Test L71-80

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Test L71-80

武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson71-80 Catherine 15807148642

    Test L71-80


    1. There isn’t _____ milk in the tea.

    A.a bottle of B. some C. any D. a 2. He is ____ a picture.

    A. draw B.drawing C.drawwing D.doing 3. There ____ some girls _____ hopscotch.

    A. is…play…playing C.are…play D.are…playing

    4. Where ____ your torches? C.are

    5. Jim is watching TV _____ his brother. B.and C.or D.with

    6. It’s ____ old hat and ____ coat.

    A .a…a B.a…an…a…an

    7. There are _____children standing in the playground.

    A.a C.any D.some

    8. Give that cup _____ me.

    A.\ B.for D.with

    9. Is there any milk ____ my coffee?

    A.with B.\ C. in D.and

    10.There is some _____in the bowl.

    A. sugar B.sugars C. sweet D.sweets 二、用所给词的正确形式填空

    1. What are you ______ (do)? We __________(ride) our bicycles.

    2. It's 8 oclock. Sandy ______(play) basketball with Billy. 3. Look! They _________(count) their money. 4. _____mother ________(wash) her hands?

     No, she isnt. She ________ (trun off) the tap. 5. Where are the girls?

    They ________ (play) hopscotch in the playground. 6. ____ Sandy and Tom ________(shut) the window?

     No, they arent. They __________(open) the door. 三、句型转换

    1. I am doing my homework.(改成she用作主语的句子)

    ____________________________________________________ 2. Are you reading a book now?(变成陈述句)

    ____________________________________________________ 3. The boy is kicking the ball.(就划线部分提问)

武汉博奥学校 3L1 Lesson71-80 Catherine 15807148642


    4. There is a dog. It is coming out of the water.(合并成一句)


    5. He is writing a letter. (就划线部分提问)


    6. Tom is running across the street. (就划线部分提问)


    7. Sue is taking a book from the shelf. (就划线部分提问)


    8. The children are listening to the radio. (就划线部分提问)



    What are you doing? Eleven.

    How old is Tom? Yes, I am.

    Where is Sue standing? They are looking at the picture. What is the man making? No, he isnt.

    Is he standing at the door? I am reading.

    Are you 12 years old? She is standing in the playground. What are they looking at? He is making a shelf. 五、根据短文判断;10分?

    Look, this is our kitchen. There are two big cupboards, a refrigerator, a table and two chairs in it. The cupboards are white. They are very clean. There are some plates, forks and knives in the cupboards. Under the cupboard, there is a cooker. My mother cooks nice food every day. In the refrigerator, there is lots of fruit and food. There are some bananas, apples, sandwiches and chocolates. I like all of them.

    1. There are three cupboards in our kitchen.( )

    2. The plates are in the cupboard. .( )

    3. The forks and knives are in the refrigerator. .( ) 4. The cupboards are white and blue. .( )

    5. The cooker is under the cupboard. .( )


    ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

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