up (in, on, at ) 6:00

    9. They arrive (in, to, at ) the bus stop at nine o’clock.

    10. She gets (in, to, at ) school early. 四、把下列句子变成同义句。

    1. My hands are not clean.

    My hands are .

    2. Mrs. Mopp’s not happy.

    Mrs. Mopp is .

    3. The wind often blows in autumn. It in autumn.

    4. It is sunny in spring.

    The in spring.

    5. I like autumn.

    I like

    武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson101-110 Catherine 15807148642 6. There are lots of clouds today. It today.

    7. It often rains in summer. It is often in summer.

    8. It is snowy in winter. It in winter.

    9. Let’s go swimming at midday.

    Let’s go swimming .

    10. Please get up early. Please early.

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