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Important Points:

    ? There should be no surprises at evaluation time that influence an employee's overall rating.

    - Overall principle is preponderance

     - At applicable to level of nurse

    ? Developmental tool to initiate discussion in regards to level movement.

    ? Any rating other than “meets behavioral expectations” requires rationale

Scale Guidelines

    Behavioral ? This category is used when employees have consistently not met their job expectations over the course of the last year.

    Expectations ? It would be expected that you would have already documented and counseled the employee on the issues that led to this

    Not Met/ NA overall rating.

    ? This category can be used for two purposes. One is to indicate performance issues that need attention, the other is to

    indicate performance for a new hire or someone at a new level who has not been in the position long enough to fully evaluate


    ? For staff that are new to UMHHC or their roles:

     ? Employment or transfer of less than 4-6 months (or whatever timeframe is appropriate for you to evaluate Approaching performance).

    Behavioral ? Still mastering new skills and responsibilities

    Expectations ? You expect the employee will be able to meet expectations next year

    ? For staff whose performance is less than meeting expectations:

     ? Inconsistent demonstration of framework behaviors for applicable level

     ? Needs to demonstrate growth and improvement in order to meet behaviors

     ? Specific action plan should be developed to improve performance that includes measurable goals and expected


    ? This category is used when the employee is meeting behavioral expectations; effective and provides value for the

    organization. Meets ? Work is thorough and accurate; is accountable for own outcomes Behavioral ? Contributes to the goals of the organization and the unit Expectations ? Exhibits professional demeanor

     ? Demonstrates commitment to meeting level expectations

    ? This category is used when the employee regularly meets expectations plus: Exceeds ? Demonstrates excellence and exceeds expectations consistently; goes above and beyond Behavioral ? Continuously increases the quality and/or quantity of contribution Expectations ? Demonstrates self-awareness related to performance

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