Test L109-112

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Test L109-112

武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson109-112 Catherine 15807148642

    Test L109-112


    in on at under behind for from to between near

    1.What’s this ____ in English?

    2.There is a chair _____ the door? 3.I am _____ China.

    4.There is a bike _____the tree.

    5.The present is _____ you.

    6.I get up _____ six o’clock every day.

    7.The girl is ______ the desk and the chair. 8.My bed is _______ the window.


    1.early, always, every, day, The Clarks, get up 2.usually, at, Mother, stays

    3.arrive, they, home, usually, early 4.their, do, Sandy and Sue, always, homework 5,don’t, goto, always, sleep, they, past, is, six, half,

    7.playing, they, Snakes and Ladders,are 8.watching, they evening, but, this, are, television


    1.Li Yan is ill today. She is ________. A. in school home C. at school 2. --____ ruler is it?

     --____It’s Peter’s.

    A. Whose B. Who’s C. Who

    3. ______ go and climb the hill. A. Let is B. Let we C.Let’s

    4. What is wrong ____ her?

    A. in B. at C. with

武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson109-112 Catherine 15807148642

    5.Father usually ____ home late.

    A. arrives at B. arrives C. arrives to

    6.I can’t ____school on time.

    A. arrive B. arrive to C. get to

    7. _____ always get up early every day.

    A. The Clark B. The Clarks C. Clarks

    8. Miss Williams usually drives to school. She goes to school______. A. by car B. by bicycle C. by bus


    1. All these books are ours.

    2. Sandy watches TV at night.

    3. They go to bed early.

    4. The sun rises early and sets late in summer.


    I have four friends. They are in the different places. Lucy is in Beijing now. It is cold there. So Lucy wears a coat and a pair of jeans.

     Susan is in London now. What’s the weather like there? Oh, it’s sunny. Let’s have a look at Hong Kong. My friend Tom is there. The weather is very nice. It’s windy but warm.

    Oh, it’s 7o’clock a.m. in Sydney. It’s raining now. My friend Jean is on her way to school with an umbrella.

    1. What’s the weather like in Beijing?

     ____________________________________________________ 2. What’s the weather like in London?


    3. What’s the weather like in Hong Kong?


    4. What’s the weather like in Sydney?


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