International Student Handbook

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For more information, contact Bryant Center Operations at 401-232-6117. To set up a cell phone service in the U.S. you need a Social Security Number

International Student Handbook


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    Travel to and From Bryant University

Campus Location:

    Bryant University

    1150 Douglas Pike

    Smithfield, RI- 02917

Road Trips. How Far Is…?

    Need a break from school? Want to go visit friends in larger cities across the U.S?

    Here is a quick list of cities and the approximate time and distance to get there from the Bryant campus.

    Cities Distance in Miles Time

    Providence, RI 12 15 minutes

    Newport, RI 41 48 minutes

    Boston, MA 42 1 hour

    Cape Cod, MA 83 1hr 20 minutes

    New York City, NY 183.20 3hrs, 30 minutes

    Chicago, IL 970 15 hours

    Los Angeles, CA 2,971.80 43 hours

Bryant Transit Authority (BTA):

    The Bryant Transit Authority (BTA) transports students the following places: The Lincoln Mall, Providence Place

    Mall, Smithfield Crossing, Apple Valley Mall, Providence Train Station, Bonanza Bus Station, and T.F. Green

    Airport. For more information, contact Bryant Center Operations at 401-232-6117.

    Bus services: Train Services: Grey Hound Bus Lines Providence Train Station

    Kennedy plaza, Downtown Providence 100 Gaspee Street Providence, RI 02903

Peter Pan Bus Station: Bonanza Division Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

    1 Bonanza Way, Providence, RI or Kennedy Plaza, Stopping at South Attleboro and

    Downtown Providence Downtown Providence

    Airports: Personal Vehicle: Providence T.F. Green (PVD) Boston Logan International Airport

    2119 Post Road 1 Harborside Drive

    Warwick, RI 02886 East Boston, MA 02128

**Regardless of age or year in school, all students at Bryant are allowed to have a car on campus and

    there are no parking fees. License information can be retrieved at:

    What to Bring What to Wear:

    ? Comfortable clothes and shoes you can go to class in

    ? One or two dressy outfits and shoes for more formal affairs

    ? Work-out clothes and sneakers

    ? Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and pajamas for lounging around

    ? Bathing suit

    ? Light jacket

    ? Heavy coat, mittens, hat and scarf.

Stuff for Your Room:

    ? Comforter/bedspread (for twin long) ? Power strip (USB approved) ? Pillow and pillow cases ? TV/VCR/DVD-Player (there is a common area ? Bed linens (for twin long) TV if you do not want to bring one) ? Clothes hangers ? Stereo ? Coffee mug ? Hair dryer ? Drinking cups, dishes and silverware for snacks ? Alarm clock ? Plastic containers with tight lids for storing ? Micro fridge (They are also available for rent)

    snacks, detergent, etc. ? Crates or stacking containers ? Headphones (so your music doesn’t bother your

    roommate or neighbors)

Keep it Clean:

    ? Bathrobe ? Laundry basket/bag ? Shower shoes ? Laundry detergent ? Towels, washcloths ? Dryer sheets ? Soap ? Dishwashing detergent ? Shampoo ? Roll of quarters ? Shaving cream and razors ? Band-Aids ? Small bucket for carrying shower things ? Cold medicine ? Facial tissues ? Aspirin? Toilet paper

Stuff for School:

    ? Binders, folders ? Calculator ? Writing utensils ? Day-planner

Good Things to Have:

    ? Access to money ? Camera ? Umbrella ? Batteries ? Key ring ? International pre-paid calling card ? Flashlight ? Snacks for your room

Not To Bring:

    For a list of the things you should not bring, go to:

    Academic Resources

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

    The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides programs and services that empower Bryant

    students to achieve their goal of academic success. They have:

    ? Learning, and writing specialists;

    ? Learning disability services;

    ? Peer tutoring;

    ? Learning labs; and

    ? Workshops.

    For more information:

Douglas and Judith Krupp Library

    The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library is located within the George E. Bello Center for Information and

    Technology. It offers basic services such as printing, and photocopying. The library also has a reference

    department, study rooms, and audio visual/classrooms and labs. It is also a member of the Higher

    Education Library Information Network (HELIN).

    For more information:

    Off-Campus Entertainment


    For all the food lovers out there who miss that home cooked meal at home or just prefer to eat out.

Parentes Pub & Restaurant (0.22 miles) Chili’s Grille & Bar (3.77 miles)

    1114 Douglas Pike 210 Smithfield Xing Smithfield, RI Smithfield, RI 401-231-7600 401-232-2280

Crickets Restaurant (1.02 miles) Panera Bread (4.89)

    280 Washington Highway, Route 116 180 Smithfield Crossing Smithfield, RI 02917 Smithfield RI 02917 401-232-0300 401-233-7633

    House of Pizza (1.07 miles) J’s Deli (1.20 miles) 970 Douglas Pike # 2 285 Washington Hwy Smithfield, RI Smithfield, RI 02917 401-233-8133 401-231-0823

Asia Grille (3.78 miles)

    Lincoln Mall Plaza

    622 Washington Hwy.

    Lincoln, RI 02865


    Haruki Japanese (10.14 miles) PECIALTY FOODS: S

    1210 Oaklawn Avenue

    Cranston, RI 02910 Thai

    Galaxie II (6.28 miles) Middle Eastern 1449 Mineral Spring Avenue North Providence, RI 02904-3134 East Side Pockets (9.62 miles)

    401-354-4570 278 Thayer St

     Providence, RI 02906-1548 Thai Garden (5.54 miles) 280 Main Street Quickets Woonsocket, RI 285 Washington Hwy 401-765-7010 Smithfield, RI 02917

    Pakarang Exquisite Thai (9.84 miles) Indian 303 S Main Street Providence, RI 02903 Bombay Club (9.15 miles) 401-453-3660 145 Dean Street

     Providence, RI 02903 Spanish

     401-273-6363 Café Madrid (4.83 miles) 104 Capwell Avenue Taste of India (10.2 miles) Woonsocket, RI 02895 230 Wickenden St 401-766-2969 Providence, RI 02903-4330

     401-421-4355 El Salvador ( 8.18 miles) 204 Broad Street Kabob-N-Curry (9.65 miles) Pawtucket, RI 02860 261 Thayer St 401-722-3272 Providence, RI 02906-1324



     Caribbean Tokyo Restaurant (10.3 miles) 231 Wickenden Street Tina’s Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant (10.8 miles)

    Providence, RI 02903 223 Atwells Avenue 401-331-5330 Providence, RI 02903


There are many other specialty restaurants in Providence, RI. For more information, go to:


    Wrentham Village Premium Outlets (12.30 miles) OUTLETS & MALLS

    One Premium Outlets Boulevard Providence Place Mall (10 miles) Wrentham, MA 02093

    One Providence Place

    Providence, RI 02903 Warwick Mall (16.68 miles) 400 Bald Hill Road,

     Warwick, RI 02886

    Lincoln Mall (2.83 miles) 622 Washington Highway,

    Lincoln RI 02865 Swansea Mall (26.06 miles)

     262 Swansea Mall Drive, Suite 775

    Emerald Square Mall (9.7 miles) Swansea, MA 02777

    999 S Washington Street

    North Attleboro, MA 02760-3638

     Rhode Island Mall (26.06 miles)

     Routes 2 and 113,

     Warwick, RI 02886


    Bed Bath and Beyond (9.95 miles) Staples (4.94 miles) Providence Place Mall 230 Smithfield Crossing

    Linens N Things (5.21 miles away) Target (2.83 miles) 590 Smithfield Crossing Lincoln Mall

     622 Washington Hwy,

     Lincoln, RI 02865

    Fun and Leisure: Showcase Cinemas North Attleboro (13.75 miles


    M640 S. Washington St, North Attleboro MA OVIE THEATERS

    CinemaWorld (2.83 miles away)

    Lincoln Mall, Lincoln RI Feinstein Imax Theater (10 miles away)

     Providence Place Mall, Downtown Providence RI


    Dave n Busters Town Hall Bowling Lanes Providence Place Mall, Downtown Providence RI 1463 Atwood Avenue

     Johnston, RI 02919

    EP Lanes (bowling and pool) 80 Newport Ave, East Providence RI 02916 (401) 831-6940

     Westgate Pub Grille and Billiard Mulligan’s Island, Golf and Entertainment 59 Westgate Drive

    1000 New London Ave Brockton, MA 02301

    Cranston, RI 02920 (508) 580-2911

    (401) 464-8855

    Staying in Touch

    Bryant Land Line All students at Bryant University receive a personal phone extension and a room phone free of charge. Although

    anyone can reach you at your extension, you can only dial out local phone calls, without a calling card. The

    directory service makes dialing your friends, professors, and other school services easy and convenient.

    Cell Phone Services Cingular Wireless

    445 Putnam Pike Providence Place Mall

    Greenville, RI 02828 OR 866-246-4852

    (401) 232-5100


    371 Putnam Pike

    Smithfield, RI 02917



    371 Putnam Pike

    Smithfield, RI 02917


Verizon Wireless

    371 Putnam Pike Ste A-305

    Smithfield, RI 02917

    (401) 233-4900

To set up a cell phone service in the U.S. you need a Social Security Number (SSN), however there are some

    service providers who will register you for the service with a security deposit, which varies from server to server.

    Please contact the centers for more information.

About calling home from the U.S, the best way students feel is doing so by an international pre-calling card,

    which can be bought from the library or websites online. Bryant University also has offers to make international

    calls (post paid) from your room phone itself by using Paetec Communications. The documents and your personal

    card and number for this service will be given to all students once they arrive on campus.

Internet Services

    Student Laptop Program


    Packages can be mailed through the Bryant Post Office from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All incoming U.S. mail is sorted and distributed as soon as it arrives in the Campus Post Office. Students are assigned a box number. Please have all mail addressed as follows:

     Student Name

     Bryant University

     Student Box Number

     1150 Douglas Pike

     Smithfield, RI 02917-1291

For information:

    Weather and Clothing

Rhode Island weather is one of expectations. It has four seasons, but all milder than the rest of New England. The

    summers get hot enough for swimming, winters will freeze the ponds but seldom go below the teens Fahrenheit

    (Fahrenheit: celcius = 1.8:1). In the winter there will usually be half a dozen snowfalls of 6-8”.

    For current forecast, go to:


    Fall temperatures typically range from 40’s to upper 60’s. It is pretty warm in September, but the temperature

    drops quickly one October comes along.

Clothing during the fall season usually consists of pants, skirts, long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, light sweaters,

    and a light jacket from time to time. At the beginning of the fall semester, however, students are often found

    wearing shorts and tank tops throughout September.


    Winter temperatures typically range from lower 20’s to lower 40’s. Snow can be either light or heavy, and roads

    can get pretty dangerous.

Clothing during the winter season usually consists of pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, heavy coats, gloves, scarves,

    and hats. Everyone tries to stay bundled up from December through February.


    Spring temperatures typically range from lower 50’s to upper 70’s. Spring is the season in which we have the most rainfall.

Clothing during the spring season is very similar to that of fall. Remember to pack raingear unless you want to get

    wet. From March through May students like to wear bright colors and dress fun and sporty. Definitively keep a

    pair of sunglasses handy.

    ***Despite the above averages, RI weather is always unpredictable.

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